Step by step video tutorial for e bay marketing


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Step by step video tutorial for e bay marketing

  1. 1. The Constant Evolution of eBay and How to Adapt to ChangeTheres no better way to brand your name and company name than on one of the most popular andreputable web sites in the entire world. No matter what youre selling, eBay can seriously impactyour bottom line. Theres nowhere else on earth where youll find 100+ million people broughttogether for the sole purpose of buying and selling.What began as a small, unique place for memorabilia & fun collectibles; has grown astronomicallyto cover a wide array of mid to upscale markets and peer to peer sales that span the world. Tenyears ago, you could write up a simple description of an item, display a couple photos, list it oneBay and wait for the bids to come in. Those of us who were selling on eBay in the early days foundthat it was easy money. If you were to list some of the stuff in the same format nowadays, theres noway youd be able to attract the number of visitors nor sell for a decent price like back in the day.Month by month the competition heats up. Thousands upon thousands of new sellers have jumpedthe bandwagon in recent years, including large retailers with pro-marketing expertise and big-timecorporate experience. eBay is also crowded with "here and there" sellers, who sell at low marginsfor little to no profit, and make it difficult for other sellers to compete with their prices. Its a trickybusiness. The shifting sands create an environment where all sellers must be on their toes at alltimes.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***You not only have to think outside of the box, you need to think outside of your home office orwherever you conduct your online business. You need almost an out of body experience. Beneutral for a second. Envision yourself sitting at your end users desk and take an outsiders,buyers approach when browsing through your stuff. Do you like what you see, content wise orvisually? Would you feel confident to purchase or bid on the item? When theres thousands of otherlistings to browse though, why would they choose to do business with you? What should you dodifferently? Before your quest of becoming a successful entrepreneur, you need to become aninfopreneur. Purchase eBooks and subscribe to informational newsletters. Get out of that sciencefiction section in the bookstore and get into the business and motivational section!Most of us started out as curious buyers. Agree? We did our research before placing a bid on anitem to ensure it was the best deal we could get. We waited until the last minute to place a bid, onlyto be sniped in the final seconds. Now, whether you are an eBay Powerseller or a start-up eBayseller, have you done your research? You must now reverse this concept of researching andanalyzing as a buyer and research as a seller. You must analyze your competition & peoplesbuying patterns. People do not want to be sold, people want to buy. You need to understand whatmakes buyers bid or purchase one item as opposed to another. Just as a smart buyer waits tosnipe in the closing seconds; you as a seller must wait until the final moments of listing an auctionor buy it now and see what and how your competition is listing, do the opposite, do it different, doit better.As a buyer, you wish you waited a little bit longer to win that item. As a seller, why not wait a little bitlonger to win customers, put a little more effort into it to effectively sell your stuff, market yourselfand maximize your profits. eBay isnt going anywhere. Take your time, expect the best, plan for theworst and expect to be surprised. No matter what google, yahoo or any other online auctionalternative comes out with, eBay will forever be the staple in online auctions. eBay will continuouslybring innovative new products and offerings to its arsenal.eBay has made innovative changes to its system offering a wide variety of upgrades, listingoptions and eBay Stores. After you have sold a number of items on eBay via auctions (maybe juststuff that cluttered up your garage), you should highly consider opening your own store on eBayand start realizing the major advantages. Theres nowhere else you can instantly open an onlinestorefront for less than $16 a month which provides various management tools, assists you insearch engine marketing and best yet you actually save money on listing fees! When you own an
  2. 2. eBay store, buyers sense your permanency & it instills confidence when doing business with you.eBay is the e-franchise. They have done all of the marketing and provide the tools necessary toeffectively reach your target audience better than anywhere else.While the system changes have presented new opportunities to effectively sell your stuff, many ofus have found the necessity to adapt or quickly perish. As we all know, change is an inevitableconstant way of life. Things Change. Period. What you have been use to one year ago, might notwork nowadays. eBay is an ever-changing environment, and if you lock yourself up and keep yoursame habits every time, you will fall behind your competition.Lets get rid of the notion that there are any true gurus out there will all of the answers. Some justspend more time and money learning the art of the net. No one can really tell you how to do it. Thereis no right way to sell. The ultimate truth about selling on eBay is you cannot succeed if you are notmotivated nor if you do not have a method.It does not take a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients for success. Successfully sellingon eBay requires much more than just plugging a photo and some text into anybodys listingsoftware with any default template. There are many factors you need to consider and plan wellahead. Who are you? What do you sell, where, and for how much? Why should window shoppersbuy from you rather than your competition? How do you convert window shoppers to repeatbuyers? What makes you special? How do customers find out about you and your product? What isyour Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?With ever-increasing competition and emerging technology, you need to start right now developingyour own brand, a visual and marketing edge that draws customers in, inspires buying confidenceand communicates professionalism.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***