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Conference (final)


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Microsoft Money Plus - ICCA '10

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Conference (final)

  1. 1. Why did you choose this workshop ?What are your monthly expenses ?
  2. 2. “Most people don’t plan to fail , they fail to plan”
  3. 3. Credit Card Calculations Bills Trading Finance Accounts Internet Banking Is there a solution to all these ?
  4. 4. Lets get to some interesting videos before we get to the workshopMicrosoft Money Plus - Spit Take Commercials – Bill Payer – Bus Stop – Family – Gas Prices – Groceries – Lawyer
  5. 5. Saving Money - Special Activity to promote ideas
  6. 6. Intro - Microsoft Money Plus• The fast and simple way to handle all your finances.• Easy to set up and easy to use, Money Plus is the convenient way to understand your finances and keep them in shape.
  7. 7. Version History (Home & Business) Money Plus Sunset (Deluxe) (Home & Business) Money Plus (Deluxe) (Essentials)Microsoft Money 2007 16.0Microsoft Money 2006 15.0Microsoft Money 2005 14.0Microsoft Money 2004 12.0Microsoft Money 2003 11.0Microsoft Money 2002 10.0Microsoft Money 2001 9.0Microsoft Money 2000 8.0Microsoft Money 99 7.0Microsoft Money 98 6.0Microsoft Money 97 5.0Microsoft Money 95 4.0, 4.0aMicrosoft Money 3.0 3.0Microsoft Money 2.0 2.0Microsoft Money 1.0
  8. 8. Why I’m talking about a product that is not being used anymore ?Ratings of the product given by Most of theUsers• Price to Value 5 out of 5• Installation and Setup 4 out of 5• User Interface 5 out of 5• Product Features 5 out of 5• Performance 4 out of 5• Help & Support 5 out of 5
  9. 9. Reasons for Discontinuation• In August 2008, – Practice of releasing a new version of the product each year Stopped – Additionally, Shipping boxed versions of Microsoft Money to retail stores were stopped, instead selling the product only through online downloads.• On 10 June 2009, Ended development of Money• On 30 June 2009 , Discontinued sales of Money(Reason Stated : Demand for a comprehensive personal finance toolset hasdeclined)• Announced that they will support the product until 31 January 2011.• Product activation servers will also be deactivated after January 31, 2011.• Release of Money Plus Sunset On 17 June 2010 – Money Plus Sunset is a version of Money Plus Deluxe and Money Plus Home & Business that does not require online activation
  10. 10. MSN Money = Microsoft Money Plus ? NO• MSN Money – It is a website about business news (edited in association with CNBC). – It provides stock exchange prices and financial information on companies , consumer financial services.• Microsoft Money Plus – Personal Finance Software can be used with both Windows Operating Systems and Windows Mobile
  11. 11. Installation & Setup1. Microsoft Money will prompt you to set up a security password and will suggest you use your Microsoft Live ID.2. It is to synchronize your stock-tracking data on MSNs Money portfolio (or who dont want to remember more than one password for anything).3. After sorting out your password preferences, its on to importing your account data.
  12. 12. Straightforward Fashion• Most of the Banks allow to download transaction history and other data’s• Type of account youre importing – banking, credit card, or investment – Alphabetical list of hundreds of different institutions to choose from.
  13. 13. Security Features & Speed• Credit union and Maintenance of multiple accounts• Secondary password prompt from our bank -- the three security questions based on drop-down menus that let you select which questions to answer, and the ones we had previously set up werent preselected, requiring us to remember exactly which security challenges we needed to answer -- the process was seamless.• Microsoft Money Plus can even handle downloads with three of savings accounts and importing the last 60 days worth of data in under two minutes.
  14. 14. Interface & Ease of Use• 8 main tabbed sections that are straightforward and intuitive: – Home, Banking, Bills, Reports, Budget, Investing, Planning, and Taxes. – Web browser-like appearance with a set of forward and back buttons above the tabs. – Taxes and Investing, are framed views of corresponding MSN Money Web pages.• Subsections of other tabs also back out to MSN Money online, and thus most of the financial "advice" Microsoft Money offers can be summed up in "read our MSN Money articles and use our MSN Money widgets.“
  15. 15. Features & Performance
  16. 16. • Automatic Categorizing – Depending on what kind of data your bank decides to record with each transaction, Microsoft Money will either do a through or thoroughly frustrating job of automatically categorizing all your expenditures.• Point-of-sale code numbers – POS # 123-456-7890 to remember where you spent your money based on the date and amount of all your debit card transactions.• Tag your transactions – you can tag them with category labels like Mortgage/Rent, Utilities, and Groceries.
  17. 17. Linking bills to past and pulling out those bills when neededyou can schedule all your regular bills and linkthem to past transactions in your bankstatement, so that Microsoft Money cananticipate your future expenses.
  18. 18. Categorizing Income and Expenses• Categorizing is never this easy !!!• Set up alerts in the Insights application to monitor your spending and saving. – Spent too much on Clothing or Entertainment in the last month? Insights will ding you on the desktop. Got a gas bill due in three days? Insights will give you a heads-up to make sure the required funds dont get spent on Clothing or Entertainment (again).• Microsoft Money actually offers two levels of transaction-tracking complexity: – Essential and Advanced based on the usage
