Warrior Forum Special Offers - Internet Marketing SecretsThe Warrior Forum is a forum where Internet marketers of all mann...
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Google useful tips - internet marketing secrets


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Google useful tips - internet marketing secrets

  1. 1. Warrior Forum Special Offers - Internet Marketing SecretsThe Warrior Forum is a forum where Internet marketers of all manner meet to share commoninterests and help each other solve problems. One part of the Forum is called the Warrior SpecialOffer section. Here people who have developed their own products can run ads for $20 to sell thoseproducts at a price lower than the general public would pay for the product.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***It may look easier to make money with a WSO than it really is, but you should know that a goodnumber of marketers have made huge amounts of money starting out with a WSO. George Brownran a Warrior Special Offer for a little product of his called Google Sniper some time ago. Within twoweeks he had made over $22,000 from that one little WSO. He went on to launch it throughClickBank and it became the #1 product in the Marketing & Ads section making him a veritablefortune. Not bad for an 18 year old kid--huh?Not all WSOs are that successful though. It really takes a fair amount of research to find what kindsof ads are really making money. You should go to the Warrior Forum and scroll through the WSOsection. Look for offers that have thousands of views. They have been around a while and areprobably making money for the owner.A WSO can sell for any price, but the majority sell for $14-$40. There are a few that are much moreexpensive. People sell PDF format books, membership site subscriptions, boot camp type trainingprograms, video courses, software, etc.Having satisfied customers post good comments about your product will really help your sales. Ifyou get a couple of Warriors with very high post counts who are well-respected on the forum--allthe better. It costs $20 to put up an offer and you must be a member of the War Room (a lifetimemembership runs $37 but is very, very well worth it!)The headline for your ad is extremely important. Look at headlines for popular WSOs for ideas. Thesales copy must be powerful. Fancy graphics are not needed, indeed, many very popular ads haveno graphics on the sales page at all. Most use PayPal for payment.In generally, my experience is that people there are looking for quick hitting products that can makethem money fast with very little work. Of course most WSOs make claims like that, but few can reallydeliver on doing that for people. WSOs that make significant earnings claims backed up by screenshots of sales typically do very well.Again, your sales copy is the most important thing. It must be able to convert visitors into buyers!Dont try to open up the WSO editor tool and try to write your copy on the fly while youre online.Take your time and create the ad in a text file and when you are ready to give it a try--dump it intothe editing tool in the WSO section and then format it as you desire.Dont give up if you make few sales. Go back and tweak your sales copy and headline. If you canget to where you make only $50 each time you run the Warrior Special Offer you can bump it (pay toget it back to the top of the offers) and run it again and again. Also, many people who aresuccessful at this are running 4-5 WSOs continually. If you can get a handful of WSOs to show aprofit for you it is possible to make some good money over a long period of time.
  2. 2. *** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***