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Effective Teaching Campaign


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A description of the Great Oakland Public Schools Effective Teaching Campaign. To get involved or learn more, reach out to Marc Tafolla at marc@gopublicschools.org.

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Effective Teaching Campaign

  1. 1. Effective Teaching Campaign Fall 2011Why now?The time to create conditions to ensureevery Oakland student has a greatteacher is now.• Nationally, there is a better understanding of what it takes to support a great teacher.• Effective teaching is an important part of Thriving Students – the OUSD strategic plan.• OUSD has created an Effective Teaching Task Force and there are new positions and people inside the district with renewed energy and focus on supporting teachers.• Additional budget cuts may result in layoffs as bad, if not worse than last year… and better decisions need to be made this time. Who is involved? Teachers Matter MostParents and teachers from all over Of course there are other important factors, butOakland will be involved. We will build it is clear that teachers are the most importantunderstanding of practices that supporteffective teaching and be prepared to in-school factor for helping students achieve.advocate for necessary changes.This is key because the opportunities to “Having a high-quality teacher throughout elementaryengage in making policy changes can be school can substantially offset or even eliminate thelimited for teachers, parents, and community disadvantage of poverty.” (Rivkin, Hanushek, Kain, 2002)members. In fact, Oakland’s best teachers areoften left out of the discussion about how tocreate conditions for a district where every “Having a teacher in the top 25% of performance ratherclassroom has an excellent teacher. than the bottom 25% four years in a row could be enough to close the black-white test score gap.” (Gordon,What is the Kane, Staiger, 2006)plan?1. GO “issue groups” of educators and “The effect of increases in teacher quality swamps the parents will create a “Road Map to impact of any other educational investment, such as Effective Teaching” which describes the reductions in class size.” (Goldhaber, 2009) current state of OUSD and details the changes that need to happen.2. The campaign team will create an “Approximately 8 percent of our most effective teachers “Advocacy Plan” for making those leave the profession every year, impacting over 1 million changes. students.” (Public Impact, 2010)3. GO participants will build a community movement to work with district and labor Visit our website at www.goleadershipcenter.org to learn more about leaders to make the necessary changes. effective teaching and the GO campaign.
  2. 2. Issue #: [Date]Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center – Effective Teaching Campaign Amet Great Dolor Sit Frequently Asked Questions from Oakland Teachers 1. Are teachers really asking for change? In 2011, 56 percent of OUSD teachers either ‘disagreed’ or ‘strongly disagreed’ that “professional development is differentiated to meet the needs of individual teachers.” As an OUSD teacher explained: “I hold my kids to high expectations and support them every day, but no one is doing that for me.” A focus on the professional growth of our teachers is essential – especially given that in 2009, approximately 25 percent of Oakland’s 2700Parents, educators and community members gather with GO to teachers were in their 1st or 2nd year, and another 40 make a difference for Oakland teachers and students percent had five or less years of experience. 2. I’m an experienced teacher and I’ve earned my tenure and seniority. Are you trying to Frequently Asked Questions take that away from me? from Oakland Parents This campaign will build on the strengths of the teachers currently serving Oakland students.1. How will this campaign change the experience Teachers are a precious resource, bringing their of my child in school? individual skills, talents, and abilities to the inspiring and challenging work of educating every student. Research shows that the quality of the teacher in We need a more stable teaching force. Oakland front of your child is more important than any other Unified loses 55 percent of its teachers after only factor. Just like a doctor or lawyer, it takes quality three years with the district. The annual teacher training, support, and evaluation to become an turnover rate is slightly more than 14 percent, which excellent teacher. is around twice the national district average. Currently, Oakland teachers have limited This campaign will emphasize the need to opportunities to learn new skills that are proven to provide support and feedback sorely needed by the vast majority of teachers. Teachers struggle through work, reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, difficult working conditions with inconsistent and and learn with their coworkers. GO wants to work often poor quality professional development and with you to ensure that when teachers are laid off, supports that the very best teachers keep teaching your child; that your child’s teacher has the opportunity Research shows that true expertise is dependent to receive a lot of feedback about their teaching on 10,000 hours of practice, so experience is obviously critical and if backed by proven success, and has more time to collaborate and learn with should be the determinant for promotion, reward and their co-workers so that your child is benefiting layoffs. from the best practices available.2. I don’t know much about effective teaching, but How can I get involved and make a difference? I care about my kids’ education and about the Contact Marc Tafolla at: marc@gopublicschools.org teachers in my school. How can I help? or (510) 868-8800. You know when your child is learning and what they 1. Join the Core Team – The core team is a group need to be successful in college and career. You of teachers, parents & community members who are willing to give your time to learn more and to have committed to lead this campaign. show support for Oakland teachers and students. 2. Join an Issue Group – Don’t have enough time to join the Core Team, but want to be involved? Join All you need to participate is a willingness to learn, an Issue Group and work on solving one piece of the ask questions, share your opinion and show your puzzle. strength as a community concerned about the 3. Learn more about effective teaching in our quality of our schools. resources library on our website 2