Improving Your Website


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The slides from my 'Live' Google hangout from Google Towers in London

How to make you website work harder for you, generate more sale and leads with this checklist for conversion rate optimisation

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Improving Your Website

  1. 1. Optimising Your WebsitePresented by: Dave Hazlehurst, Ph.Creative
  2. 2. All digital roads lead here...o Where does your website fit into your overall marketing strategy?o Why do you need to optimise?o Improving your organic search resultso Improving conversion
  3. 3. What does your website need to do?o Generate saleso Generate new leadso Build brand awareness and perception
  4. 4. Understanding your userso Why are they visiting your website?o Where have they come from?o What do they want to achieve on any specific page?o Are they finding what they need? Or leaving?o Bounce rate: higher than 60%?o Conversion rates
  5. 5. Seeing your site the way visitors do• How do people scan a page?• What can they see above the ‘fold’?
  6. 6. Online checkout in real life
  7. 7. Making your website work harder: a checklistMain top headers• 80% of users see this first• Make it count!• Keep things familiar
  8. 8. Making your website work harder: a checklistSimple navigation• Avoid jargon• Use clear sign posting• Most important info on left side
  9. 9. Making your website work harder: a checklistHeadlines• Relevant to user• Clear and concise• Relevant to page
  10. 10. Making your website work harder: a checklistHero image• Show service or product• Use photos to guide actions• Dont use stock images
  11. 11. Making your website work harder: a checklistVideo• Customer testimonials• Short and sweet
  12. 12. Making your website work harder: a checklistData capture/sign-up forms• Consider design• Test messaging• Less is more
  13. 13. Making your website work harder: a checklistButtons• Consistent color• Drive call-to-action• Make them bigger• Contact options
  14. 14. Making your website work harder: a checklistTrust indicators• Social proof (reviews, ratings)• Customer testimonials• Guarantees
  15. 15. Making your website work harder: a checklistContent• Keep simple and concise• Answer customer questions• Address objections• Make text easy to read
  16. 16. Making your website work harder: a checklistBenefits• Focus on benefits for users• Show how you solve problems
  17. 17. Making your website work harder: a checklistRepeat call-to-action• Especially for long page copy
  18. 18. o Dont cause frictiono Always be testingo Think about mobileo Dont forget your thank you pagesA few more tips to keep top of mind...
  19. 19. A few real-life examplesJohn Lewis Alison At Home Accident Advice
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. Ready to learn more now?
  22. 22. Thanks!