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art of innov ideo tom kelley - A Boox summary 2011


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In 2011 i read this wonderful book from the found of IDEO Tom Kelley, on how to manage and inculcate innovation.. this book was a precursor for the book ten faces of Innovation

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art of innov ideo tom kelley - A Boox summary 2011

  1. 1. Lessons in Creativity from IDEO America's Leading Design Firm Tom Kelley Johanathan Littmman, Preface by Tom Peters and Praise by Cory Doctorow [ Wired] My book summary... Learning notes November, 2011
  2. 2. Sourcing speed skill capacity innovation In the next 10 years innovation moved up as the top Reason
  3. 3. there is a startup company in some garage out there, that is forging the bullet with your company's name written on it“
  4. 4. A program did a realty show how IDEO goes about their work The team built a shopping cart in 5 days
  5. 5. The Founding team  David kelley,  Jim yurchenk,  Dennis boyle,  riskson sun,  douglas dayton,  jane fulton suri,  bill .moggridge,  Tom kelley [ laer in 1987] Stanford
  6. 6. See what customers do and how they use products Having a child's eye with an open mind, fully observant Being left handed, empathising with the users especially the outliers..
  7. 7. The perfect brainstorm  Some rules for the game.  Sharpen focus …  with well articulated problem statement jobs to be fine outcome expectation  Playful rules  Number the ideas ….  both as target and to help flow  Build and jump energy flow management  Spatial memory visible to group  Warm up show and tell products …  mimic user experience even by playing out  Ensure no judgment and No negativity
  8. 8. friendly competition gaming Regularly brainstorm atleast 2 times a month.
  9. 9. What kills brainstorming  Some myths and brainstorming wrongs  Boss speaks first , hierarchy  By turn talking, dressage! in the meetings.  Off site  running off to a separate location, making it culture that innovation only happens in exotic off-work locations..  Losing seriousness  through too much gaming and flying out of control.
  10. 10. DeBono - Brainstorming  Six thinking hats  OPV,  PMI,  CORT,
  11. 11. Cool companies hot groups  Even great inventors have worked in groups, Edison 14  Teams are not about learning the status of the group  Allow people the Flexibility  Employee focused Organizations  Every monday teams picked their leaders and work ideo  Flexi studio  The Project teams were called studio  Based on the interest of people who wanted to work in them..  Very little OU and hierarchy, structures
  12. 12. Hot Groups: key principles  Generating energy  Themes play-outs  Genuine passion for the work  Manage adversity  Take your chance  Hand spring visit  Modular pda - eye module  Team problem solving  Team in close quarters  With space event and openness  Trust mix and abolish "they“
  13. 13. Teams beats individuals  Ron bass and co script writers  Even in a individualistic profession like script writing  Continuity & variety  Writing ones own outcome statement….  helps provide employees with a focus on their work without performance review and judgment culture.  Been zander - boston philharmonic  Team morale  through tshirts outings pranks...  invest on t-shirts..
  14. 14. 8 personas for Hotgroups  Visionary .. Thinks Beyond Daily Fracas  Muggridge | Interaction Design, CAD and whats next?  Trouble shooter .. Clarity of Thought, Fix Actions  the first employee persona - the later hurdler  iconoclast .. counterpoint challenges status quo  pulse taker .. human factors person  the later caregiver  craftsman .. modeler  the later experimenter  Technologist .. probe deeper connections  entrepreneur .. manages the innovation and communicates  director + story teller  cross dresser .. overcome psychological inertia ..  have gone beyond education through a lot of exploration a harbinger of 10 faces of innovation
  15. 15. prototyping is problem solving  Learning by doing  Going forward not eating time its a culture a language  Iterative playful approach  Build to learn  Prototype speak better than pictures  Bit by Bit >> learn fail improve  there is nothing about size break the rules
  16. 16. michael Shubert the movie" abyss" tank cameron The waters rising no time to waste
  17. 17. bezos on the run
  18. 18. most successful designs involved making a self standing ball that resulted in a perfect self aligning ball that became aerobie.
  19. 19. was a great learning experience..
  20. 20. Greenhouse - Workspace  31/10/11 11:22 AM  Make Junk Sing  Evolve with the team modular shrink wrap prototype  Neighbourhoods  people power nooks  bring out the character  Meeting places  Hierarchy is bad
  21. 21. Tech box Concept A collection of junk Cross pollinate by watching interesting things.. Tech Box 2.0 -- elaborate Expo space
  22. 22. Do not got to a customer meeting without a prototype or model of the solution"
  23. 23. Expect the unexpected  No one can divine the future  … strategies for overcoming this in-capability  cannot forecast the future how to exploit? and leverage?  Make good of the chances, learn to sense the chance / opportunity  nimble response - sense and response  cross pollinate
