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The internet millionaires summit in london, hosted by george brown and ba wealth


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The internet millionaires summit in london, hosted by george brown and ba wealth

  1. 1. The Internet Millionaires Summit Rocked!This weekend just passed I attended the Internet Millionaires Summit in London, hosted by GeorgeBrown and BA Wealth. For those of you who do not know George, perhaps you know of GoogleSniper or Traffic Ultimatum, both of which he wrote. He is a 19 year old millionaire from England,who left school at 17 and started work moving furniture!! Fast forward two years and George isliving the dream; travelling when he wants, where he wants.All because of the internet! George is a softly spoken, friendly, likeable 19 year old. He is justsomeone who wasnt happy with what he was doing in life and used the internet to change it. Andby him doing that, he is showing you, me and anyone who has the strength of character to DOsomething about their life, that it is achievable. Even if you dont want to be a millionaire, but justwant to pay your mortgage or your car payments, this could change your life!*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***And George wasnt the youngest at the Summit earning money online. One 15 year old girl spokefor a few minutes about the blog she had created about homework. She had incorporated someadverts, and was making some money online!! Some of these young people are going to be earningmore than their mother and father put together, because it is all possible on the internet!!At the other end of the spectrum, there were a plethora of 50, 60 and even 70 year old men at theSummit, many of whom already had websites up and running and had come to get the knowledgeto make more money with them. And some women too! Not so many for some reason. Come onladies, lets not let the side down. You can make serious money on the internet. Just start learninghow! You need to be proactive! Age, gender, race, religion, profession; none of that matters online.You are just yourself.So what have I learned at this Summit? So much that it is keeping me awake at night! I have learnedthat it is amazing to go to events! The people you meet for a start. We met so many friendly, open,excited and optimistic people who were interested in talking to us!I have learned that it is not about your list, its about the relationship you build with your list! Thatsa biggy for me and definitely something I will be spending more time on; putting more of myself intomy emails.I learned that I am doing some things right. I learned that some things I am doing will just need atweak!! And I learned that some ways of driving traffic I thought were useless are in fact incredible! Ialso learned that as soon as we know something new on the internet, we should teach it to others!The speakers were inspirational. All of them! From the energising, enthusiastic little Chinese man(his words!), Tom Hua, "if a little Chinese man can do it, so can you" to the vivacious, glittery(!) awe-inspiring Donna Fox and every single one in between, they all gave us tremendous value; so muchinformation that we can use immediately to build an income online, so that we can follow in theirfootsteps!So would I do it all again? Absolutely! The long journey by train, the hectic underground, thecarrying of suitcases up and down hundreds of steps? The 3 long days of information cramming;the sore fingers from writing it all down? The sore behind from sitting for so long; the missedbreakfasts? The utter exhaustion on the return train journey?Yes, it was all completely worth it; this stuff is life changing! Thanks so much George Brown!
  2. 2. *** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***