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Students from High school Novska made presentations of their Hometown Novska (about all relevant institutions in the city). It is a product of an eTwinning project called "Youth Leisure Time".

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Youth Leisure Time - Novska / Croatia

  1. 1. eTwinnig project of High school Novska Project Managers (Croatia): Gordana Divić, prof. mentor Branka Pelin, prof. mentor
  2. 2.  partners from 5 European countries:  Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Poland  in the project were signed and teachers with students from Turkey and Lithuania, but they didn’t cooperate  a total of 12 teachers and 135 students Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska
  3. 3. Youth Leisure Time - Srednja škola Novska
  4. 4.  students all around Europe  and of their ways spending leisure time Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska SPAIN POLAND Weronika Burak Miriam Delicado Peter Kliment SLOVAKIA Bianca Cigola ITALY CROATIA Barbara Mašunjac
  5. 5.  personal presentations (Word, Power Point, …)  their High school presentations  Hometown presentations Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska Rimavská Sobota InowrocławCremona NovskaMérida
  6. 6. present their presentations about Novska: 1. Kindergarten 8. Youth congregation 2. Primary school 9. City Library 3. Music school 10. Folklore Society 4. High school 11. Sport in Novska 5. Youth Association 12. Majorettes 6. Youth Council 13. Night life 7. Dance course 14. City bands Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska
  7. 7.  promotion of Novska  promotion of urban institutions  show young people of Novska and surroundings how to spend leisure time  prove that this city has its future!!!! Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska
  8. 8. Youth Leisure Time – High school Novska
  9. 9. DJEĈJI VRTIĆ „RADOST” NOVSKA Adress: Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić 1 Director: Ljerka Vidaković Kindergarten
  10. 10. Kindergarten has it’s own anthem called: „Naš vrtić” which was written and composed by Nedjeljka Kožarić
  11. 11. Children: 268 Employees: 30 Groups: 9
  12. 12. HISTORY OF THE KINDERGARTEN October 3rd 1975 - opening of the kindergarten for the first time there were 60 kids from 3 to 6 years old on the first year of the kindergarten 1976 - Kindergarten gets his name: „RADOST”
  13. 13. 1978 – A program of preschool is organised and attended by 27 children 1992 - Kindergarten is updated May 16th 2001 - second opening
  14. 14.  2002 - They are given „GREEN FLOWER” with golden sign for landscape  2003 - Program „EDUCATION IN FAITH”  2008 – Shorter program of English  2010 - Celebration of the 35th anniversary and the launch of the website
  16. 16. PRIMARY PROGRAM  10-hour program for the children from first year of life till going to school
  17. 17. SHORTER PROGRAM OF ENGLISH It is held twice a week This verified program is held by formally educated kindergarten teacher Nedjeljka Kožarić This program isn’t for free
  18. 18. CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS EDUCATION It is held by preschool teacher Kata Baić who finished theological-catechetical retraining for religious education This program is integrated into the regular and it’s free
  19. 19. PRESCHOOL It is attended by children one year before going to school and who are not in the primary program Program lasts one year (250 hours) and it is held two times a week This program is free
  20. 20. Children take part in competitions and they also recieve some rewards
  21. 21. They learn traditional folk dances. Therefore they participate in the Evening of folk dance in the occasion of „LUKOVO”, day of our city Novska
  22. 22. FIELD TRIPS
  23. 23. CARNIVALS
  25. 25. Square dr. Franjo Tuđman 1 Director: Antonija Mirosavljević Marija Kožarić, 2.g
  26. 26. HISTORY OF SCHOOL  It was established in 1760  First teacher was Ivan Markulin, born in 1730  They’ve changed about 20 buildings  Photographic records have been displayed in the lobby of the current building  Today’s building was built from 1948 till 1986
  27. 27.  It is one of the biggest schools in our tribal state  Students are very successful in further education  It is known for its humanitarian actions of students and catechists
  28. 28. School forces…  Staff (teaching and non-teaching staff): 94  Students: about 1000
  29. 29. SCHOOL LIBRARY  Information, media and communication center of school  It is intended for students and teachers for needs of regular classes
  30. 30. EXTENDED STAY  It is an organised form of educational work which is held after school and it has its own social, educational, health and pedagogical values  It starts after regular morning classes  Students have time for studying and writing homework
  31. 31. SPECIAL GROUP  Group for studendts with developmental disabilities  There are 3 sections which are attended by 22 students
  32. 32. Kristina Komljenović, 2.g Square dr. Franjo TuĊman 3 Director: Xhevdet Sahatxhija
