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Why Social Media is the Heart of Digital Marketing


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Why social media is still the heart of digital marketing
by Eleazar Santos
Webinar 29/08/2018

Published in: Marketing
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Why Social Media is the Heart of Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Why social media ELEAZAR SANTOS - @ELEAZARSANTOS
 AUGUST 29, 2018 is still the heart of digital marketing
  2. 2. Propuesta de servicios profesionales de social media marketing Hi, I’m Eleazar! Digital marketing and communication professional, with more than 18 years of professional experiences. I’m a Business Director in the digital strategy and creative company Good Rebels. Industry experiences: Travel, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, pharma & healthcare, IT & consulting services, banking & financial services, electronics, education & international cooperation, infrastructure, publishing, and professional services. More info: • • •
  3. 3. Our agenda The quest for data. Given the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and awareness on privacy concerns, marketers may face obstacles in their digital strategies to reach consumers. The challenge Are we tired of social media or have we just changed our preferences? A snapshot of the current social media landscape and what’s the media consumption behavior (in terms of information, entertainment, product research and shopping). Social media is the heart of our marketing strategies, if we rely on smart social. We have to be relevant to our audiences, to connect on their preferred means and to make data (structured and unstructured ones) available to the whole organization. Where are they? Getting close & personal
  5. 5. The GDPR aftermath
  7. 7. Baby boomers Gen X Millennials Gen Z & teens
  8. 8. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  9. 9. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  10. 10. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  11. 11. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  12. 12. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  13. 13. Source: Global Web Index, Social Trends Report Q1 2018
  14. 14. Source: Global Web Index, Online TV Audience Report Q1 2018
  16. 16. Public vs. private 90´s 2010 2013 20202016 the age of the web the age of social the age of “public”mobile the age of “dark”mobile People look for content. Companies needed to show the way to it. Search engines golden age. People receive content from brands Companies need to go to to where people were Social platforms golden age People receive content by brands and friends Companies need to to go where & talk about what people are talking Real Time marketing golden age People receive content by friends. People look for places where brands are not present: messengers & etc Companies need 
 to become relevant again.
  17. 17. What data can do for us? Consumer intelligence Business performanceCustomer experience • Marketing Automation • Ambassadorship • Social media & advertising • Content & Native advertising • Leads generation & nurturing • Funnel optimization & journey design • On & Off line commerce integration • Customer Journey Mapping • New channels • Integrated Customer support • Omnichannel / 360º / Mobile • Loyalty programs • Customer engagement • Inbound Marketing • Data gathering 
 (offline, digital & social) • Analytics • Data governance • Digital assets audit • Buyer Persona Design • Benchmarking Efficient selling increasing performance Sell more
 improving experience New selling ways improving knowledge
  18. 18. from the funnel to the journey personalization more data sources 3 major changes
  19. 19. From funnel to journey X Genera(on People & companies Millennials People & companies Users More passive, less informed Always on, mul6channel and mul6device Rela6onship with the company Touchpoints 
 based on the organiza6on Customer Journeys based on the customer experience Decision moments Prime6me Micro-moments Complexity Slow changes Fast changes Risks & chances Associated to new markets 
 & targets Associated to knowledge Challenge Efficiency Growth Hacking Tech Process oriented. To take the organiza6on to the consumer. Selling oriented. To gather data from the consumer to the organiza6on
  20. 20. Leads + Shop + Customer Support + Promotion #RebelTalks | Data Driven Marketing | @eleazarsantos
  21. 21. Much less content 
 & much more relevant to avoid penalty by algorithms On social media Really Relevant Content On dark social Really Relevant Experiences Qualitative research based on experiences proposition Brand seamless …and promote it all. Do not disturb mantra: better feelings & better results Personalization
  22. 22. Personalization Subject Goal Audience Segmentation 
 & interests Format Awareness Engagement Acquisition Awareness Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Audience 1 Audience 2 Audience 3 Audience 4 Audience 5 Audience 6 Audience 7 Audience 8 Audience 9 Lifestyle BeautyFitnessFashion Luxury Trends Price Vídeo Image Text Gif
  23. 23. More data sources Generated content BehaviourProfile Public data & context
  24. 24. STRUCTURED DATA Discipline: Social CRM, Custom Audiences… UNSTRUCTURED DATA Discipline Social listening Digital Media DIGITAL PUSH Discipline Advertising RELATIONAL DATA Discipline Content CUSTOMER SUPPORT Discipline Social Helpdesk
  25. 25. PEOPLE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCEBUSINESS VISION DIGITAL STRATEGY CREATIVITY ADVOCACY AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT CONVERSION LOYALTY Branded content Social reputation Employer branding Branding campaigns Brand & media value Brand health & reputation Impact and reach Community, Share of voice Community relationship Smart content & experiences Interactive initiatives Entertainment & dynamics Engagement rate Social interactions, Content consumption User involvement Traffic Social customer care Co-creation initiatives Social CRM Rewards & social loyalty programs Customer satisfaction Loyalty generation Cases attended Time response Customer acquisition Performance tactics Lead generation Social shopping CPC (by objective) Conversion rates Costs of acquisition ARPU of social buyers Member get member User generated content Employee advocacy Influencer marketing Recommendations Brand prescription Reviews UGC posts = Working areas = Business impact Smart social framework by
  26. 26. • @GoodRebels Madrid • Barcelona • Bogotá • Brighton • Ciudad de México A world powered by people