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About the program


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Mozilla club

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About the program

  1. 1. Welcome to Mozilla University! Mozilla University is a virtual institution dedicated to building and educating a strong Mozilla community through collaboration and innovation. Mozilla History Millions of people have heard of Firefox, and for most of them it's their favorite Web browser. However, a lot of people still don't know what Mozilla really is. That's because Mozilla has been many things to many people over the years, including a Web browser and a few different types of organizations. • The Mozilla Project: An open source project that began at Netscape in 1998, with the announcement in February, followed by the public release of the source code in March. • The Mozilla Foundation: An independent, non-profit organization established in July 2003 with some funding from AOL to help carry on the mission of the Mozilla Project. • The Mozilla Corporation: A wholly-owned taxable subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation was created during a reorganization in August 2005. It's important to know Mozilla's history to fully appreciate what Firefox is and to better understand Mozilla in its many forms. There are plenty of great articles on the Web, so do a bit of research to learn more. Stay Connected One of the best ways to get started with Mozilla is to meet people online and stay connected. We use a number of communication channels to maintain a vibrant global open source community, including two very important ones. • Join the Mozilla IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network, where the community is active 24 hours a day. People from all over the world stay connected to chat and work together. We recommend starting in #firefox or#thunderbird for general discussion, but you can pick any channel and jump right in! Be sure to say hello, participate in the discussions, and ask lots of questions. • Follow the Mozilla newsgroups to discuss all aspects of the Mozilla project. They are a great place to keep up with what's happening with the community and our products, including the latest information on Firefoxplanning, development, quality assurance, and support. Get Involved TEST Testing is the easiest way to get involved with Mozilla and to help make Firefox better. Whether you log a new bug or run through a set of tests, every bit of feedback helps. We have a growing QA community at QMO (, so head on over and sign up today!
  2. 2. • Work with bugs in Bugzilla, the Mozilla bug database. Understand what issues our users are having and what the community is doing to fix them. Find out about exciting new features being developed for the next version of Firefox. • Run user tests with Litmus, our testcase repository and online test tracker. Whether you are interested in working with a specific feature in Firefox or want to run a complete suite of tests, you can do it through this tool. • Try out nightly "Trunk builds" to help us test the latest Firefox features and bug fixes. Thousands of people take a chance with these often buggy and unstable test versions to get a sneak peek of the next generation Firefox browser. Use at your own risk! Anyone can be a tester, so give it a shot! Don't just be a Firefox user, help us make it even better by joining theMozilla QA community. You can contact the Mozilla QA team on IRC in #qa or through the forums on QMO. HACK If you're interested in open source software development and want to challenge yourself, check out theMozilla Developer Center ( You'll find plenty of documentation to familiarize yourself with the Mozilla codebase and should be ready to start hacking in no time! • Create a Firefox Extension. Have an idea to improve the Web experience? With very little code you can completely change the Firefox experience by creating cool new functionality to help users do anything you can imagine on the Web. • Design a Firefox Theme. Wish you could make Firefox look even better? Get creative to customize the Firefox user interface with a unique look and feel and share it with the world. • Hack on the Mozilla codebase. Want to show off your programming skills? Gain valuable real-world software engineering experience as you work with talented open source hackers from around the world. Remember, the Mozilla community is always there to help you out, so don't be afraid to ask questions! Hang out on IRC in #seneca and follow the* newsgroups. LEAD One of the greatest perks of being a part of the Mozilla community is that you can represent Firefox everywhere you go. What better way to get involved than to tell others about Firefox and inspire them to join the Mozilla community. • Be a Mozilla Campus Rep. Work with the Mozilla community to organize events both on and off campus tospread Firefox and educate people about Mozilla and open source. • Start a Mozilla Club. Bring together other students and faculty that share a love of Firefox and a passion for open source. Empower them to become active members of the Mozilla community. Check out Club Moz atSeneca College for inspiration. • Provide Firefox Support. Learn about common Firefox issues to help friends and family with their problems. Recommend Firefox to people that are frustrated with other browsers. Help everyone have a better Web experience.