  33. 33. Music school in Novska is there for 15 years During the work, school changed three principals and dozens professors and teachers School changed two locations until now The Day of Music school in Novska is celebrated on 15th of March
  34. 34. First location of Music school in Novska
  35. 35. ● There are 8 departments: – guitar, tambura, flute, violin, piano, organ and accordion can be attended in primary education that lasts 6 years – in secondary education, that lasts 4 years, you can attend some of 7 departments or 8th, teoretical department which has a piano as an obligatory subject
  36. 36. During Primary education children attend ear training lessons, along with lessons of chosen instrument and choir In Secondary education students get more subjects, such as: Harmony, History of music, Counterpoint, Sight reading, Music analysis and Conducting
  37. 37. School takes part at every bigger event in the town Every year, the best students participate in County, Regional, National and International competitions where they often win high places Lot of them have been on TV shows and some of them even study music at Music Academy
  38. 38. … before and now
  39. 39. HIGH SCHOOL NOVSKA Barbara Mašunjac, 2.g Adress: Tina Ujevića bb Director: Sead Huremović
  40. 40.  1955 in Novska is opened school called ˝Ekonomski tehnikum˝  1956 school changes name in “Srednja ekonomska škola”  1967/68 in agreement with the School for skilled workers from Nova Gradiška there has been introduced a new direction for education HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL
  41. 41.  1992/93 school year begins in unfinished new building of secondary school, where teaching takes place today as well
  42. 42.  1992 it has been allowed construction of the gym (sports hall) GYM
  43. 43.  2000/ 01 – hall starts to be actively used in various school and extracurricular activities, and since then there have been held various solemnity and events  There are 1100 seats
  44. 44. SCHOOL LIBRARY  started its work in 1958  until now there have been acquired and used about 18.200 books  the library procured 25 different magazines  all students and school personnel are also members of the library
  45. 45. School power…  436 students  52 employees (teaching and non-teaching school personnel )
  46. 46. PROGRAMS  Gymnasium  Economics  Vendor  Locksmith  Tinsmith  Mechanic  Plumber  Carpenter  Tailor
  47. 47. GYMNASIUM
  48. 48. FIELDWORK  Biology – visits to Lonjsko polje and woods around Kutina
  49. 49. FIELDWORK  Sociology – visits to religious buildings
  50. 50. FIELDWORK  Physics – a tour of the Institute of Physics and Institute Ruđer Bošković and Tehnical Museum (Zagreb)
  51. 51. FIELDWORK  History – visits to museums in Zagreb
  52. 52. FIELDWORK  Croatian language – visits to Interliber (Bookfair in Zagreb) and visits to the theathers
  53. 53. PROJECTS  Bread Days
  54. 54.  Ruđer Josip Bošković PROJECTS
  55. 55.  Andrija Mohorovičić ◦ Tornado in Novska PROJECTS
  56. 56.  The Earth Day PROJECTS
  57. 57.  Renewable Energies PROJECTS
  58. 58.  Marija Jurić Zagorka PROJECTS
  59. 59.  Nikola Tesla PROJECTS
  60. 60.  eTwinning – EU projects Youth Leisure Time PROJECTS
  61. 61. COOPERATION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY  Promotions and exhibitions
  66. 66.  Youth Associations Novska COOPERATION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY
  68. 68.  Project Healthy for 5 – decoration of containers COOPERATION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY
  69. 69. FUN  Carnivals 
  70. 70. U M N UDRUGA MLADIH NOVSKA YOUTH ASSOCIATION NOVSKA Laura Iličić, 1.g President: Ivan Kobilšek
  71. 71. ABOUT US …  Founded in 2004  It has about 120 members  Adress: Tina Ujevića 2/a, Novska  E-mail:  Web:  The main target of the association is including young people in life of town and taking care about their lifes and future
  72. 72. ACTIVITIES OF THE ASSOCIATION :  Organization of cultural and artistic events  Informing citizens of Novska through newspaper, web site..  Promotes volunteer work for Young helping them to organize and celebrate important dates in their lives  Cooperation with associations of citizens, organizations and institutions, the implementation of other programs, the affirmation of youth in the areas of promotion of human rights, multiculturalism, tolerance, violence prevention, healthy lifestyles and environmental
  73. 73. B.I.K.E. • Project started in 2011 throuhg program “Young in action ” •Funded by EU with 6.240€
  74. 74. Find your way in local cummunity • Cooperating with young people from Slovenia • Goal: activate young people to participate actively in the democratic life of their city • Funded by Agency for mobility with 22.000 €
  75. 75. Goal: European Union It is a project of the Association of Youth Novska titled "The goal the European Union", which is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Within the printed brochures and pamphlets, in an interesting and easy way we spoke about the European Union.
