Easter Animations


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Easter Animations

  1. 1. www.digitalbrewery.com 1.800.572.0098 Holiday Package • Use Over Black • Use with Live- Action • Use as a Greeting Card Opening to Live-Action • Use as Full-Screen To order any animation package, call 1.800.572.0098. We’ll ship same day… even overnight if you need it, and if you provide your Fed Ex® or Airborne Express® account number there’s no charge for shipping and handling! We accept Visa®, American Express®, and MasterCard®. 734.327.9929 • FAX 734.327.0425 715 W. Ellsworth, Suite D • Ann Arbor, MI 48108 www.digitalbrewery.com 1
  2. 2. www.digitalbrewery.com 1.800.572.0098 Holiday NEW YEAR EASTER AULD LANG SYNE’94 EASTER LILY We’ve given you this animation for 1994… you can key it over live-action or treat it as Elegantly rotating Easter lily which can be a background for a live video insert. keyed over live-action or stand alone, then bring live-action through the animation after the lilies seat. Either way, it’s a wonderful 06:02:00 animation for stand alone, keying over a 06:04:10 AULD LANG SYNE ’95 background, or live-action. Same as above, except this one is for 1995. EASTER PARADE When you lay the animated ducklings over your live-action, you’ll give a delightful, 06:02:35 warm feel to your Easter commercial or production… a delightful break from the VALENTINE’S DAY traditional Easter animations. 06:04:45 I LOVE YOU DEAR, NOW BAG IT Wonderfully inventive 3-D shopping bag ST.PATRICK’S DAY with hearts that move on the surface of the bag. After it rotates and tilts, it carries the ST. PATRICK’S DAY viewer inside for your live-action video. A 3-D shamrocks cascade down screen great Valentine’s animation! providing an ideal environment for keying 06:03:10 over live-action or a video insert. PRESIDENT’S DAY 06:05:20 GEORGE, YOU RASCAL YOU Animated bill with winking and smiling MOTHER’S DAY George Washington. Then medallion swings away revealing a “hole” for your video as bill A ROSE IS A ROSE pulls forward revealing your video full A 3-D salmon-colored rose creates a rich screen. That’s a lot packed into 4 seconds. Mother’s Day animation. Card then opens to 06:03:30 live-action. GEORGE, VERSION #2 06:05:55 Animated George Washington over black. FATHER’S DAY After he winks, you may want to “pull” or dissolve your live-action through the FORE DAD animation. Either way, these are proven winners for President’s Day, Dollar Day or A wonderful Father’s Day animation… any spot dealing with money, value, etc. 06:03:50 handsome art deco design topped by a golfer swinging a club. Card then opens to your live-action video. A smart animation for commercial or holiday salutation. 06:06:20 Animations on Tap 2
  3. 3. www.digitalbrewery.com 1.800.572.0098 TOY SOLDIER #2 MEMORIAL DAY Full left screen rendering of the 3-D toy soldier. This one gives you an additional opportunity REMEMBRANCE to use this character. Sell both toy soldiers Dignified art deco motif with a Jasper Johns to a single sponsor for multiple commer- flag insert. The graphic has been designed cials or a large store or shopping center. for you to add “Sale”, if appropriate. In 06:09:25 addition, it is rendered over black so that it can also be supered over live-action such as AIRBORNE SANTA a war memorial, American flag, parade, etc. 06:06:45 Waving Santa and reindeer fly across black screen to allow you to key over live-action INDEPENDENCE DAY or integrate with other animations. The uses of this animation are endless. SAM’S HAT A splashy, wonderful, “stand-up” type of 06:10:00 animation. 3-D shiny Uncle Sam’s hat flies SANTA AND REINDEER in, seats and stars erupt. A wonderful animation for commercial corporate or Placed in center screen, the flying reindeer broadcast use. and waving Santa can be used as is or 06:07:10 manipulated with your DVE. LABOR DAY 06:10:30 LABOR DAY BELLS Labor Day logo designed to be used over appropriate live-action… it will look Highly reflective 3-D bells and decorative outstanding over commercial footage, holly swing from a center screen position. footage of workers or an American flag. Perfect for keying and titling over back- grounds, live-action, or other animations. A 06:07:35 universal Christmas icon. 06:10:55 HALLOWEEN BELLS #2 … BOO! Exactly the same as “Bells” animation A delightful, “scary” pumpkin bounces on except it is placed in the upper left corner. screen… but everything ends happily! Super over all kinds of video! 06:11:30 06:07:55 SNOWMAN’S WORLD THANKSGIVING This will probably be the most popular Christmas animation this season. Delightful THANKSGIVING 3-D snowman card opens to your video. A rich, warm Thanksgiving design that opens to your live-action. This will look 06:12:05 outstanding with real-time of parade, turkey dinner or appropriate real-time footage. CHRISTMAS BOUNTY 06:08:25 3-D Christmas card featuring a handsome display of gifts… card opens to your live- CHRISTMAS action. You’ll truly enjoy this rich anima- tion… so will your clients. TOY SOLDIER 06:12:20 Full screen presentation of animated 3-D wooden toy soldier ornament with candy CHRISTMAS SHOPPING cane and garland. Soldier “dances” and rotates over black for keying over a wide Wonderfully fresh 3-D shopping bag… the range of live-action or over other DAC ideal way to carry viewer into a Christmas animations (3-D snowflakes or background). 06:08:50 commercial. This animation should be grabbed by the largest mall in your area! 06:12:50 Animations on Tap 3
  4. 4. www.digitalbrewery.com 1.800.572.0098 Holiday CHRISTMAS SHOPPING #2 WEDDINGS A reverse of the move of “Christmas Shopping”… a great way to come out of a Christmas commercial. WEDDING DAY CARD A live swan swims on the face of this 06:13:10 delightful wedding card. The perfect touch for the opening of a wedding video. Opens POINSETTIA to black. Softly rendered, slightly blurred poinsettia 06:17:00 to serve as a background for other animations, live-action insert, or text. You’ll WEDDING FLOWER PETALS discover endless uses for this background. Another 3-D wedding card, this time with 06:13:30 delicate rose petals falling across the face of the card. Opens to black. CHRISTMAS CARD BORDER “Dickens type” people stroll in this delightful 06:17:20 Christmas card frame. A white tree creates their backdrop. Insert your live-action WEDDING CARD BLANK behind the card for a wonderful video greeting. A perfect opening when your client wants to 06:14:05 title their wedding video. Twinkling star adds just the right touch. Opens to black. JESSICA’S RIBBON #1 Festive ribbon with two french hunting 06:17:40 horns. Ideal for keying over live-action. CANADIAN GRAPHICS & ANIMATIONS 06:14:40 JESSICA’S RIBBON #2 Colorful ribbon with holly in lower left corner. Perfect for using with live-action. DOMINION DAY BOXING DAY 06:18:00 06:19:45 06:15:15 CHRISTMAS PRIMER Delightful, innocent mask executed in the American Primitive style. Reminiscent of a gentler day. Use with live-action. 06:15:50 ST. JEAN BAPTISTE DAY REMEMBRANCE DAY HANUKKAH 06:18:35 06:20:20 HANUKKAH 3-D brass Menorah flies in and seats, then candles illuminate. Animation over black for keying options such as DAC’s falling snow. An important animation to have in your holiday collection. 06:16:25 VICTORIA DAY CANADIAN FLAG ON MAP 06:19:10 ON BACKGROUND 06:20:50 ON BLACK 06:21:25 Animations on Tap 4