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Pallet Handling Technology Publ 2130 En

  1. 1. PAlleT hAndlInG TechnoloGy flexIBle And RelIABle hAndlInG In MAnUfAcTURInG And dISTRIBUTIon
  2. 2. PAlleT hAndlInG TechnoloGy flexIBle, RelIABle PAlleT hAndlInG Pallet handling forms a vital part of all kinds of production and distribution processes. It extends right through the business process, from receiving of goods and materials up to shipping of finished products or sorted deliveries. Therefore fast, smooth and efficient handling of pallets is essential for the performance and reliability of those processes. Based on our expertise in material handling, Vanderlande Industries can meet your requirements for handling of pallets. A wide range of conveyors, workstations and automatic palletising units, such as robots, Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems and Automated Guided Vehicles allows for flexible system configurations. Both horizontal and vertical sorting can be provided to meet the needs of today’s complex picking and production operations. Vanderlande Industries’ pallet handling solutions enable careful product handling, including profile check, weight measurement and optional automatic wrapping and strapping. Integrated solutions covering every process stage Vanderlande Industries’ pallet handling solutions cover all stages of the production and distribution functions, supplying goods where they are needed with maximum efficiency. our unique support starts from the first concept phase to ensure the optimal solution for each individual situation. In the operational phase, our lifetime services offering guarantees performance and ensures the continuity of your key business processes.
  3. 3. Goods receiving flexibility is essential in the goods receiving area. After delivery, incoming goods must be identified and entered into the Warehouse control System as quickly as possible, so they can be made available to the production process. Speed and efficiency are maximised by special, ergonomic order entry workstations (I-point) and robust deposit points. Storage/Buffering Various types of (semi)Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can be integrated for (temporary) storage of raw materials or (semi)finished products, to buffer products between processes, for order collection, or before shipment. Production/order collection Within the just-in-time production environment fast links from one process to the other are important. Instead of using forklift trucks to handle pallets, this task can be performed by an automated pallet system ensuring constant capacity, low noise and careful product handling. Special features, such as ergonomically designed workstations and easy empty pallet removal, improve the picking performance in order collection processes.
  4. 4. Palletising The use of palletisers and/or robots, if required in combination with an automatic sorting system, is the key to a fast and flexible palletising process. Additional functions such as wrapping, label application and weighing can easily be incorporated. Shipping for efficient shipment composition, the system must be able to reliably sort, sequence and buffer a mix of pallet sizes and weights with total control over each pallet. This facilitates efficient route planning. Pick-up can be performed by forklift or hand pallet trucks.
  5. 5. PAlleT SySTeMS foR eVeRy SITUATIon What every plant manager wants to avoid is pallets getting stuck, falling or being damaged. Vanderlande Industries pallet handling equipment is extremely reliable, with a system availability of 99% due to the modular approach. All controls are integrated in standardised modules using known and proven functionalities. Pallet systems can handle a wide range of capacities, from as low as 20 pallets per hour right up to 300 pallets per hour. VISIon Warehouse control System TM Vanderlande Industries’ VISIonTM Warehouse control System is an advanced solution that enables real-time monitoring and control of goods flows in line with actual production or shipment demands. It fits smoothly into customers’ existing goods management systems, enhancing overall performance and efficiency by introducing the latest information technology.
  6. 6. PAlleT hAndlInG fAcTS & fIGUReS Product range Vanderlande Industries offers a full range of pallet handling equipment. Both chain and roller conveyors can be used, depending on the types of pallets to be handled. Roller conveyors: • Live roller conveyor • Chain-driven roller Transfer • Pneumatic accumulation • Gravity roller chain conveyors: • Accumulation module • Twin chain • Triple chain diverts: • Various transfers • Turntable roller/chain • Transfer car roller/chain • Vertical conveyor (lift) roller/chain entry position load Pallet storage: • Automated stacker cranes • Man rider cranes or VNA trucks controls: • Profibus - ASI bus • Warehouse Control System: VISIonTM • SCADA (maintenance support tool) Miscellaneous: • Palletisers • (De-)palletising robots Accumulation • Workstations • Pallet weighing and profile check • Strapping & wrapping • Pallet (de-)stackers • Labelling equipment This information is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Vanderlande Industries. Vertical conveyor PUBl 2130 en/07-11