How To Become Digitally Famous At Social Media Recruitment


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My slides from Social Media 'masterclass' I presented for Elite Recruitment Network on 1st April 2014.

50 slides on how to go about thinking about building your content marketing and social media strategy in the world of recruitment.

Actionable tips and actions you can do to help you attract, engage and convert candidates and clients using 'top secret' tools and tactics from the world of digital agencies.

#SocialRecDebate 1st April 2014

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  • Its not about B2B, B2CIts P2P – people to peopleWe have to think about ‘digital hugs’
  • What types of content help us connect emotionally and factually?
  • The next version of job boards…..
  • How To Become Digitally Famous At Social Media Recruitment

    1. 1. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate HOW TO BECOME DIGITALLY FAMOUS AT SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITMENT #SocialRecDebate 1st April 2014
    2. 2. Got a questions...? @googledave @phcreative
    3. 3. Got a questions...? @googledave @phcreative Tough fight out there: Competitive agencies In-House teams Candidate loyalty? Human behaviour Technology overload Resource
    4. 4. Got a questions...? @googledave @phcreative BOILER ROOM MOMENTS Countless calls Countless emails Numbers game Outbound activity
    5. 5. @googledave @phcreative #ebscotland Above & beyond What are you doing to: Build your brand People proposition Engage and connect To go Above & Beyond
    6. 6. Got a question…? @googledave Be remarkable
    7. 7. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    8. 8. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    9. 9. Digital Habits • Uses technology • Smartphones, tablets • LinkedIn, Twitter • Reads online, industry news (sectors specific = opportunity) Solutions I Appreciate • Delivery, ROI • Speed – find it fast • On going relationship • No bullshit Characteristics • Decision maker, controls budget • Confident, driven, demanding • Time poor (very busy) • Has team around them (influencers – who could be researching for him) What's Important to me • Help me achieve my business goals • Bring talent into my business • World class service • Innovation • Value, cost per hire, time to hire PERSONA EXAMPLE - CLIENT Person name: Steve Smith Occupation: C-Level, HRD Age: 35 - 50 @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    10. 10. Digital Experience • Multi device – mobile responsive • Speed – page by page • How fast can I find answers… • Page behaviour • Don’t confuse me Conversion Triggers • Telephone numbers • Data capture • Live chat • Email to myself (mobile) • Take away info, downloads • Social icons and shares Case Studies • Relevant to me and my sector • Not just written, video, client features • Validation of your people credentials Content • Speak to me in a language I understand! • Be genuine and sincere – authentic • Answer my questions and objections • Scanability – ‘F’ factor • Content assets – videos, surveys, downloads • Demonstrate thought leadership • Rendering on multi device • Things that interest and help me PERSONA CONTENT PILLARS Person name: Steve Smith Occupation: C-Level, HRD Age: 35 - 50 @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    11. 11. Got a questions...? @googledave @phcreative But how do you find them?
    12. 12. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    13. 13. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    14. 14. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    15. 15. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    16. 16. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    17. 17. In association with Mersey Maritime @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    18. 18. Consideration stage How to frame Example Concepts See Has a problem, not aware of the solutions Ask questions that identify a pain for the persona How the future of recruitment will impact the future of staff retention? How social media can the reduce your cost per hire… Think Aware of the problem but not aware of your solution Options? What does the persona have to think about? How next generation social recruiting will help you build a talent pool of candidates How to reduce your average cost per hire from £3000 to £69.75 within 12 months? Do Aware of your solution, or convince me Present you solution and explain why you The 7 reasons Nationwide Building Society choose us and now have an average cost per hire of £69.75 Authentic case study, client video, download Delight Loyal customer, encourage them to refer, share and buy more Show them how you add continued value, introduce new ideas Introducing our next generation, social job boards – bringing candidates direct to your door. Ask to interview you audience? Leverage higher up the funnel
    19. 19. @googledave @phcreative #HDevents
    20. 20. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    21. 21. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    22. 22. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    23. 23. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    24. 24. No, they really do care about this stuff! @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    25. 25. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    26. 26. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    27. 27. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    28. 28. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    29. 29. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    30. 30. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    31. 31. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    32. 32. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    33. 33. You need the right tools and tactics for the job @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    34. 34. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    35. 35. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    36. 36. BUFFER QUICK AND EASY @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    37. 37. BUFFER QUICK AND EASY @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    38. 38. Buffer Chrome App • Direct from browser • Fast and simple • Post or share later • Pick your channels @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    39. 39. CREATE EMAIL GROUPS TO SHARE CONTENT @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    40. 40. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    41. 41. Got a question - @googledave / dave@ph-creative.comHOW DO YOU MEASURE UP?
    42. 42. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate conversation-amplification-applause-economic-value/
    43. 43. SOCIAL MEASURMENT ECONOMIC VALUE @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    44. 44. SOCIAL MEASURMENT ATTRIBUTION @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    45. 45. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    46. 46. Got a question…? @googledave Goosebumps
    47. 47. @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate
    48. 48. Thanks for listening and keep in touch! @GoogleDave email: tel: 01512275549 @googledave @phcreative #SocialRecDebate