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Dream spark yatra @ velalar college of engineering and technology


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Velalar DSY

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Dream spark yatra @ velalar college of engineering and technology

  1. 1. Dream Spark Yatra @ Velalar College Of Engineering and Technology <br />Event: Dream Spark Yatra<br />Dates: 7th March 2010<br />Venue: Velalar Engineering College<br />City: Erode<br />Organizers: Venkateswaran, Gopinathan,Shiva,Balaji.<br />Speakers: Mr. Suhas Deshmukh, SathyaNarayanan, Jibin Varghese, Animesh Jain, Kennedy, Abhishek Suresh<br />Participants: 2500 Students <br />09.00 - 10.30: Registration {spot only}/ Welcome Speech <br />10:30 – 11:30: Testing – The Microsoft Way {by Mr.Suhas Deshmukhfrom Microsoft IDC}<br />11.30 - 12.15: XNA Framework and Gaming <br />12:15 – 13:15: UX and Silverlight <br />13.15 - 14.00: Windows 7 and Project Natal <br />14.00 - 14.30: Imagine Cup Activity <br />14.30 - 14.45: Feedback and Wind Up<br />Microsoft Dreamspark yatra is the new initiative by Microsoft Academic team to cover 100 cities in 10 weeks. We CBEUG set our own goal of covering 10,000 students across CBEUG territories during this Dream Spark Yatra. As of now our Usergroup has reached out to 16,000 Students. A major milestone for the Usergroup <br />The event was leaded by Mr. Suhas Deshmukh from Microsoft IDC as Chief Guest, was invited by college secretary & correspondent Thiru S.D. Chandrasekar, B.A., L.M.Palanivelu Prof. & Head. <br />This was the Major DreamSpark Event at Velalar Engineering College, in Erode, on 7th March 2010. This is the 5th city of our DreamSpark Campaign. For the second time we created history. The first event of CBEUG where we addressed an audience strength of 2500. It was an amazing challenge. <br />This event was organized by the CBEUG MSPs, Venkateswaran{VCET}, Gopinathan,Shiva{IRTT}, Balaji{xl}. The way they organized the entire event was awesome. They had a very short span of time and they were capable of bringing in around 2000 students from other colleges. Student coming from various departments like MCA, Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and IT. <br />Other Special invites were <br />Sathyanarayanan, MSP, Vice President, CBEUG<br />Animesh Jain, MSP, CBEUG<br />Varma, MSP, CBEUG<br />Kusumakar Dwivedi, MSP, CBEUG<br />Jibin Varghese, MSP, CBEUG<br />Abhishek Suresh, President, CBEUG<br />The Session began with Mr.Suhas explaining about the testing methodologies in Microsoft. The interaction was good at the venue. The students enjoyed the explanation of Mr. Suhas. The students came up with a lot of questions to Mr. Suhas<br />After that session Animesh Jain took on XNA Framework. He created a simple game using XNA in 10 Minutes. The crowd was amazed by this session. He also showed some sample games.<br />Abhishek Suresh began his session on UX but unfortunately the Projecter failed to work due to overheating. Abhishek Suresh session lost it temperature due to overheat of the crowd. <br />Jibin took on Windows 7 and Project Natal. We got a new project for his session. The crowd was amazed to see the natal video.<br />Sathya and Kennedy handled the Imagine Cup Activity. We shot questions to the audience and gave away goodies to the correct answering attendees. It was highly interactive and interesting as the students wanted to stay back without lunch till 3:30. But we wound up as soon as possible so that the college officials would be able to handle the crowd.<br />And this time we tried something Different. We asked the audience for their favourite actor and Rajinikanth was voted in. Then I asked the question: “Which Operating System does Rajinikanth use and why?”<br />Sakthi{student from ECE IIIyear} won a ticket to the PDC to and a USB Speaker<br />Photos of the Event<br />VenueRegistration Crowd<br />Sponsor for the eventBefore the EventDuring the Event<br />Stage arrangementChief Guest Chief Guest Enlightens the lamp <br />The overflowed with girls, they started sitting in the boys section <br /> <br /> Balcony Stage<br /> <br />Mr. Suhas Addressing <br />Student interaction with Mr. Suhas <br />Animesh Jain session {XNA Framework}<br />Abhishek’s Session without projector <br />Jibin Varghese {Project Natal}<br />Imagine Cup Activity {Kennedy and Sathya Narayanan}<br />Organizers Team <br /> <br />Till the Ending <br />