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  1. 1. Greetings! St. Anthony’s Ca tholic Church To the residents of St. Anthony’s Parish. Sunday Mass Times Bargo – Balmoral – Buxton Couridjah – Douglas Park – Lakesland St Anthony’s Tahmoor Menangle – Picton – Pheasants Nest Tahmoor – Thirlmere – Wilton – Yanderra Saturday Vigil: 6.00pm Sunday: 7.30am; 9.30am St. Anthony’s Catholic Church St Patrick’s Menangle Every 1st Sunday of the month at 6.00pm Weekday Mass Times. Tuesday - 7.00pm—Tahmoor Wednesday—8.00am-Tahmoor Thursday—8.00am—Tahmoor “The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart Friday—9.30am—Picton trusts; so I am helped, and my Mass at Queen Victoria: heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him”. Ps.28-7 Every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10.30am Reconcilation Saturday—5.15pm—5.50pm St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Sunday—before Mass 20 Stratford Road Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament TAHMOOR NSW 2573 Email: picton@parish.woll.catholic.org.au Every Friday from 12noon - 5.00pm at Tahmoor Website: www.parish.woll.catholic.org.au/home/picton Baptism & Marriages– By appointment Marriages– St. Anthony’s Parish is a place where all are welcome. Parish Office: 02 4683 2230 Parish Fax: 02 4683 2248 Parish School: 02 4677 1689 Telephone: 02 4683 2230
  2. 2. Dear Friends, LENT & EASTER 2009 Lent: I have been the Parish Priest of St Anthony Parish for We visited your street to let you know that 25 - 2- 2009 Ash Wednesday more than one year. I have had a wonderful year with Stations of the Cross during Lent every Friday at 7.00pm, start the St. Anthony’s Catholic Community is you at this Parish. I thank you for your love and sup- with Friday 27th February offering its prayers for your needs and port. Week: Holy Week intentions. 5-4-2009 Palm Sunday—Sunday Mass Times. I would like to invite you to join us in worship at our 8-4-2009 Chrism Mass Cathedral at 7.30pm weekend and weekday Masses, especially during Lent . 9-4-2009 Holy Thursday-Supper of Our Lord at 7.30pm Friday: Good Friday St. Anthony’s Catholic Community is a welcoming parish. 10-4-2009 Stations of the Cross - 10.00am 1st Rite Reconciliation - 11.00am “The Church is God’s family and like any family, has its Passion of our Lord - 3.00pm differences. We ask your forgiveness if you have been 1st Rite Reconciliation - 5.00pm hurt in some way through the Church. Sometimes people Easter Vigil: Vigil are hurt by other family members. Sometimes people can 11-4-2009 Easter Vigil Mass - 7.30pm leave home just through the pressures of the world. We 12-4-2009 Easter Sunday Mass times 7.30am & 9.30am want to let you know that, if you have been away, you are SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM 2009 still called by God to the fullness of life and to live that First Holy Communion (Year 3 or Older) Communion: life in the community of the Church, where Chirst with his • Parents Information Night: Thursday 5 March at 7.30pm life-giving Word and Sacraments of salvation are avail- at Tahmoor Church able. • Sacrament: Saturday / Sunday 16 - 17 May Confirmation: (Year 6 or Older) Why not join us again? We need each other we need you • Parents Information Night: Thursday 4 June at 7.30pm help in carrying on the mission of Jesus. Only with you, at Tahmoor Church can we be all that Jesus calls us to b e as his Church. • Sacrament: Sunday 2 August at 9.30am Mass at Tah- You have a God-given gift which you alone can bring to moor Church the Church. We need that gift.” (Australian Catholic First Reconciliation (Year 2 or Older) Reconciliation: Bishops Conference) • Parents Information Night: Thursday 1 October at 7.30pm at Tahmoor Church St. Anthony’s Parish, is a Christ–centred If you have any need for pastoral care, reconciliations, • Sacrament: Thursday / Friday 26/27 November anointing of the sick, home communion please do not hesi- Catholic Community that is committed to liv- tate to contact me. BATISM PREPARATION COURSES 2009 ing Gospel Values, united by faith as we On 1st and 2nd Tuesday of the even month (Feb, April, June…) bring God’s Kingdom to life. Our ‘Church doors are open to Christ’s welcoming the per- son of Jesus in our lives and communities. Our Mission is to welcome all, and respect BAPTISM: Every 4th Sunday of the month and support each other in our spiritual jour- CHILDREN CHOIR: (Children from Year 3 or older) May God Bless you, ney. We encourage the gifts of people in Practice at 9.00am of the 3rd Sunday of the month to sing the Yours in Christ, 9.30am Mass building our Community. CHILDREN LITURGY: Father John Ho At 9.30am Mass on Sunday in the School term Parish Priest.