Portfolio K Good July 2010


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Portfolio K Good July 2010

  1. 1. KATHERINE GOODin review
  2. 2. Katherine L. Good 3220 Central Parkway Education Cincinnati, OH 45225 937.231.3375 University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Katherine.L.Good@gmail.com Architecture, Art, and Planning. Cincinnati, Ohio 2010 Masters of Architecture 2008 Bachelor of Science in Architecture Activities and Awards 2008 Historic Preservation Certificate Dean’s List, University of Cincinnati, 2004-2010 Work Experience Cincinnatus Scholarship, $2000/quarter, 2004-2010 Intimate Gatherings Restaurant and Catering Research Grant, $500 one time, 2010 Cincinnati, Ohio, Part Time Server Position Collegiate Ministry, including missions trips to New October 2009 - June 2010, Part Time. Orleans and Russia Central Parkway Church of God, Drama Leader KANN Partners, Baltimore, Maryland Full Time Co-op Position Software Fluency Winter Quarter 2008, Fall Quarter 2008, AutoCAD Winter Quarter 2009 Adobe Photoshop Jeff Wray Architects, Dayton, Ohio Adobe InDesign Full Time Co-op Position Adobe Illustrator Summer Quarter 2006, Winter Quarter 2007 SketchUp (basic skills), Microsoft Office
  3. 3. Municipal Building The parti for this design is derived from the interstitial spaces created by the surrounding street grid, the EW line, and the recommended 20 degrees of south line for ideal solar heating. This concept evolved into two masses with a transparent connector. The landscape in front of the building was designed to be used by the community as a garden, recreation space, and exhibit space. The building masses are interpreted by the landscape through the use of tree species. This project took place during the pursuit of the B.S. in Architecture, Autumn Quarter, 2006.
  4. 4. Hampton Mansion Pump House Ice House Located in Towson, Maryland, the Hampton National Historic Site is managed by the National Park Service. Ann McKee was commissioned to complete a Historic Structures Report for both the Pump House(top row) and the Ice House(bottom row), and KANN Partners was the consulting firm. As a Co- operative Education student for KANN Partners, I was the Project Designer and was responsible for the investigation of each structures’ current condition, drawings of the structures, suggestions for treatment for them, and the compilation of the investigation results. I was directly supervised and guided by Mimi Giguérè.
  5. 5. the King Mansion The King Family Mansion is located in Kings-Mills, Ohio. At the start of this project in 2007, it had recently been acquired by the township who was seeking a new use for the structure. As a Cooperative Education student at P.A.S.T. I was involved with creating documentation of the historic structure, including photos and drawings, and the investigation into possible programmatic uses of the building. first floor plan
  6. 6. Greenhills Town Home Greenhills, Ohio is one of three greenbelt towns built under the FDR administration for middle class families. Originally a haven in the park, recent decades have brought hard times upon the community. In an attempt to attract new families, the village has bought several properties only to tear down existing structures to replace with new town homes. This studio was an exploration into how the existing unit may be converted to retain the historic structures while creating a welcoming environment for new families. Here, the project is approached by transitioning a three unit structure into a spacious two unit through renovation by stock fixtures that are easily purchased.
  7. 7. Cranbrook Spa This spa was designed to situate itself on the existing Cranbrook site in Michigan. Here, the program of the space is divided into a “hard” program of wet spaces including a sauna and plunge pool, and “soft” program including massage areas, guest rooms, and reception. This division is evident through a distinct change in materials of the two masses with the front “soft” portion containing the main entry and the “hard” portion opening onto formal gardens in the rear. This project took place during the pursuit of the B.S. in Architecture, Spring Quarter, 2008.
  8. 8. Stivers School for the Performing Arts With a growing school population As a Cooperative Education and an expansion of curriculum, an Student at Jeff Wray addition and renovation of existing Architects, I helped compile a spaces was necessary. Therefore $1 million furnishings package a 100,000 sq. ft. addition was that complied with the Ohio designed as well as a complete Design Manual for school renovation of the existing building facilities and various other to allow larger classrooms, labs, tasks including drawings and and new technologies. materials selection.
  9. 9. Stair and Lightbox The two projects pictured are a stair and a light box. Each were designed in a group of students, including myself, derived from personal iterations. Both of these projects were created to fit within the concept of a nine square and dealt with variation. The stair is one of nine and a study in hue. The box is a cube of nine and an investigation into manipulations of daily light patterns.
  10. 10. Baltimore International College Culinary Arts Center Expansion This elementary school was bought in order to expand a culinary arts program in Baltimore, Maryland, but both the interior and exterior need extensive intervention. As a Cooperative Education student for KANN Partners, I was responsible for the investigation of the current condition of the exterior facade and elevation drawings noting appropriate repairs.
  11. 11. Thesis Adaptive Re-use: Contemporary Interventions in an Existing Material Culture With the increase of attention that address the historic nature of on historic structures in the materials and their need to relate United States over the recent to a new function placed within the decades, a critical architectural building emerge. Through design, approach is needed to address details explain the relationship the manner in which historic between the building’s existing buildings are reclaimed material culture and contemporary for a new use within their interventions. This relationship, community. This approach must however, shifts dependent upon the be preceded by a thorough space in which it is designed. This investigation of the existing thesis seeks to offer one group of structure as well as precedents solutions that illustrate the range that address the joints between of interventions available to an historic and contemporary adaptive re-use project, from strict materials. This thesis begins preservation to an existing space this exploration with precedents that has an entirely new perception. such as David Adjaye and The juxtaposition of the existing Herzog de Mueron and a site material culture with contemporary selection of an abandoned interventions is considered through school building at 940 Poplar the program of a community center Street in the West End area of and housing,. The result is a once Cincinnati. Following the thesis abandoned building that serves its exploration, a series of designs community.
  12. 12. fini