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Digital is everywhere. That’s why we launched Granat to provide digital awesomeness.

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  • Granat Credentials

    1. 1. Granat Credentials Project outline and philosophy
    2. 2. AgendaWho we areKey peopleServicesTestimonials
    3. 3. Who we areDigital is everywhere. That’s why we launched Granat toprovide digital awesomeness.The team consists of young but very ambitious peoplewho have joined their efforts to develop a full circledigital agency. Our projects involve over 10professionals who contribute to the development ofprojects based on their specific competence such asdesign, web development or multimedia applicationsdevelopment.Our advantages are the integrated solutions throughaccess to the resources of our local and foreignpartners, we are offering 360° campaigns.
    4. 4. Our priority is toachieve efficiency andthe marketingobjectives of ourclients.
    5. 5. Key people• Artur Gurau. (CEO) 5 years in advertising, more than 3 in on-line advertising. Managed campaigns for such clients as Moldcell, Nestle, Mobiasbanca, Patria, OM, and Voiaj International.• Alex Lebedev. (Social Media Manager) A proactive person in social and on-line environments. Made himself noticed for being a blogger, initiator of urban art projects. Began to breathe Public Relations and Marketing at Evenda in Moldova, and Beatrice Daily Sun in Nebraska, United States
    6. 6. Services Creative Media Technology Advertising Digital Design Media planning and buying Web platform building Content Strategy and Search engine marketing Creation Application development Mail marketingSocial Media Strategy and Rich media banners Ideas Social media planning Interactive Ideas Data & Analytics Viral Marketing
    7. 7. We create ideaspeople can belongto. Across anyowned, earned orpaid media platform.
    8. 8. TestimonialsWorking with Artur on Internet promotionwas a pleasant experience as from thepoint of view of efficiency as well from thepoint of view of communication. The fieldis still fairly new that why I felt the need ofa professional advice, a clear description ofthe mechanisms, a personal approach andsupport in managing the advertisingcampaign on Web.I’m glad that I could notice all this duringour collaboration. We would be delightedto work together in the future campaigns.Mihaela Buza,Marketing Manager, Voiaj International
    9. 9. TestimonialsArtur is a unique individual, with manytalents. His strength in networking isntmatched by anyone else I know in thelocal market here. His focus, dedicationand strategic planning is also a naturalgift which he plans and sees in advance,which not only makes him useful for anynew project locally, but also a vital assetfor making anything from good to great.I have known Artur for several years,working with and contracting work withhim. If you require someone that is onthe ball, and knows what he is talkingabout with confidence, then he is yourgo to man.Ross Tanner,Owner, You+We Photography & Flosites
    10. 10. TestimonialsI had the opportunity to work withArtur several times before, rangingfrom social projects to advertisingcampaigns. Arturis a very responsible, rational andbroad-minded person and in thesame time takes care that all thedetails are included.Artur is a leader and can include inhis abilities all the stages of a projectas well as to complete it no matterhow messed up it is.Cristina Trofim
    11. 11. THANKS!For more informationplease contact Arturat +373 69 165 425or by e-mail: