Inside Google Cash SniperEveryone likes to hear success stories. They provide inspiration and give you something to aspire...
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Google cash sniper - seo new strategies revealed


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Google cash sniper - seo new strategies revealed

  1. 1. Inside Google Cash SniperEveryone likes to hear success stories. They provide inspiration and give you something to aspireto. Well if you havent heard about Chris Fox let me share with you some of the trials that have leadhim down this path to self discovery and a financial stable future.Chris went to many different colleges none of which ended in a degree or provided him with muchdirection with where he wanted to go. There is a good chance that you can understand this fact.Lets face it university was a time for all of us to party. Fox though took it to levels of excess thatmost of us only read about when he almost ODd on drugs.Was it the overdose, or other factors in his life that caused him to alter the path he was on? We willnever know. What it did do was lead him to some sort of discovery. He figured out that you couldmake money online by selling both his products and other peoples items. The techniques helearned through his own difficulties under the pressure of meeting deadlines to pay bills are verypowerful and targeted at exact keywords.Chris was able to unlock a way to control this ever expanding internet and make a profit with it. Thiswas done by joining Googles love of forums and known authority sites with the power of socialbookmarking.There is a case study of his out on the internet I am sure you have stumbled across by now. Heused the power of these power sites and Web 2.0 sites to out rank the well known Frank Kern onlaunch day for his own product Mass Control 2.0.These strategies reveal some things that have been speculation around the SEO community for awhile now. The number of links that you have matters, but so does the quality of these backlinkssince he had far less than Frank did but still held the number 1 spot. This was because all his linkswere from authority sites that Google loves.If this twenty five year old college dropout can succeed why should you believe any different. Thesky is the limit when you apply yourself.
  2. 2. *** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***