Training videos to drive consistent web traffic to your website and business


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Training videos to drive consistent web traffic to your website and business

  1. 1. George Browns Traffic Ultimatum Review - An Honest ReviewI have just finished reading the training manuals and watched all the training videos in TrafficUltimatum - a new course from George Brown. In this review, you wont find any hype or hypnotictalk, I will just share my opinion after going through the course.First, if youve been doing Internet Marketing for a while now, perhaps youve heard of GeorgeBrown. He created a BIG storm in the IM community when he released Google Sniper - also knownas the Sniper System. This course has helped many people earn some nice income online. It wasno surprise that it went to #1 position on ClickBank overnight.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***However, the Sniper System is about earning money online on a short-term basis. Just like asniper... after shooting down one target, he/she must go hunt another one... and another one.Therefore, the sniper system is great for those who need some emergency cash.But in Traffic Ultimatum, George takes a totally different approach. In this course, he focuses onteaching people how to build a long-term and sustainable online marketing business.Now, to be able to sustain/survive for long term, a website must have CONSISTENT TRAFFIC.Unfortunately, when it comes to building consistent web traffic, most people FAIL miserably.Because there are too many courses that teach techniques/methods that work for a while and thenSTOP working tomorrow.In Traffic Ultimatum, youll learn how to build a business that sits on a solid foundation. I like theanalogy Georges using...He said that building a successful online business is like building a house, you need to create astrong foundation first! You also must use top quality materials (lumber, nails, drywall, paint, bricks,etc) to build it. That way, you can be sure that your house will stand the test of time... and not getblown down by the first windstorm or end up full of water after the first thunderstorm.What will you get inside the Traffic Ultimatum course?The course is broken down into 4 main modules:Module I (RESEARCH & SEO)This is the FOUNDATION most people FAIL to build. Your online business is doomed to fail withouta strong foundation. Inside this module, youll find one written manual and a bunch of trainingvideos. George will walk you through every step - you just need to follow his lead.Module II (FREE TRAFFIC)Once a strong foundation for your business has been laid out, the next process is to build aCONSISTENT flow of traffic. In this module, youll also get a step-by-step guide and many trainingvideos. They walk you through the steps of creating consistent flow of web traffic WITHOUTspending a dime.Module III (PAID TRAFFIC)After going through modules I and II, most people are able to start building their business andprofiting from it. Some can even earn six figures income just by applying the techniques/methodstaught in module I and II. However, if you want to take your business into a greatest height, youneed to implement the PAID TRAFFIC system outlined in this module.Module IV (ADVANCED NINJA STUFFS)
  2. 2. This module is all about the ADVANCED stuffs Georges using to achieve financial and timefreedom. However, this module is ONLY for those who have already succeeded in implementingmodules I, II and III.Conclusion:If you ask me to rate this product from 1 to 10, I will give it a 9. The ONLY complaint I have for thiscourse is that it covers some very basic stuffs. I find these rather boring and repetitive. If youre anexperienced user, you may skip the basic parts.Another thing thats worth mentioning is the Traffic Ultimatum Community Forum - this is a veryspecial forum for Internet Marketers. Besides the main course, you can use the community to shareexperience, learn from one another or get help if youre stuck.Hope you find this review helpful.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***