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Traffic getting strategy offered online by super affiliate george brown


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Traffic getting strategy offered online by super affiliate george brown

  1. 1. George Browns Traffic Ultimatum - Will it Help You Succeed OnlineTraffic Ultimatum is the most recent course being offered by online super-affiliate George Brown. Itis being hailed as the only course youll ever need on traffic, and the entire program centers aroundhow to drive traffic to your website and your business. As discussed in the program, traffic is themost common problem that affiliate marketers face. It is also the biggest variable between thosewho generate a consistent income online and those who dont. Whereas other internet marketingcourses often attempt to teach a wide range of subjects at all at once, Traffic Ultimatum focusesonly on traffic. Thats not to say there isnt much content because there is, but its all concernedwith traffic and the many ways to drive visitors to your website.There are 13 modules within the course, and each module focuses on a different strategy fordriving traffic. They range from free strategies like video marketing, social network marketing andsearch engine optimization, to paid strategies including pay per click, contextual advertising andpay per view marketing. Within the modules there are instructional videos, manuals and otherteaching aids. The entire course is online for you to download, so there really isnt anything youneed to store on your computer, which is really nice. Of course, there are a few internet marketingtools that George will suggest you download, but really you can just access the course online atyour convenience without having to clog your computer with massive amounts of downloads andfiles.If you havent heard of George Brown, then know that Traffic Ultimatum is not the first internetmarketing course hes created. Hes also the author of another highly influential program calledGoogle Sniper, which was released a while back to very high praise. Many people have since comeforward and conveyed that Google Sniper was the single reason for their online success. Within thecourse, George will show you all of the traffic generation strategies hes personally used to create aseven figure online business. In fact, youll see real case studies on how his sites have been able todraw tens of thousands of visitors per month, virtually on autopilot.Admittedly, internet marketing product launches happen regularly, but I havent seen this muchpraise for an online course in a long time. Traffic Ultimatum is Georges blueprint for how he wasable to go from struggling online marketer wannabe to the super affiliate that he is today. When youpurchase the course, you also get access to his forum for internet marketers. As someone who haspurchased internet marketing courses in the past with corresponding forums, I cant tell you howhelpful this is. Whenever you buy a course, you will end up having questions regarding theimplementation of some of the strategies. Forums allow for a quick and easy way to resolve yourquestions so that you can quickly make forward progress. Some courses dont have forums, butthe fact that Traffic Ultimatum does is just an added bonus.
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