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Presentation by Mr. Sin Sokhomony, Youth Star Cambodia


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Presentation by Mr. Sin Sokhomony, Youth Star Cambodia

  1. 1. Good Men campaign Friday, 17 February 2012 Yo u t h S t a r C a m b o d iaMobilizing and Engaging Youth Volunteers
  2. 2. Outlineo Brief introduction to Youth Star Cambodiao Description of interventionso Targetso Resultso Geographic locationso Calendar of implementationo M&Eo Costs
  3. 3. Youth Star Cambodia • Using Cambodia’s youths as a resource to address social issues • Build a culture of good citizenship through volunteerism • Serve disadvantaged rural communities
  4. 4. Areas of work • Education & Youth Development • Health Education • Rural Livelihoods & Income generation • Good Governance
  5. 5. Volunteerism works • 66 volunteers (Kg. Thom, Kg Cham, Prey Veng and Kratie) • Reached 5000 vulnerable children • 50% of beneficiaries are girls • 100% school registration • Active participation in commune councils • 50% less domestic violence
  6. 6. Youth Star’s work Youth leaders taking on domestic violence.
  7. 7. Youth in service to Cambodia “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
  8. 8. Description of the interventions  To facilitate access to education for all at-risk boys and girls in target communities, and to reduce school drop out rates.  To start community conversations about domestic violence and to empower youth and other community members to take steps to prevent gender based violence in their communities.
  9. 9. Targets The project will be implemented in 3 rural communities within two provinces, Kratie and Prey Veng.  Beneficiaries:  3 Youth Star Volunteers aged 23-30 (approx one is women)  Community youth/Youth club aged 15-24 (approx. 45% are women)  Adults aged 35-50 (approx 35% are women);  Community youth (school drop outs, primary and secondary school students) and community people  3,000 people will be involved in this project
  10. 10. Results Increased boys’ and girls’ enrollment and retention rates in primaryand lower secondary schools in the target communities. Changes in parental attitudes towards boys’ and girls’ educationand keeping them in school. A decrease in under-age marriages in the target communities andbetter enforcement of the marriage law (age requirements) by localofficials. Zero tolerance communities empowered to find local solution forpreventing domestic violence. Changes in attitudes towards domestic violence and a reduction indomestic violence in target communities.
  11. 11. LocationNo. Province District Commune Village Kampong Trabek Cham Cham 1 Prey Veng Pras Sdech Lvea Thnout Chros 2 Kratie Chetr Borei Chhong Krang Kor Sang
  12. 12. Annual PlanApplicant: Youth Star CambodiaProject Title: Mobilize and Engage Youth Volunteers Activities Year 2012 Year 2013 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb MarI. Volunteers Recruitment1.1. Orientation andAssessmentII. Training and Campaign1. Training1.1. Pre-service training tovolunteers1.1.1. Volunteers Placement1.1.2. Volunteers conductcommunity mapping/pre-survey1.2. Training on Gender basedDomestic Violence and how toconduct campaign (Vols)1.3. Recall Training forvolunteers2. Campaign2.1. Education Campaign2.2 Domestic ViolenceIII. Volunteer Management and Support and Monitoring3.1 Field supervision andmonitoringIV. End of Project Evaluation
  13. 13. M&E Plan Monthly and quarterly reports from our volunteers; Six-weekly supervision visits, quarterly field monitoring reports and regularconsultation with community partners by program officers; Volunteer end-of-service evaluations; Story of Change Quarterly, six-monthly, and annual reflection reviews by staff andvolunteers
  14. 14. CostsApplicant: Youth Star CambodiaProject Title: Mobile and Engage Youth Volunteers Requested from Contribution from Total Cost (in PyD (in USD) applicant/s USD)General Category of Expenditures TotalI. Volunteer direct program cost $1,716.00 $1,716.00II. Volunteer Recruitment $310.50 $310.50III. Volunteers Placement $353.00 $353.00IV. Volunteer Management and $2,803.50 $9,141.50 $11,945.00Support ( Field supervision)V. Training and Community $5,471.00 $13,263.00 $19,208.00CampaignVI. Monitoring and Evaluation $1,773.00 $0.00 $1,773.00 Total $10,047.50 $24,784.00 $35,305.50
  15. 15. Thank you