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  1. 1. Tanja PopovićMila ZečevićGoran Mišić
  2. 2. • a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc.• Uniform Resource Locator ( URL )• Hierarchy of pages• We make difference between:  Static website  Dynamic website
  3. 3. • contains Web pages with fixed content.• content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster• Mainly for small websites• visitors are not able to control what information they receive via a static website• Various media of communicating the information to users( photos, texts, animation, video,...)
  4. 4. • changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically, based on certain criteria• Two types of dynamic activity: • Code • Content • Dynamic website interacts with users • Users access information from a database (webmaster updates it) • Convenient for large websites
  5. 5. • Content Management System (system used to manage your websites content)• Advantages: • Saves money • Easy to use • Easy updating• Designed to make the sitedevelopment process moreflexible
  6. 6. • Internet platform• Server• URL• Multimedia services• Electronic mail• Administrative order
  7. 7. • Types of CMS: • Open source CMS • Proprietary CMS• Functions: • Revision control (version control) • Web-based publishing • Format management • Indexing • Search • Retrieval
  8. 8. • Joint presentation of several companies• User may determine and update: • Content • Appearence • Application • Functioning of portal• Users are allowed to change only their presentation• General condition for space usage on CDRMS server
  9. 9. CDRMS – Content, Design and Revitalization Management System• Constant increase in number of websites• Advantages in comparison to other, similar sites: • more simple • more complete • safer • has more standardize tools • has backup on more levels and at more external servers• CDRMS is different in two basic functions which others CMS systems don`t have. These are: • Design • Revitalization
  10. 10. • Owner chooses the design that will bebest representation for business• Help and consultancy by the CDRMS• Easy maintainance of design• Maximum availability of information for customer• Minimum costs for owner• Training for successful use of system
  11. 11. • Don’t make website visitors think too much!• Tell your visitors what you want them to do• Look and feel• Negative space is the designer’s best friend• Review and improve
  12. 12. • Once you decide to make changes to your site, you can either • Recycle it (for obsolete sites with low percentage of useful information), or • Revitalize it• Revitalization is more complex process. As a result it has site similar to previous.• Various options of configuration and design• Adjusting sites to modern marketing conditions• Understanding the changes in preferences• Accessibility of information needed
  13. 13. • The content, appearance, application and functioning must be according to legal presriptions• The content of the presentation is considered illegal especially if it • Commits corporate crime • Offends property rights • Entails unfair practices • Offends or endanger personal rights • Violates customer protection regulations • commits offence with regards to Agreements, Conventions, and recommendations in the field of Telecommunications Law and the Code of Conduct on the Internet.
  14. 14. • Independance when disposing with information• Immediate changes• Easy maintenanace of the site• Easy changes and access to site• No need for additional worker ( easy-to-use system)• Predictable costs• High-quality web presentation• Option ’Electronic store’
  15. 15. • Example of CDRMS Technology• System elements: • Resource & Multimedia Gallery • Reservation System for Hotels • Reservation system for all, restaurants, doctor, theater • Blog • Unlimited menus • 19 submenu levels • Three different galleries • Unlimited number of themes • Import/Export function • File explorer • File Manager • Contact form • Polls • Newsletter • Banner advertisement.
  16. 16. • For visitor:Visual totality• Creators Layers• We can divide elementsof design That enable us completecontrol over site
  17. 17. http://lifedesignhotel.izlog.org/
  18. 18. • Dynamic website• Constant updating of information• Interaction with guests• Fast response to request• Innovative way of designing site
  19. 19. • Offers online booking on the site• Up-to-date information about - the activities hosted at hotel - hotel’s restaurant - contact addresses - services provided - season actions for visitors - exchange rates