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Italy Slide Show


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Italy Slide Show

  1. 1. Italy All of the pictures in this power point presentation were copied from Google images
  2. 2. Italy has a lot of mountains, which are very steep and hot. They have rainfall all year round but mostly in the winter. The northern region has way less mountains and is the chilliest part of Italy. Italy is also known for a lot of greenery. http:// Landscape
  3. 3. The parliament of Italy chooses the president every seven years. The name of the president is Giorgio Napolitano <- President standard of Italy Government
  4. 4. Italy’s music comes in many varieties, Techno, Rock, Pop, Folk A Italian band Italian Music
  5. 5. Wild life Some Italian animals are Wild boar, Italian porcupine, and Deer, and then we have insects like the crap spider, and the shield bug. The shield bug looks like a flat insect with 6 legs and a shield like back. Italian Deer look like normal white tailed deer, but have more of a red tinged coat. And you all know what a porcupine looks like… Deer from Italy
  6. 6. Italian food, just like music come in very many varieties for example, there's spaghetti, gelato, pasta’s, pizza, homemade bread, and chocolate. Spaghetti!!! Food <-Gelato
  7. 7. Brainstorming sheet
  8. 8. Credits Made by James and Adam Special thanks to Google and Wikipedia And Mr. Anast gets credit for finding this lovely anthem