  76. 76. Cycling • In may 2011, august 2012, and in april 2013 Young association of Novska and Bike club Novska with help of Tourist Association of Novska organized cycling tour that was 50 km long
  77. 77. Meeting of generations“Kraljeva Velika” Cooperation at games in small village near Novska
  78. 78. S M G N President: Marija Kušmiš Lucija Vulić, 2.g
  79. 79.  Youth Council of Novska is an advisory body to the City Council which was established in order to actively involve young people in public life of Novska  Youth Council has 9 members  Council members are elected for two years
  80. 80.  discuss issues relevant to the work of the Council  discuss issues from the City Council that are of interest for young people  gives its opinion to City Council in decisions, programs and other documents for the advancement of Youth  participates in the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of local youth programs  encourages cooperation with the Youth Councils of municipalities, cities and counties in the Republic of Croatia  proposes financial plan for the realization of the program of work tips of the Youth Council  performs other activities of interest to young people working with Youth Association
  81. 81. How to easily master the material - learning techniques  for students of final grades of High school and Economics school in Novska  training "S.U.P.E.R. accelerated learning "  Head of Training: Adrian Drempetić from Center for accelerated learning, Zagreb
  82. 82. The joy of Easter to everyone  in March 2012 we held a giveaway for children  There had been collected: 2 boxes of homeware, gift vouchers and 150€  funds that were raised have been donated to families from Novska  action was again organized this year, and has also been successful
  83. 83. The Green Cleanup  action that is organized throughout the country  In Novska the City is chief organizer and with the Youth Council in this action participate Primary school and High school from Novska, Novokom Ltd., City Library "Ante Jagar“, Tourist association of Novska, local committees, associations and other organizations ...
  84. 84. The night of colledge students from Novska  April, 2012  History club, Zagreb  performed Tambura band Lobby from Zagreb
  85. 85. The Course of social dances
  86. 86. Restoring a soccer field in Stara Subocka
  87. 87. Eco workshop Lavanda  in collaboration with the family farms of Ivan Došlović, lavender growers  youngs had the opportunity to try picking lavender and have learned the process of distillation  In this action participated ten volunteers
  88. 88. Stands  Health education in schools - Ladislav Ilčić  Young people in politics - Božo Skoko  Youth and Entrepreneurship - Goran Milić  Public speaking - Kristijan Sedak
  89. 89. Marking the fall of Vukovar (1991)
  90. 90. St Nicholas
  91. 91. The Christmass story
  92. 92. Be cool and play hide and seek
  93. 93. UMN & SMGN – Youth Association and Youth Council - work a lot tagether…  So it is hard to divide which one action is whose  There are some of that like events …
  94. 94. St Lucas days in Novska & Summer in Novska  Events that are organized by City Novska, POU Novska, Turist association Novska, as well as other institutions of our city, and among others actively involve UMN and SMGN
  95. 95. Snowball fight •Fun in december and january 
  96. 96. Workshops
  97. 97.  organized various games, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, table football, darts, Twister, Ludo (human) and "Guess Who You Are“  the aim is to get young people, through play and socialize with members of the Association, closely acquainted with their work and projects  young people had the opportunity to express their views on how to improve and enhance the lives of youth in our city Youngs for youngs
  98. 98. Course of the Social Dances  Course of the social dances Barbara Mašunjac, 2.g
  99. 99.  Course of social dances have been organized three times, by Youth Council of Novska and Youth Association Novska, led by Nicolas Quesnit, dance professional, star of show ˝Ples sa zvijezdama˝ and head of Dance Center Zagreb
  100. 100.  Quarterly dance course includes: jive, foxtrot, waltz, cha-cha-cha, disco fox, rumba, Viennese waltz, mambo, tango, samba  Participants were divided into three groups: children and adolescents (6-14 years old), the initial course and an advanced course for those who have passed the beginners course, and also can sign newlyweds and couples
  101. 101.  Classes for children and young people were led by experienced and trained leaders from Zagreb Dance Center: Irma Zahirović and Bruno Ĉavala
