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BC Hospitality Conference 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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BC Hospitality Conference 2011

  1. 1. Get Connected: Social Media and Online Reputation for Restaurants @dennispang, POPCORN ions using the hashtag quest r youTweet # BCHospSM
  2. 2. AGENDA Introduction: The Importance of Social Media Hootsuite: The basics and how it can manage your SM accounts Brand Monitoring: Google Alerts, SocialMention Social Analytics Tools: Social Mention, Facebook Insights, Crowdbooster, SocialBro Online Influence: Klout, PeerIndex, KredQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Founder of Popcorn, PR firm for Vancouver Restaurants (specialize in social media marketing) Over 10 years experience in Internet Marketing 5 years experience helping businesses with Social Media Marketing More influential than the Canucks but less influential than Justin Bieber (according to Klout)Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  4. 4. Restaurants & smartphonesQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  5. 5. connecting with high-tech consumers Enjoyment is what drives the majority of technologically connected individuals to patronize restaurants 94% of connected adults said they enjoyed going to restaurants 51% of social media savvy adults said restaurants were an essential part of their lifestylesQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  6. 6. high-tech habitsProportion of adults who said they do the following at least once a month: ALL CONNECTED SOCIAL MEDIA ADULTS ADULTS SAVVY Eat at a sit-down restaurant with waitstaff service 84% 89% 92% Purchase a meal or snack from a fast-food restaurant or carry-out place 83% 89% 87% Purchase dinner from a restaurant, carry-out place, or delivery place to eat at home 72% 78% 80% Source: National Restaurant Association, National Household Survey, 2010Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  7. 7. what does all this mean? Conversations about your restaurant are happening with or without you Review sites (Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Dinehere, Google Places) Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, etc. Blog PostingsQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  8. 8. Opportunities Improve customer service Engage with loyal customers Increase visibility with potential customers Community buildingQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  9. 9. More Opportunities More cost effective than traditional advertising, turn your customers into brand evangelists Power of word of mouth. 14% of people trust advertising, 87% trust word of mouth/referral Make things right with unsatisfied customersQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  10. 10. downsides Not having a clear plan or execution strategy can do more harm than good Not engaging Using it too much for a self promotion toolQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  11. 11. When things are going wellQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  12. 12. doing it wrongExample one Example twoNomNom Fine Cuisine - April 3rd, 2011NOM Here’s our daily menu: http://jgawrNOM NomNom Fine Cuisine - April 26th, 2011NomNom Fine Cuisine - April 2nd, 2011 NOM @VancouverFoodie Glad you liked it! NOMNOM Here’s our daily menu: http://jgjfhNOM VancouverFoodie - April 3rd, 2011NomNom Fine Cuisine - April 1st, 2011 Loved my breakfast at @NomNom!NOM Here’s our daily menu: http://tpefhNOMQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  13. 13. Popcorn’s magic social media formula 20% Share Interesting Content 10% Self-Promotion 70% ConversationQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  14. 14. introduction to hootsuite Social Media Dashboard (monitors multiple networks) Schedule messages ahead of time Monitor keywords Manage a team Analytics and ReportingQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  15. 15. Creating a hootsuite accountQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  16. 16. scheduling messages in hootsuite Tweet strategically with the schedule function.Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  17. 17. setting up keywords and monitoringMonitor what’sbeing said about specific topics.Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  18. 18. geotargeting Talk to people in your area.Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  19. 19. finding your exact location1. Open up Google Maps ( Input location3. Copy coordinates (49.147131,-122.786636)4. Enter into Hootsuiteeg. “pizza geocode:49.147131, 122.786636,20km”Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  20. 20. hootsuite analytics Measure your success.Questions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  21. 21. google alertsGoogle Alerts are email updates of the latest relevantGoogle results (web, news, etc.) based on your choiceof query or topic.- Monitor your brand / restaurant name- Monitor your industry / competition- Receive emails as they happen, once per day,or once per week Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  22. 22. social mention Same idea as Google Alerts, but for real-time social media search (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blogs, etc.) Tracks sentiments 28:1 http://www.socialmention.comQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  23. 23. facebook insights If you have an existing company page on Facebook Track likes, active users, post impressions & feedback Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  24. 24. crowdbooster Recommends the best time of day to tweet based on when your followers are most active and how your previous tweets have performed Recommends influential users who follow you that you should engageQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  25. 25. socialbroDiscover users to follow (download required)
  26. 26. measure your online “influence” Klout ( Peerindex ( Kred ( Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  27. 27. Conclusion - key takeaways Social Media Marketing is booming Monitoring the Web is essential for every business There are many free tools available to help youQuestions? Tweet using the hashtag #BCHospSM
  28. 28. Questions?If you have great food and service, then people deserve to know.Contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can help you increaseyour online 218-6978