Internet marketing expert george brown of the google sniper fame


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Internet marketing expert george brown of the google sniper fame

  1. 1. The Only Guide to Getting Traffic You Will Ever Need - Traffic UltimatumI have witnessed many big product launches over the past few years but I cannot remember onethat generated as much interest as Traffic Ultimatum. Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that ithas been produced by internet marketing expert George Brown - thats right he of the Googlesniper fame!Since producing Google Sniper about 2 years ago, George has gained a solid reputation as one ofthe best internet marketers in the business, and its no surprise therefore that his latest product hascaused such a big stir. Although George is only 19 years of age, he has already achievedmillionaire status thanks to his knowledge and techniques so dont let his boyish good looks putyou off!So, what is Traffic Ultimatum? Well, simply put its one of the most comprehensive guides to drivingtraffic to your website hat has ever been produced, and as any webmaster will tell you getting loadsof targeted traffic to your website is one of the most sure fire ways to guarantee success.Its not the cheapest course around at $197 but in my opinion, its actually great value for money. Ifyou were to buy other courses covering the same subject matter, then you would expect to payseveral times more than this by the time you covered everything.The training course is split up into different modules, each one focusing on a certain aspect ofgenerating traffic and really, nothing is left out. Traffic Ultimatum covers both free and paidmethods of generating traffic but what I found most interesting was the section of search engineoptimization and competitor analysis. As George points out, its important to pick fights that youknow you can win if you are to succeed.What really makes this product stand out from the crowd though is the sheer scale of it. For yourmoney you get 13 different modules covering every method of generating traffic that you can thinkof - and a few more that you will never work out for yourself. The ninja traffic secrets module is thebest in my opinion and well worth the cost of the course on its own. In this module, George outlinessome of the killer techniques he has developed himself for getting massive amounts of highlytargeted traffic for a fraction of the cost of using normal pay per click methods.
  2. 2. *** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***