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How to hypnotize someone


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How to hypnotize someone

  1. 1. How to hypnotize someone Hypnosis is now a common therapy. The key thing for you to be in a position toput a person in hypnotic trance is finding a willing and inspired participant. Differentfrom images in famous culture, it is almost impossible to hypnotize a personunknowingly. A number of movies and soap operas would make you think thathypnosis carries risk of amnesia as well as the risk of being manipulated for a numberof years. In reality, any person under hypnotic spell eventually wakes up on their ownaccord. They usually feel quite rested. Another key element of hypnotizing is trust. Whenthe person has an open mind and has faith with his hypnotist, there is great chance ofbeing hypnotize. Even though several methods exist, the below guidelines will showyou how to hypnotize someone. This will take a trance and meditative state approachof hypnotizing. Have the person wear loose clothing that will make him comfortable.Your subject must believe he can be hypnotized and should feel comfortable with thisidea. Tell him to remove watch and shoes then lie down. Let him pick where he wouldlike to lie. Some are comfortable with the couch, others may prefer the floor, but theimportant thing is being comfortable.Tell him to visualize his breath, his musclesrelaxing and nerves calming. Take enough time in this stage, perhaps focusing on onepart to the next. Visualizing as well as verbalizing relaxation helps put a person in arelaxed state.Instruct the person to inform you or even signal you when he feels he hasreached a completely relaxed state. A number of individuals have difficulty talking when at very relaxed state,therefore have a signal, for instance a raised finger. Let the person indicate relaxationinstead of you presuming it. Explain to the individual that she should focus herslowed breathing, counting four seconds for every inhalation and three seconds forevery exhalation. This will perhaps make her breathing consistent as well asautomatic.Instruct him to focus his mind on one phrase or thought and excludeeverything else. This is the part that will take time so always remind the person to bevery patient and visually do away with all other thoughts except one. Together withcontrolled breathing, this must create a dissociative state or trance state.Pick yourwords very well as you lead the person through meditation and hypnotic state. Thehypnosis details, whether dealing with a phobia or processing old memory, aredecided between hypnotist and the client before the hypnosis session.End the state oftrance by slowing, bringing your client back to his full awareness, reinforcingoptimistic thoughts and feelings. Always keep in mind that when you learn how to hypnotize someone, be ethicaland suggest the things that your client would want suggested. Do not play amateurtherapist then try to the subconscious of the client. Do not prompt the person using hisphobias since this might intensely disturb the subconscious.
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