  102. 102. 2002-2013 Lucija Vulić, 2.g
  103. 103. • thursday- september/july • Youngs older then 15 • socializing, holy Mass, prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, workshops, games, lectures, retreats …
  104. 104. • started at 1998 • held every year - the second weekend of Lent
  105. 105. • Šibenik • Pula • Varaždin • Zadar • Livno • Sisak
  106. 106. Town Library “Ante Jagar” Director: Darija Jež
  107. 107. Town Library “Ante Jagar”  It is a cultural and information center of Novska  It provides citizens with access to knowledge, information and cultural programs for the purposes of: - education, - professional and scientific work, - lifelong learning, - informing, - decision-making and - entertainment.
  108. 108. History  1876 – first time mentioned in “Report of Matica hrvatska”  1951 – first independent library and reading room in Novska under the name “People’s library and reading room Novska”  1963 – library and reading activity in Novska functions as a part of a University which in 1963 becomes “People’s University Novska”  October 4th 1996 – Town library and reading room “Ante Jagar” is founded as a indenpendent institution  It is named after the Marian poet Ante Jagar (1867 – 1899) who was born and died in Novska Ante Jagar
  109. 109. About the Library  The library works in the space of 898 m² and it is one of the most modern town libraries in Croatia. Holdings: Books: 35 000 unconventional materials: 268 -AV materials: 360 -didactic toys: 50
  110. 110. It consists of 9 departments Central department Adults department
  111. 111. Reading room Children's department
  112. 112. Playroom Study section
  113. 113. Professional department Multimedia section Youth section (teen department)
  114. 114. Activities in the Library…  Through out the year there has been held promotions of books, workshops, exibitions and IT workshops  With their program and workshops they cooperate in city manifestations „Summer in Novska“ and “St Luke's day in Novska”
  115. 115. Furniture of the first pharmacy in Novska  Part of the furniture of the first pharmacy in Novska is today kept on the second floor of the town Library “Ante Jagar”  Valuable furniture is from the end of the 19th century  It is historicaly and artisticaly significant  Furniture was made in 1891 in Bohemia  Today it is used for exibitions.
  116. 116. FOLKLORE SOCIETY – FS – “ŠUBIĆ” NOVSKA Sara Pavlić Preident: Dragica Šeniĉnjak Leader: Mario Baković
  117. 117.  FS “Šubić" Novska is an association of citizens engaged in the preservation of Croatian folk songs and dances  The association was founded in 1995 year  under the same name in Novska was operated Croatian singing tambura band society back in 1909
  118. 118.  1997 started working Folk Group with tambura band that had celebrated FS “Šubić“  2007 started working the Children's folklore group
  119. 119.  Folk dances and songs of Novska were performed in all major national folklore festivals, such as:  “Vinkovaĉke jeseni"  "Đakovaĉki vezovi"  “Brodsko kolo"  County parade in Martinska Ves  Folklore parade of Moslavina in Kutina
  120. 120.  They hosted from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, from Ilok and Darda to Ogulin and Ĉakovec  They were guests several times in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Autria as well as in Hungary and Sardinia
  121. 121.  Members of FS “Šubić" are lovers of their native traditional heritage  They love to dress in their Slavonian folk costumes which are in the holdings of the folklore society
  122. 122.  FS “Šubić” participated in the preparation of the book "Folk costumes of Novska, Jasenovac, Krapje and Lipovljani" by ethnologist Slavica Moslavac (2005)
  123. 123.  FS every year for the St. Luke’s day organize folklore parade in which participate about 10 FS’s from all around the country and from Bosnia and Herzegovina with aproximately 300 participants in folk costumes
  124. 124. SPORT IN Novska Football Handball Basketball Tenis Bowling Paintball
  125. 125. FOOTBALL = SOCCER Ivan Brtan, 2.g
  126. 126. Football = Soccer • Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and also in Croatia • In Novska we have Soccer Club Libertas that achieves great results • Soccer school has been launched and they plan to arrange auxiliary playground • All ages achieve great results and next year they ‘ll play in a new league with better clubs
  127. 127. A view on a sport auditorium and playground of Soccer Club Libertas … … where and in which trainings are held.