  19. 19. Budget Planning Wizards• The Essential Budget – Helps you lay out how much you want to spend in each category each month and making sure that your income and bills match up.• The Savings & Spending Budget – Based on MSN Money advisory principles. – Basically, it creates six meta-categories for your transactions: • Income, Committed Expenses, Fun, Irregular Expenses, Savings & Debt, and Retirement. – The Savings & Spending Budget suggests you direct 60 percent of your income to Committed Expenses – 10 percent each to the remaining outlays.
  20. 20. Reporting System• Easy to use• Offers the obligatory graph breakouts of spending by category• Lets you compare month-to-month changes easily.
  21. 21. Finally what is Exclusive ?• Intuitive interface• Great budgeting wizards• Simple bank data downloads
  22. 22. Microsoft Money Plus Package• Money Contact Manager• Money Invoice Designer• Money Plus• Insights
  23. 23. Getting Started with Accounts, Bills, and Paychecks• Setting up accounts in Microsoft Money Plus Changing account details• Setting up favorite accounts• Setting up bills and deposits About Essential Bills• About Advanced Bills• Setting up information on a recurring bill• Paying recurring bills• Modifying bills or deposits Bill Calendar and History• Entering your paychecks• Printing checks in Microsoft Money Plus Setting up Insights
  24. 24. Handling Your Accounts• Using the account register• About Essential and Advanced Account Registers• Linking attachments to transactions• Categorizing your transactions• Balancing bank accounts• Troubleshooting incorrect account balances• Closing an account
  25. 25. Budgeting• About budgeting• The Essential Budget• Savings & Spending Budget• Creating a budget• Spending Tracker• Spending by Budget Groups• Reducing your debt• The Credit Center
  26. 26. Online Services• Setting up Money Plus for online services• Setting up online banking with your financial institution and Money Plus• Using online banking• Storing online passwords in the Password Manager• Online bill pay Using MSN Bill Pay• Pay more than one bill at a time• Working with your finances on the Web MSN® Money Community
  27. 27. Time to Time Alerts• Money Plus Insights• Windows Live™ Alerts• Advisor FYI
  28. 28. Plan and Achieve Your Long-Term Financial Goals• Saving for lifetime goals and retirement• Using the Retirement Calculator
  29. 29. Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Money Plus Data• Accessing your Money Plus data on the Internet• Accessing your Money Plus with a handheld device
  30. 30. Planning for Taxes• Establishing a tax strategy• Finding potential deductions• Setting up Money Plus to track tax information• Estimating your taxes• Displaying your tax estimate on the Money Plus home page• Filing your taxes• Additional tax-related reports
  31. 31. Managing and Tracking Your Investments• Using the Portfolio Manager• Customizing the Portfolio Manager• Creating a new investment account• Reconciling your investment accounts• Employee stock options• Equity and index options• The Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) center• 401(k) and 403(b) accounts• Work with an individual investment• Setting investment reminders• Reviewing investment performance• Asset allocation Analyzing your portfolio• Top Picks Performance Tracker• The Motley Fool CAPS™ on MSN Money (CAPS)
  32. 32. Creating Financial Reports• Reports home page• Reviewing your monthly report• Customizing a report• Personalized feedback and cash flow forecast Closely follow your spending and compare it month-to-month• Creating your favorite reports• Printing your report• Exporting and e-mailing your reports
  33. 33. Managing Your Money Plus File• Backing up your Money Plus file• Backing up to CD• Setting a backup reminder• Restoring a Money Plus file• Sharing your Money Plus file or creating an additional Money Plus file• Working with the Money Plus sample file
  34. 34. Keyboard ShortcutsNavigationALT + RIGHT ARROW ForwardALT + LEFT ARROW BackALT + HOME My Money home pageMain SectionsCTRL + SHIFT + A Accounts listCTRL + SHIFT + B Bills summaryCTRL + SHIFT + C Categories listCTRL + SHIFT + I Portfolio ManagerCTRL + SHIFT + P Planning homeCTRL + SHIFT + T Taxes homeCTRL + SHIFT + R Reports homeAccounts & BillsCRTL + F Find a transactionF3 or CTRL + H Find and replaceCTRL + D Insert todays date in the date fieldPLUS SIGN (+) Increase date by one dayMINUS SIGN (-) Decrease date by one dayCTRL + S Split a transactionCTRL + M Mark transaction cleared (C)CTR L + SHIFT + M Mark transaction reconciled (R)ESC Cancel changes
  35. 35. Keyboard Shortcuts (cont.…)File CommandsCTRL + O Open fileCTRL + N Create a new fileEditingCTRL + C or CTRL + INSERT CopyCTRL + H Find and ReplaceCTRL + X CutCTRL + V or SHIFT + INSERT PasteCTRL + Z or ALT + BACKSPACE Undo last entryNavigationF1 HelpCTRL + P PrintCTRL + K CalculatorALT + F4 Close Money Plus
  36. 36. Icons used with Register A warning or notification (different colors to indicate importance) Epay sent (but not cleared) Epay attempted to send, but payment not transmitted Potential recurring transaction Transaction flagged for follow-up Item linked to transaction in register
  37. 37. Icons used with Insights You have no Alerts You have an alert; click on icon to review Error; click on icon to review
  38. 38. Icons used with Bills Summary Deposit Withdrawal or bill Transfer Investment purchase Payment sent as Epay
  39. 39. Similar Products Which are popular currently
  40. 40. Is the product available on Market ?• Last year, Microsoft made their personal money management software package freely available for everybody for free• The new versions are called as “Sunset” versions and were created so that existing customers could continue to install MS Money without requiring activation.
  41. 41. Download
  42. 42. To More nual/MoneyPlus/3sku_toc_p001.htm
  43. 43. Social Reach
  44. 44. © 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.