Social Media for Businesses - 2012


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Advanced social media tips and tricks for businesses.

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  • Takes 2 minutes to do.Also check out
  • Takes 2 minutes to do.Also check out
  • Social Media for Businesses - 2012

    1. 1. Why Is Social MediaValuable, Relevant, andImportant?
    2. 2. Why Is Social Media Valuable?• Become a trusted expert in your field• Increase brand awareness and loyalty• Improve customer service• Use feedback to improve products & services• Lower cost than traditional marketing• Low barriers to entry• Real-time market intelligence• Stay up-to-date in your industry• Networking & Word of Mouth referrals• Recruiting• SEO benefits
    3. 3. DID YOU KNOW?• 1 in every 5 minutes online are spent on social networking sites• Mobile usage is growing exponentially• Twitter increased by 62% in the past year, to reach 500 million in 2012• 300,000 new Twitter users per day• Facebook to reach 1 billion in 2012• Google+ to reach 400 million by end of 2012• 55+ is the fastest-growing age segment
    4. 4. Integrating SM on Your Website
    5. 5. Social Media Links On Your Website• Your website is your online brochure, used for disseminating information• Social media is used for connecting with your customers• Do: Put links to your social media profiles on your website• Don’t: Put links to profiles that are dead or not being used regularly
    6. 6. Add sharing buttons to yourcontent (blog, ebooks, casestudies, etc.)Easiest way is to go
    7. 7. Include follow and sharing buttons to your email marketing
    8. 8. Embeddable Tweets
    9. 9. • Showcasing testimonials (evidence of happy customers)• Suppplementing content for a blog post• Twitter widget for recent or favourite tweets
    10. 10. Facebook Plugins
    11. 11. How to Add a Google +1 Button to Your Website
    12. 12. Online MonitoringEvery business owner and manager should be monitoringwhat‟s being said on the InternetWhat to monitor?1. Your name (required)2. Your business name (required)3. Your competitors? (optional)
    13. 13. Google Alerts
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Google+ Another social media network?!?
    16. 16. Social search is a game changer.
    17. 17. Google now includes personalized results:• Listings from the web• Listings from the web, boosted because of your personal behavior• Listings from the web, boosted because of your social connections• Public Google+ posts, or photos• Private or “Limited” Google+ posts or photos shared with you
    18. 18. What Can Brands & Individuals Do?1. Create a personal profile on G+2. Fill out your profile completely using keywords3. Get a Brand page on G+4. Fill out your brand profile completely using keywords5. Get into as many influential people‟s circles as possible6. Make sure G+ posts have your relevant keywords • Relevant (don‟t be spammy) • Well-found • Well-liked or well-shared
    19. 19. Google Circles create a personal profile and a brand profile? CirclesWhat kind of circles should you create?• Existing customers• Prospects• Industry professionals• Suppliers• Trade media representatives• Any other important target audience segments
    20. 20. • As an individual on Google+ you can reach out to other individuals and add them to your circle. Once they see you have added them to your circle, they typically add you back.• Promote your business Google+ Page from your personal Google+ profile to get more individuals to add your business page to their circle. Once they add your Google+ Page you can then add the individuals into your circle.
    21. 21. LinkedIn Tips:1. Complete your profile2. More connections = wider reach • Current/previous employers • Schools • Geographic location3. Personalize your invitation (don‟t be lazy)4. Transfer collected business cards to LinkedIn5. Share content6. Create a company page
    22. 22. Facebook for Businesses
    23. 23. Facebook TipsCreate a page for your business. When you reach 25 „Likes‟, you canclaim your vanity URLDefault: here:
    24. 24. When and What Should I Post?• On average, your Facebook posts only last for 3.2 hours• Wait minimum 3 hours between posts• No more than 3 posts per day• Meet every fan interaction with a reaction (comment back or like their comment)• Best time of day to post for maximum visibility is after business hours and on weekends• Photos  Videos  Links  Text• Content on your news feed is determined by Edgerank• No 2 people with the same friends will see the same news feed• No engagement = No Edgerank = No visibility• Trial and error!
    25. 25. 70-20-10 Rule 70% conversation 20% sharing10% self-promotion
    26. 26. Overwhelmed by all the social media networks?Manage all your accounts from one dashboard with Hootsuite video
    27. 27. Make time for social media.(or hire someone to help you.) Social media is evolving. Social media is here to stay.
    28. 28. Download this presentation: OSS QUESTIONS?