  128. 128.  Last year Libertas was a team of 2012 year
  129. 129. This season 2012/2013Libertas was a winner of a county Premier League and a new member of the Croatia Third League.
  130. 130. Antonio Horaček, 2.g
  131. 131. Handball  Prominent sport in Croatia  In Novska handball has a tradition of playing for more than 60 years  Today in Novska there are two handball teams: male and female
  132. 132. WOMEN'S HANDBALL CLUB VICTORIA  After many years of playing in the league Zagreb - Zagreb ring, 2009 won the competition in third Croatia handball league  Now they are inactive  If young people get involved, it’ll become active again
  133. 133. MEN'S HANDBALL CLUB NOVSKA  Founded 1953  It has competed in numerous leagues of Yugoslavia, now Croatia, and achieved excellent results  Now it performs in the 3rd Croatia handball league - west
  134. 134. City hall which hosts handball competitions. It is one of the most beautiful halls in Croatia, with lots of sports facilities.
  135. 135. BASKETBALLStjepan Marijan, 2.g
  136. 136. Basketball in Novska • 1958 - first basketball court in Novska • 1976 – foundation of basketball club KK “Jedinstvo” - KK “Jedinstvo” played its first official friendly basketball game against KK “Partizan” from Nova Gradiška
  137. 137. • 1977 - The first official championship game played against Zagreb "Maksimir" at outdoor court in Šalata
  138. 138. • 1986 – friendly game between KK “Jedinstvo” and KK “Cibona” in front of 2000 spectators on the handball court in Novska
  139. 139. • 1991 - KK “Jedinstvo” changed its name to KK “Novska” • On May 2nd 1995 - during the military operation “The Flash” captain of the KK “Novska” Dubravko Herceg was tragically killed • On May 4th 1996 – first memorial tournament “Dubravko Herceg”
  140. 140. • 2004 – younger cadets became the champions of the 2nd Croatian Regional League Center • 2010 - KK “Novska” was competing in A2 Leauge • today KK “Novska” competes in B League
  141. 141. • 1996 school sports club“Srednjoškolac” of the Novska High school was founded and has achieved an excellent results in school competitions since • 2013 -1st place in the Intercity and County Championship of High schools and the 4th place in the State Championship semifinals
  142. 142. From the club's trophy cabinet...
  143. 143. Tennis club Novska
  144. 144. History of the club  klub was founded in 1997  the first president was Zlatko Kos  tennis school started in 1999
  145. 145.  Fover the years we have had great results at county, regional and state tournaments  The club competes in the 3rd Croatian senior league  It has more than 50 members, and majority are children  Currentl coach and club president is Branimir Matiĉević
  146. 146. The success of the club  Members have won more than 30 national, regional and county tournaments in individual performances  They have participated in school competitions and had achieved excellent results  They have organized a series of national tournaments for all ages
  147. 147. Plans for future To increase the number of members To provide funds for covering one tennis court To retain all existing competition and possibly increase the number of tournaments for children
  148. 148. Bowling in Novska Dinko Kasumović, 3.g
  149. 149. General  Bowling in Novska was initiated by the construction of a new bowling centar  The city has built a bowling centar 2003  There are 4 men’s clubs and 1 women bowling club  The oldest and most successful club is Bowling Club „ Novska“
  150. 150. Bowling Center in Novska
  151. 151. Bowling club „ Novska“  It competes in 2nd Croatian bowling league  2010th won an NBC cup  The club has younger selections which achieves excellent success  Some of them are: 3rd place with team U-14 3rd place, 2 man, U-14 1st place with team, U-18
  152. 152. 1st place with team, U-18 Seniors- Winners of the NBC cup
  153. 153.  Especially we need to highlight success of Dinko Kasumović on WC in Hungary, category U-18  He is steady member of bowling national team  He won 2 medals on WC and 1 of them was brightest- gold medal  On second day of competition he won with his team a bronze medal  The biggest success that he achieved was in discipline SPRINT where he defeated his rival in final and became a world Champion
  154. 154. WC Zalaegerszeg, 2013
  155. 155. PAINTBALL Marko Crnojevid, 2.g
