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A short deck on the GIVEtweet offering, the added value we bring to brands and the scalability we can bring to cause-related marketing...

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  1. 1. supporting communities: how it works Produced by:
  2. 2. supporting communities: GIVEtweet GIVEtweet Opportunity. Align your brand with important causes and non-profits. Turn followers into fans, and fans into advocates. Create unique PR and promotional opportunities. A fun, engaging, low cost, high impact marketing program. (or your preferred non-profit)
  3. 3. supporting communities: A Global Social Phenomenon 60M+ registered users 50M visitors/month
  4. 4. supporting communities: how it works How it works.
  5. 5. supporting communities: how it works Fans. People who are already fans and followers of the brand ask their friends and followers to “follow” the brand. For every new follower they obtain for the brand, the brand donates a small amount to the non-profit cause. The GIVEtweet platform provides fun and engaging reports for fans, and manages tracking, spam-filters, and registration.
  6. 6. supporting communities: how it works Brands. Brands promote the program to their existing followers, members, and email lists. For every new follower from this program, the brand will donate a small amount to the chosen non-profit cause. The GIVEtweet platform provides comprehensive and detailed analytics for brands, including new followers, traffic, and engagement.
  7. 7. supporting communities: how it works Non-profits. Causes and non-profits receive funds directly from brands, and connect directly with potential donors. Non-profits promote the brand program to their constituency base and social graphs. The GIVEtweet platform supports non-profits and allows them to manage and present their message to current and new followers.
  8. 8. supporting communities: how it works Public engagement. People discover the campaign through friends, brand efforts, and non-profit efforts. Minimum engagement: improved awareness of brand. Light engagement: follows brand, responsible for a single donation High engagement: becomes a brand fan, joins GIVEtweet, asks their friends and followers to follow brand.
  9. 9. supporting communities: fans engage in twenty seconds Step 1: Register Step 2: Confirm Step 3: Choose Your Cause Step 4: That’s it! Send your message!
  10. 10. supporting communities: outreach & reporting Sample Marketing Docs Sample User Reports and Indicators What brands send to their followers and email Track and report on followers, donations, fans, reach, and more lists. “Join [Walmart] in helping the [Red Cross] support victims of disaster around the world. If we can raise $10,000 that will mean... for the [Red Cross]. We've already raised $5,200! Join our team and help us reach this goal. What non-profits send to their followers and email lists: [Walmart] is supporting the [Red Cross] in our fund-raising efforts this month. This is a quick, easy, and fun way to raise funds for the [Red Cross]! Go here to sign up in twenty seconds! What fans send to their friends and followers: Hi all, please join me in supporting the [Red Cross]. Just follow [Walmart] and they’ll donate $0.25 to the [Red Cross]!
  11. 11. Analyze. GIVEtweet analytics includes data feeds on total brand donations, new followers to date and total new users by day. Our goal is to build our database in such a way that brands have a new opportunity to incorporate their marketing and research functions into not only their cause-related efforts, but their integrated efforts overall. At the end of the day, we believe that cause- related thinking should be ingrained in any brand relationship with a consumer. After all, we all look for a higher purpose behind our purchases and daily interactions with brands.
  12. 12. Support Communities – What GIVEtweet is: Brands and Non-Profits work together: GIVEtweet is an innovative, cause-driven, Turn fans into advocates with our pre-built affordable solution that helps brands systems. Help your employees and SNICKERS and HUNGER RELIEF connect with people, support causes, and customers connect you to their networks – Raised $3M to date through Facebook contribute to the online conversation. hyper-local and engaged word of mouth connections. works! GIVEtweet is not a non-profit. Whether you are looking to build brand LINCOLN and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY recognition and reputation, organize your Build your online follower base. Fund Raised $81,000 through an online employees for a giving-type campaign, or the causes you care about. Improve auction. partner with a particular cause community to take action, GIVEtweet can provide an awareness and engagement. effective solution. MASTERCARD and WSPCC Raised $101,000 in association with with Nelson Mandela through an online Produced by: auction.