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Bsharp Health Care Value Proposition


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Bsharp provides tools and technologies to engage a distributed sales force. Through their mobile devices. How do you enable Medical Reps with information to do their jobs better? Provide them with iPad/Tablet with all the relevant information to do the job better.

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Bsharp Health Care Value Proposition

  1. 1. BRIDGE THE GAP Bshorp’s Volue Proposition to the Heolth Core segment. Enhonce the effectiveness of your soles force. wwwbshorpcorpcom
  2. 2. l r Bshorp provides tools ond technologies to engoge o distributed soles force. Through their mobile devices. _, - "‘ '0" 1,, ’ . J. . (loitllrzwllxsqoflliiwit R " ~ 1 L VC . . . . .4 . .*. ~. £uiIr: iIyE Over 5,000 sales professionals across industries like PC Retail, Smartphone, Healthcare, IT Accessories use Bsharp Field Engagement Platform.
  3. 3. LounchZopp Bshorp Heolth Core Enable the rep with product info on mobile to enhance customer lnterac— tions, seamlessly record call details and track sales Target: Sales Representatives Sales Management team Bshorp Heolth Core LounchZopp Real time info on product launch. Manage actions not outcome Target: Sales Representatives Product Management team lnfogeon Distributed field team mobile data collection Listen Faster. Move Faster. Target: Sales Representatives Product Management team
  4. 4. l/ loximize volue of customer focing minute Detoil product to doctor Adverse Event Reporting product Documents :4 For regulatory compliance Videos ’ Clinical evidence Provide Soles Tools Events Code search Record doctor meeting Troin CAl/ l/PS l. . Objective ; Documents detailed Results Doctor meeting frequency Phone based periodic training Creote doctor “live” DOCEOF dgtobgge Demographic KYC _ Always current information PFOCedUFe KYC it CAM/ PS agnostic Earlier interactions 1 _ . Anolyze morket trends Set coll objectives . Current consumption basket Define target product Market potential Questions to be asked CAM/ PS Skills
  5. 5. BSHAHP HEALTHOAHE Ne><t—Gen Tool For the Modern Soles Force Low Bandwidth usage Friendly User Interface Security Complaint Customization u, -Ll ll Lin 6 W232; Bshorp
  6. 6. it i A plotform to occelerote product lounches T tr l l l l S/ . X fir Update and Track Real time Dashboard. Engagement with Doctors ReP0"t5- '-e<3derb03'’d- ‘ I ‘ [Eli Get heat map of Gamified. movement across stages Win Points. Win Glory.
  7. 7. ( infoge n Jane Doe Sr Sales Manager Sales Report Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. cons adipiscing elit? Duir. sapien nunc ' 1gi: tii A acctirnsan ricctirn. “-an t i iort, Pulse Check Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. cons adipiscing elit" iZ34567890i Oi Z23 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. cons 22 adipiscing elit? Periodic Reports fi 27 May 20iS 0 Add Users Define Groups, Group Managers Field Teom downloods opp Secure ‘ Password protected Define report formot, torget Text, Value, Y/ N, Multiple choice, Audio, GPS, Video, Photo reports Define Torget oudience Deploy for all or a given team Reporting formot: Standard Formats or Custom- ized formats deployed to user Enter doto ond submit Deploy for all or a given team Define Type of report Periodic: Daily, Weekly, Monthly On-Demandzstandard formats available Doshboords for oil deployed reports Review response rates Review results online Send reminder Downlood results Excel format for data Zip file for media (Photos, Audio) [3
  8. 8. GET YOUR SALES TEAM in sync with your strotegy Reoch us ot hi@bshorp. in www. bshorpcorp. com BSIWOIFP