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Final results


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VCET selection

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Final results

  1. 1. Final Results.<br />Thursday, August 12, 2010<br />8:20 AM<br /> <br /> <br />Imagine cup winner.<br /> <br />Ramya<br /><br /> <br />Group Dissociation.<br /> <br />S.sabthami<br /><br />9486708401<br /> <br />A.S.Dhivya<br /><br />9443037400<br /> <br />M.S.Blessy Valentina<br /><br />9791805070<br /> <br />Sowmiya<br /><br />9489345473<br /> <br />Nisha Makhija.J <br /><br />9364158814<br /> <br />N.Lavanya<br /><br />9360317121<br /> <br />E M Thooyavan<br /><br />9566337660<br /> <br />Vidyathar.T<br /><br />9789345800<br /> <br />M.praveenkumar<br /><br />Ph:8015021164<br /> <br />Prem navaz khan.S<br /><br />9750644863<br /> <br />Poornimaa.e<br /><br />9942298413<br /> <br />Ejaj Hassan<br /><br />9629496045<br /> <br />M.sriram Murali<br />9003675472<br /><br />