  156. 156. PAINTBALL •It's a game in which participants compete in a team or individually in order to throw out one or more opponents, hitting and marking them with balls which contain paint from paintball markers
  157. 157. PAINTBALL IN NOVSKA • Paintball in Novska had started in 2009 when the club ''Furyans'' was founded • Novska's club is very active on every competiton and achieves good results
  158. 158. FIELDS IN NOVSKA • Paintball fields are at Novska's lake • It spreads over more than 20.000 m² • It can be said that it's one of the top 5 paintball fields in Croatia, with more than one hundred shelters and bunkers
  159. 159. For the end… • Paintball is a sport in which both sexes are equal, so the paintball in Novska can play any person • There is a possibility for renting equipment
  160. 160. History  Founded in 1996 as an extracurricular activity of Primary School Novska  Mara Šulekić - for many years had been the head coach and the trainer  Today’s trainers are - Tamara Tomić and Marija Kos
  161. 161.  In 2007 they’ve started to be an independent organization  They are members of the Association of majorettes and pom- pon teams of Croatia
  162. 162.  Currently they have about 30 members, divided into three categories: cadet, junior and senior formation
  163. 163.  Except majorette stick, there are categories in which the girls dance with pom-pons or with a flag
  164. 164.  Majorettes have participated in many festivals and competitions that had been held in many cities in and outside Croatia  During their work they have won two gold medals, thirteen silver and twenty bronze medals
  165. 165. By choice of: Iva Ciprijanović, 2.g Mia Žafran, 3.g
  166. 166.  Young people from Novska and surroundings go out in this club  It works on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am  If you come in Novska, "The Club" is certainly worth a visiting
  167. 167.  It is located near the High school  It is a place where all high school students and adults go out  It’s the best destination for an evening out in Novska
  168. 168.  Place during the day works as a cafe but weekends are reserved for parties
  169. 169.  During the day this is the most popular place for drinking coffee and hanging out  At night turns into a place for parties
  170. 170. E l l a C i n k A n t o n i o H o r a č e k 2 . g Bands from Novska
  171. 171. Bands from Novska  Storm Riders  Frantic  Bender  Dream on  Dead Eclipse  Black Pearl  Skaz  Lenija – tambura (string) band  Belina band – tambura (string) band
  172. 172. STORM RIDERS  A three-member rock band  Established in august 2012  On October 13th 2012 they have qualified into finale of Teen competition in Osijek
  173. 173. FRANTIC  Four-member band  Established in summer 2009  band is trying to realize their own style with combination of different generes, and most influentials are pop, rock, funky and metal
  174. 174. BENDER  Established in 2006  They are finishing their first album under the name “What I am” which contains 13 songs
  175. 175. DREAM ON  Three-members band  They play rock and punk-rock  established in 2011  They aimed to be a Green Day tribute band, but they have finaly decided to play songs of some other band as well
  176. 176. DEAD ECLIPSE  Extreme metal band  Established in 2011  In 2012 they started to work on their own songs and they published their firs album “Decay”  They did a large number of concerts, and right now they are working on a new album
  177. 177. BLACK PEARL  Established in 2007  They play covers of and aspire to create some own songs
  178. 178. SKAZ  Established in 2000  They have four members  Band prefere rock and blues performing styles
  179. 179. LENIJA tambura (string) band  Established in 2007 like a four-members group  They play on the gala occasions and cultural events
  180. 180. BELINA BAND tambura (string) band  Established in 2009 like a civic association with aim of conservation traditon and promotion of traditional music in our area  Their song: “Novljanska pjesma” (
  181. 181. While we worked on this project, we have learned a lot about our city and we hope that others have learned a lot from us! We hope that we have successfuly introduced to you our town and that we have aroused your attention! Also we wish to all a very welcome into our town!