7 basic steps to become successful in internet marketing business


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7 basic steps to become successful in internet marketing business

  1. 1. DX The Seven Step Process to Becoming an Affiliate MarketerBecoming an affiliate marketer is a new career choice for people who want to run their ownbusinesses. Whether you find yourself without a job, or you are interested in generating extraincome, or you want to change careers and live the dream of being free of the 9 to 5 rat race,venturing into the internet marketing industry may be the way for you to accomplish these goals.The trouble is, while it sounds like it would be an easy pursuit to sell products on the web, itrequires a skill set that many new business owners do not have and need to acquire beforeventuring into the internet marketing industry. Thousands upon thousands of new internetbusinesses are created each year, but only about 20% of them become successful. Why? Becausethe business owners did not do two important things: first, they did not acquire the skills needed tosucceed before starting up and, second, they did not do the research to identify a lucrative marketwhere their business could be successful.To acquire all the skills needed to become a successful affiliate marketer takes time. But there areseven basic steps to follow to become proficient at running a successful internet business andgetting on the fast track to making money.*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***First, think about how to structure your business before you start. The business model that seemsto work the best is based around 10 to 15 small websites of 4 to 5 pages that focus on a veryspecific niche markets. This type of website creation is called "sniping." To "snipe" is too learn howto identify a profitable niche market for each of your sites and find the keywords that will drivetraffic to it. You must learn to wind your way through the thousands of keywords that have lowvolume or are over targeted, to find those that have enough search activity to generate decenttraffic, and subsequently, generate sales volume on each website. What does this take? Fourthings: Research; Knowledge of specific tools; Analytical skills; Patience.Next, you need to develop some computer expertise and learn some internet marketingterminology. Youve chosen a business on the internet, so if you hate computers, you may want torethink your choice of new careers. It is possible to outsource much of the work to setup yourphysical websites, but this will sap your profits and youll pay later for not knowing what you aredoing. Its best to learn to set up hosting, register domain names, use software tools, and do thetechnical work on your own. Although many marketers will tell you that acquiring knowledge ofmarkup languages like HTML isnt necessary, a good understanding of the code behind yourwebsites is extremely helpful.Can you write high-conversion sales copy? High-conversion sales copy is the bread and butter ofyour internet business. Learning to write sales copy is the third step in making your businesssuccessful. The text on your sites must be designed to grab attention and convince visitors to buyyour products. Can you create interesting graphics that hold your visitors attention? If you arentproficient at writing copy or working with computer images, you need tools and/or professionalsthat will help you with this part of your success story. Be prepared to invest some money to buy thetools or get expert help in this area. The money you spend will be well worth it. If you are starting ona shoestring budget, then you can expect to buy a few inexpensive tools and learn to be aconvincing copywriter with an eye for nice graphics. It can be fun, and you may like the idea ofproducing videos, taking pictures, or sitting down and getting your ideas on paper.In step four of the process, you must master Search Engine Optimization. SEO is fast becoming ascience unto itself. It will be mandatory to optimize your sites for the highest search enginerankings so you will get the greatest visibility possible on search sites like Google and Yahoo. Youwill need to understand how to structure your websites to get the highest rankings and how to writecontent that contains the right percentage of keyword saturation. Your aim will to be to get your siteranked high enough to be on the first result page of a search done on your keyword phrase.
  2. 2. Affiliate links are the real reason why your websites will exist and mastering affiliate link placementon your sites is the fifth way to make your sites very profitable. So what is an affiliate link? Anaffiliate link is like a recommendation. It points or links to a location where your visitors canpurchase a product which you are recommending that they look at. When your visitors purchasesomething which you have recommended, you make a commission which can be as much as 80%of the selling price.When you get to step six, you have a website and youve got your affiliate links in the right places.Now you need to get your sites indexed fast and drive as much traffic as you can to the sites tomake money. On average about 1% of your traffic will generate a sale, so the more traffic you candrive to the site, the better your sales will be. There are a number of free techniques to generate"choice traffic" and also some techniques which you can pay for like Pay-Per-Click.Finally, the seventh and last step is to repeat this process 10 to 15 times. For only a few hours ofwork a week, you can earn 5-10K a month and build tremendous passive wealth. If you can followthis basic outline, you will be well on your way to having a profitable internet business in affiliatemarketing. It will be hard work at first, but if you take action each day and keep building yourbusiness you will have excellent results.For more information about how to become an affiliate marketing sniper see the following website:*** Download Google Sniper 2.0 Here***