  24. 24. major flops that were not expected Momenta [ expensive - kamran elahian] momenta [ kamran elahian] expensive pen PC.. dynabook [ intel 286.. when 386 was being launched great design but wrong gen intel chip 286 when 386 was coming out]
  25. 25. good timeing doesnt hurt -
  26. 26. motocross glasses - getting ideas from field afar
  27. 27. 7 planting tips for great design [ethnography]  Watch the Customer  Be the Director - Storyboard  subscribe and surf  Workspace - Grenhouse - Hot groups  Bring outsiders  Inspire Advocates  Run Open Houses  Individual skills  Change hats  Cross Train  Be nimble in response - quick footed  Cross pollinate  keeping looking for ideas beyond ones realm [ psychological inertia ]  observe the users closely regularly  sense and response  issues that users solve on their own? - e.g. rolloff glasses for motocross..  make positive of surprise outcomes  leveraging and applying side effects as main effects
  28. 28. emerged from a mixer being let to run too long and the resultant soap was over frothed therefore light and translucent
  29. 29. lab material made bread taste sweet 1897 , Vulcanization mistakingly adding sulphur to rubber processing
  30. 30. used as nose wipes during make up process
  31. 31. users putting to multiple other uses befores its primary purpose of being tyre replacement
  32. 32. users gathering steam due to fashion changes in the mid 1990s also spoke by gladwell in outliers
  33. 33. swiss mountain clilmbers and the seeds that stuck...
  34. 34. 7 traits for cross pollinators [ethnographs]  Observe  Surf - Study - multiple sources, patents, magazines etc..  The Director  story board analysis of user experience  Brainstorm  Open house sessions  show and tell and gather feedback from multi discipline outputs  Prototyping  Inspire Advocates  jane fulton suri, , X Sun. - guys who are deep into their domains and esp if those domains matter..  Hire outsiders Jim Yurchenko?  Change Hats  step into others shoes  Cross train - basic of cross pollination like chess players who swim, basketball ride horses and weight train.  jump Barriers  how to overcome obstacles in the process
  35. 35. Switch by dan chip heath elephant, rider and the path Grid Computing PC space  Jeff hawkings
  36. 36. Palm] Zoomer, Newton, HP and others failed..  second time Palm got it right by understanding the change required, Not replacement but addon, therefore radically simplify the design e.g. GRaffitti hand writing software, simplified computing requirements [ today swype!]  John sculley CEO apple was the man who coined the term PDA..
  37. 37. overcome patents  studied detail patents and claims and find out limitations in existing models.. like japanese labelers being outwitted by IDEO and FROG..
  38. 38. culture borders - understand  Rituals, behaviors and contextual conditions that are influenced by the social environment would be big barriers like japanese and diapers or EU and cup holders ...
  39. 39. Unmetrics  USA. UK changed in 1995 over night through the right env carrot and stick.. but US still has not  Mars Climate Orbiter failure due to measurement mismatch between supplier [ NASA] and univ in pasadena.
  40. 40. S-Curve | Tipping Point  In Adoption, which shows there is a tipping point [ inflexion] of adoption when env is right and then gradually tapers off..
  41. 41. re-examine assumptions  what are the JTBD / OE ]  norand pen - pen based key computers used by Hertz rentals  verbalize products based on their uses..
  42. 42. Org barriers  Hierarchy, bureaucracy, anonymous clean, experts  learning to sketch is a critical skill  Good design is about meeting people  Looking at people using products and noticing inconveniences  Social ritual barriers  cotton balls in medicine bottles  wine cork caps
  43. 43. Creating experiences  Think Verbs and actions  Experience flow dream scenario  Ultimately it is about human experience  Experience is fun ease joy  Experience map segment buyers points of contact  Human connect  Leverage and tell a story restoration hardware  Fix broken experiences  Constant rethink services and experience  Holistic even the small matter  Nordstrom toyota lexus  Threw experience economy pine and gilmore getting to be theme parks Birthday cakes  Merloni power surge controller becoming smart home monitor to increase interface and new revenue models  Change hats with medtronic cardiac sensor  Vegas bellagio
  44. 44. 0..60 iterate test try  sandhill soap box racing  Colouring outside the lines  Paving a new path  Schwinn jake burton about boards  Target the established pattern that does little good  making as few rules as possible  keleher south west airlines  wet napkin interface  tear open and use  refining innovation  Feature creep
  45. 45. Low mass solution Frisbee Juggling with beanbags ensures a small price for failure
  46. 46. Principles of good design 1. make a great entrance first impression 2. Metaphor phrases to guide design 1. universal use smart phone 3. Colour early on 4. Feedback notice 5. Simple and quick 6. Mistake proof 7. Do no harm 8. Basic checklist 9. Extras eco system platform
  47. 47. predictions are difficult especially if they are about the future
  48. 48. the future has already arrived its just but widely distributed
  49. 49. Live the future  Build bridges  Human hot groups  Fail forward break rules  Think verbs  Physical workspace  Watch customer  Main ideas  Give and take hot teams  What should the future look like  Make concept cars