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  • More dismal stats here:The one that sticks out to me is that Californian’s spend almost 1% less of our personal income than the rest of the country on education.GO is beginning to engage with coalitions are beginning to form around proposals for a statewide initiative for fall 2012.Likely proposals are mix of raising additional revenue and reforming the finance system.Two groups to check out are:Children NowThe Advancement Project
  • GO Public Schools - Ted Mitchell Event

    1. 1. My name is Gloria Lee. I have chosen to put down my roots in Oakland because Ilove the vibrancy and diversity of our city. My six-year old attends a public charterschool that I was part of founding; this fall my younger son will enroll there as akindergartener.All children deserve an excellent education no matter where theyre from or whattheir parents do for a living. I work for an education not-for-profit organization,and am constantly amazed and inspired by the dedication and talent of theeducators and school leaders here working to make that a realityMany opportunities in my life have come as a result of the great public education Ireceived growing up. I want every neighborhood in Oakland to have world-classpublic schools where children will graduate readyto live their dreams.
    2. 2. Special thanks to our Host CommitteeHonorable Libby Schaaf Jack McAboyJohn Bliss Joshua NewmanJill Broadhurst Andy & Janine RogersCes Butner Brian & Katie RogersTom Clifford David Stein & CJ HirschfieldEdTec Inc. Miye TakagiEnvision Schools Gene ZahasPat Hardy
    3. 3. Im Susie Wise. I am anOakland Mom and one of thefounders of Urban MontessoriCharter School. I am passionateabout the role design thinkingcan play in building diverse andinclusive school communities.My dream for Oaklandseducation ecosystem is tonurture and catalyze schoolswhere children learn to beconfident in their creativeabilities. I want to live in a citywhere ALL children know deepdown that they have the powerto change the world.
    4. 4. My name is Mirella Rangel and I live and work in Oakland. I raise my children here and I’ve worked in Oakland’seducation system for 14 years, first as a math and science teacher, and now as the Executive Director ofOakland Leaf. I adore Oakland and its people. I am proud of Oakland’s rich cultural legacy but saddened by thefact that our children and youth suffer because people refuse to put their personal agendas aside. I fear that weare on the verge of failure. It is time to come together and put the needs of Oakland’s children first. Me llamo Mirella Rangel. Trabajo y vivo en Oakland. He trabajado en el sistema de educación en Oakland por 14 años y aquí crío a mis hijo e hija. Adoro a Oakland y la gente que vive aquí. Como maestra de ciencia y matemáticas y ahora como directora de Oakland Leaf se que la riqueza cultural de Oakland no se encuentra en ningún otra parte del mundo, pero nuestros niños y jóvenes sufren las batallas entre los adultos y temo que estamos en el precipicio de fallar. Entre nosotros tenemos que buscar soluciones basados en las necesidades de los niños y las niñas de Oakland. Yo soy GO.
    5. 5. Maps adapted from materials developed by Oakland Unified and Oakland Community Organizations.
    6. 6. Progress. Much to do. Maps adapted from materials developed by Oakland Unified and Oakland Community Organizations.
    7. 7. My name is Finis Altheimer, and I am a senior at Metwest HighSchool in OUSD.This semester I am an intern at GO Public Schools.I am involved with GO Public Schools because education isimportant - especially to those who have problems learning. Iam working with GO as an intern to help schools fight forautonomies that in danger, the autonomies that help schoolscater to their children with special needs.
    8. 8. CA Compared to National School FundingSOURCE: California Budget Project, http://www.cbp.org/pdfs/2010/1006_SFF_how_does_ca_compare.pdf
    9. 9. My name is Charles Wilson. I am an elementary school principal inOakland. I have worked as a researcher, teacher, and administratorwith OUSD since 1994.I have worked with our community to make our school, the Fred T.Korematsu Discovery Academy, the most improved elementary schoolin Alameda County.Our schools community should be able to make decisions about whatthey need in their school. Decisions need to be focused first on theneeds of our students instead of the needs of adults.
    10. 10. GO ValuesStudents FirstEvery decision should focus on what Oakland students need in order to attain a quality education. For many Oaklandstudents, accessing quality public schools is an issue of life or death. We must work with tremendous urgency. Studentscannot wait until tomorrow.Sense of PossibilityAll children can succeed as a result of quality schools and effective teaching. Innovation and inquiry are essential todisrupt the status quo in service of students.EquityStudents of all backgrounds and in all neighborhoods deserve equitable and excellent outcomes. Resources andopportunities must be prioritized for historically underserved communities and students.Power of CommunityOur Oakland community has high expectations for our students and public schools – and the power to deliver qualityeducation for all students. Together, we are responsible for preparing all students with the skills and knowledgerequired for success in college, career, and life.Shared Decision-Making and AccountabilityPeople should have a say in the decisions that shape their lives, and educational decisions should be madetransparently, based on evidence, and by those who are closest to students. Those who are responsible for makingdecisions should be held accountable for those decisions based on student results.Respectful CommunicationWe communicate directly and with respect at all times, enabling us to be transparent and pragmatic, foster learning,and create long-lasting, accountable relationships.
    11. 11. My name is Carmelita Reyes, and I moved to Oakland adecade ago to participate in the small schoolsmovement. After teaching 10th grade humanities andjournalism for 6 years, I embarked on a new challenge... opening a high school that served the unique needsof newly arrived immigrants and refugees. OaklandInternational High School serves OUSD students from32 countries speaking 29 languages other thanEnglish. At OIHS, we provide academic programs andoffer services to support this vulnerable community ofnew Americans.It is my hope that we can become a model of successfor urban districts. We will honor and support teachersto create curriculum and programs that meet the needsof our community. It is my hope that the businesscommunity, non profits, local government, unions,teachers, school leaders, and district administration canwork together strategically to align resources and createthe conditions necessary for studentachievement. Behind every decision should be thisquestion, "Is it good for kids?"
    12. 12. Thanks to the local businesses that havesupported Great Oakland Public Schools