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Student Leader Campaign

  1. 1. Rainforest Alliance<br />Student Leader Campaign<br />
  2. 2. Rainforest Alliance Campaign<br />Students Leading Students<br />Step 1: Find Leaders<br />Step 2: Pre-Event Planning<br />Step 3: Event<br />Step 4: Follow up Strategy<br />Reward System<br />Suggestions on where to start<br />Social Media aspect<br />Conclusion<br />This initiative focuses on the education and outreach of the Rainforest Alliance for college students with the help of student leaders. The appropriate student leaders start an awareness campaign on campus and host an event and follow up by asking for Rainforest Alliance products on campus and in the surrounding areas.<br />
  3. 3. Step 1: Find Student Leaders<br />The people on campus leading the way will make or break the campaign.<br />Consult the Student Activities office on campus to find the appropriate student group to lead the initiative across campus for the Rainforest Alliance.<br />i.e. Fraternity’s with a community service aspect, Community Service Centers, existing sustainability campaigns, environmental awareness groups<br />
  4. 4. Step 1 continued…<br />Begin at the start of the semester.<br />- gives the student group ample time to organize their team<br />Start campaigning two colleges close in proximity at the same time.<br />- gives the leaders the chance to collaborate resources in a joint effort<br />-increases quantity of students asking for RA coffee<br />-focuses efforts on the same coffee houses and location<br />
  5. 5. Step 2:Pre-Event Planning<br />This will be the interim period before the event to promote team building and the campaign on campus. <br />They can be provided with Rainforest Alliance products that will allow students to be informed about the organization and its cause.<br />A strong team will do better in the performing stage of the campaign.<br />They should be provided with a Rainforest Alliance contact so that they feel part of the organization.<br />
  6. 6. Step 2 continued…<br />Leaders should use all resources, organizations and affiliations available to them.<br />See Green Artists and Rainforest Alliance 2 ideas.<br />Integrate other groups in the campaign.<br /> i.e. art groups looking for outlets to display growth and student teams doing course projects involving community service.<br />The Leaders should focus on the main event, but must be creative and explore all outlets available to either showcase in the event or have smaller ones taking place around campus.<br />Only after a thought out plan for the event is submitted to the RA associate supervising should they be provided with RA resources.<br />Caution: They must be careful not to spread time and resources too thin while scaling costs. They must be working cohesively to maintain a quality campaign. <br />
  7. 7. Step 3:Rainforest Themed party<br />A rainforest themed party will draw students to the event and inform them of the delights and disasters associated with rainforests across the world.<br />Utilize the campus resources given to the student group to host a rainforest themed dance party.<br />Rainforest Alliance can promote it by providing merchandise available for free and for purchase at the event. <br /> i.e. RA plastic frogs, RA coffee beans, plants and animals from the rainforest exhibited, free tee shirts etc.<br />Rainforest facts used creatively as decorations. <br /> i.e. table tops, cups, napkins, etc. (see Coffee Cups that Care pitch)<br />Make sure to creatively explain Rainforest Alliance’s position as well the initiative to promote its products.<br /> i.e. info on ticket stubs, pamphlets, conversation with student leaders, posters etc. <br />
  8. 8. Step 4:Follow Up Strategy<br />Student Leaders follow up on the event by e-mailing the guest list and providing interested students with information on the Rainforest Alliance.<br />Student Leaders + interested students = High Quantity of students asking for RA products.<br />The high quantity of students asking may be as useful or even more so than a high quality pitch from a RA associate.<br />They should be given information and free samples of the product to strengthen the initiative.<br />Coordinate efforts according to the school calendar to achieve maximum potential. <br />-Should not be started too close to midterms/finals.<br />
  9. 9. Reward System<br />Successful students and coffee houses should be rewarded for their contributions to the Rainforest Alliance.<br />See Challenge and Creating Incentives pitches for reward ideas.<br />Monetary Compensation by commission for students that successfully get local businesses to use RA products.<br /> -encourages more students to participate.<br />Reward the most successful students at the Annual Gala.<br /> -College students seek resume builders and networking events that make them feel important.<br />All-expenses paid pilgrimage to RA affiliated coffee plantations for interested students.<br /> -volunteers have a direct impact on the work and it leaves a lasting impression on the students that will continue RA enthusiasm in future semesters.<br />
  10. 10. Reward System continued…<br />Coffee houses should be provided incentives:<br />-30 day trial period<br />-Rainforest Alliance PR showing the impact of their newfound product on the environment<br />-Discounts<br />
  11. 11. Suggestions on where to Start<br />A campus already showing an interest in the environment would be an ideal epicenter.<br />Campuses that already have an established sustainability campaign<br /> -Utilize the Go Green movement across America to Rainforest Alliance’s advantage<br />Campuses with active environmental student groups<br /> -they ideally have the passion necessary for change<br />Smaller campuses with dining halls that can be easily influenced or campuses with several local coffee houses in the surrounding area.<br /> -The success of the campaign is reliant on the culture of the college.<br />
  12. 12. Social Media Aspect<br />Twitter<br /> Student Leaders tweet about their progress with the Rainforest Alliance to show interest.<br />Facebook<br /> Event profiles and groups should be made by the Student Leaders for the event and students interested in the campaign.<br />Applications<br />Fun and informative Rainforest Alliance applications for Facebook and Iphone would be great ways to encourage student awareness.<br />
  13. 13. Social Media continued…<br />Application ideas:<br />see Humans vs. Insomniacs pitch<br />Coffee Bean<br /> -Intuitive Rainforest Alliance Application tracking the life of a customized avatar coffee bean.<br />-avoids toxins, pollutants and evil corporations. Finally safe when it finds the Rainforest Alliance – a speaking frog with magic powers.<br />Mocha Man<br />-Coffee bean superhero whose name is Mocha Man. Fights against manifested toxins, pollutants and evil corporations.<br /> -Weakness: Boiling water<br />- Strength: Rainforest Alliance frog<br />*All Applications can be fun, informative, intuitive and ridiculous.<br />
  14. 14. Conclusion<br /> Student Leaders with passion for the environment will integrate social media into their initiative to increase the distribution of Rainforest Alliance products across campus after a successful informative event. Both the businesses and students will be encouraged to do so by the reward system provided by the Rainforest Alliance.<br />Timeline<br />4 month Semester-Long Initiative<br />Step 1: First month<br />Step 2: Second Month<br />Step 3: Third month<br />Step 4: Third/ Fourth Month<br />Post Semester:<br />-RA sponsored pilgrimage<br />-Award students at Annual Rainforest Alliance Gala<br />