  3. 3. Be the bridge between Mozilla and millions of Firefox fans out there that want to get involved. There are Mozilla community projects for people of various skill levels and interests. It's up to you to lead them in the right direction. Some FAQS WHAT IS A MOZILLA CAMPUS REP? Any student that is committed to helping the Mozilla marketing team spread Firefox and the Mozilla mission through active participation in various campaigns and projects, both on campus and in their local communities. Our campus reps are passionate, resourceful and creative in their approach to educating people about open source software, demonstrating the many benefits of Firefox vs other browsers, and living by the core values that help the Mozilla community accomplish great things together. DO I GET PAID FOR BEING A CAMPUS REP? The Mozilla Campus Reps program is 100% volunteer based. Just like other functional areas of the Mozilla project, we rely on the support and energy of people all around the world to make our open source model work. While we do not offer paid positions for participating in the program, we do provide access to people and resources that you won't find anywhere else and the opportunity to represent Mozilla brings with it a lot of great experience and recognition. DO I NEED TO HAVE A LOT OF TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE TO BE A CAMPUS REP? Yes and no. While having programming experience or being Web savvy will definitely help you get the most out of the program, you can still be a successful campus rep if you don't have an engineering background. Planning events and promoting Firefox doesn't take a lot of technical knowledge, but you should be comfortable answering basic questions about Web browsers and Firefox features. If you don't think you know enough about Firefox, you can always make it your personal goal to educate yourself about Web technology while you participate in the Campus Reps program. WHERE CAN I GO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MOZILLA PROJECT? You can learn more about the Mozilla project at WHAT ARE THE INCENTIVES FOR BEING A CAMPUS REP? There are a many reasons to join the Campus Reps program, but here are just a few: • Opportunity to experience grassroots marketing at its finest • Develop your skills in communications and technology • Gain knowledge about open source software and the Web • Become a community leader and work with other students and faculty around the world to build your network. • Get a reference letter from Mozilla and enhance your resume • An opportunity to apply for a Mozilla marketing internship
  4. 4. • And there's always the free Firefox swag and popularity that comes with being a Mozilla Campus Rep! :-) WHEN WILL I KNOW IF I AM ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM? While some reps will be more active than others, we want everyone to feel like they are a part of the same network of students, so we don't have an interview or selection process. However, we will reward students that show us that they can be exceptional campus reps. By providing our best reps with opportunities to become community leaders, collaborate with us on marketing campaigns, and apply for Mozilla internships, we hope that you will all challenge each other to be the best! WHERE CAN I GO TO MEET OTHER CAMPUS REPS? Our main communication channel is the Mozilla Campus Reps group on You can participate in discussions or start your own thread in the forums there. However, we also have groups on popular social networks like Facebook and Orkut, so you can get involved there as well. HOW CAN I GET FIREFOX SWAG? There will be opportunities throughout the year to signup for a Firefox "swag pack", usually around major marketing campaigns like the Firefox launch and Back to School. We will let you know when it's time to submit your requests, so please wait for the right times before asking. Beyond the Firefox swag we will provide, you can always make your own! As long as you follow our Firefox logo guidelines, you are free to create anything from posters to t-shirts on your own and give them out to your community (you just can't sell them for money/profit). WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A REGIONAL LEADER? • Networking opportunities • Valuable leadership experience • Increased visibility within the Mozilla community • Certificate recognizing your leadership role and contribution WHAT'S THE REASON BEHIND THE CAMPUS REPS NETWORK WEBSITE? • Better networking: The Campus Reps Network provides a private forum for students to discuss their ideas for events and promotions. It's also a place to network with other Campus Reps and find people nearby in your region. • More behind the scenes content: Post pics and videos of your events so others can learn from your experiences. Talk about ideas and designs under development that aren't ready for public yet. • Private brainstorming: Think of the Campus Reps Network as your think tank and testing stage. Spread Firefox is still the place to share your accomplishments. We hope that a private space will give you an opportunity to throw crazy ideas out there and get feedback from others.