Tips to ranking your websites in google in 2012 2013


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Tips to ranking your websites in google in 2012 2013

  1. 1. Exactly How to Rank Websites in Google in 2012, Right NowThis is just a short article about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short and is the mostimportant research that anybody who owns a website, or is thinking of setting up a website shouldimplement on a consistent basis. Most importantly it takes in Keyword research and people shouldspend a lot of time on this item.if youre like most people who have websites, youve probably noticed drops in your Googleranking over the past year or so. This maybe because you may have been a bit set in your waysand took your eye off the ball. In this year 2012 its very important time to re-evaluate your websiteor sites and examine your SEO strategies for the rest of the year.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***If you dont know what Google wants right now and beyond, you can bet other websites are goingto outrank you and take the traffic that you could have potentially obtained. I constantly keeplearning and I have various mentors that I respect.You should always try and keep track of all the new ideas that are about and constantly keepresearching. Time consuming I know, but worth it.Here"s my Top Tips for 2012.Bear in mind we are going back to basics. Treat this article as more of a refresher or beginnerscourse. Apologies to all the SEO experts, this item is probably not for you!1) When you create a site, make sure you have unique but valuable content. Google loves content.For example if you are starting a blog, just start with a couple of pages, but with plenty of content.This is the first stage as you want to be indexed.2) As I mentioned earlier, make sure you do your keyword research, not only for main, butsecondary key words, using Googles own Free Keyword Tool.3) In your first post or page make sure you have your main keyword or words and any secondarykeywords in the first couple of paragraphs and then spread evenly the words through your post.Aim for 7% to 10% density.4) Make sure you also have your keywords and relevant keywords in all the correct areas, i.e.: Title,Header, Meta Tags etc.5) If you are using WordPress, there are some beautiful themes to use, but do not over do it. Ipersonal prefer something simple, even the default theme with its blue header is ideal for someniches, but I want visitors to my sites that can navigate round the pages easily, and find what theywant and if interested buy products and services.6) There are many sites now that offer links free of charge to your site. Obviously linking isimportant, but you need good quality links, so do not get involved in this, as search engine sites,such as Google, Yahoo etc class this as link spamming and they do not like it. This also goes forcloaking (hiding) links. Avoid!7) Submit your pages to the most popular search engines and directory sites. It will cost, but it willbe worth it in the long term. However do a manual submission, not one of those automated ones.8) If you are using WordPress (doesnt everyone, for Google loves WordPress) make sure youchange the default setting of your URL. You want your keyword in the name, not some horriblenumber. Log into Dashboard or your domain name/wp-admin and go to settings. Click onpermalinks. Select custom structure and enter/%postname%. Save and this will improve your SEO .I hope you find some of these tips useful for it is so important to keep abreast of new techniques asGoogle is constantly moving the goal posts.
  2. 2. *** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***