Developing and Deploying Applications on Internet Information Services (IIS)


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Come hear how the Microsoft Web Platform fosters a powerful development ecosystem for Web applications, and how the latest wave of IIS extensions enable Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP to move seamlessly from a development environment to a production datacenter. Also learn how to package a Web application for the Windows Web Application Gallery to make it available to millions of users.

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Developing and Deploying Applications on Internet Information Services (IIS)

  1. 1. URL rewrite module • Security • SEO • Clean URLs Web deployment tool Database manager • Application packaging • Simple, application- and deployment centric database managment Remote manager • Delegated • Firewall-friendly
  2. 2. WebDav and FTP • Standards-based • Secure and firewall-friendly Admin Pack and Power Web Deployment Shell Snap-in Tool • Powerful ways to • Migration manage IIS • Web Farm Sync Media Services 3.0 • Smooth Streaming Dynamic IP Restrictions • Bit-Rate Throttling • Prevent DoS attacks • Live Smooth Streaming Application Request Routing • Load-balancing • Proxy functionality • Edge caching
  3. 3. HTTP HTTP Request Response Authentication Anon Basic NTLM ... CGI Determine Static Handler File ISAPI ... Response Compression Logging
  4. 4. HTTP HTTP Basic 40+ Request Response Authentication NTLM Basic Anon Url Authorization Authz ResolveCache Output Cache ... CGI Static ExecuteHandler File Forward ISAPI er ... UpdateCache SendResponse Compre Log ssion
  5. 5. HTTP Request Authentication Anon Basic NTLM ... aspnet_isapi.dll CGI Authentication Forms Windows Determine Static Handler File ... ASPX ISAPI Map Trace ... Handler ... SendResponse ... Compre Log ssion HTTP Response
  6. 6. HTTP Request Basic Authentication Anon Authorization ResolveCache ... aspnet_isapi.dll Authentication Forms Static Windows ExecuteHandler File ... ... ASPX ISAPI Map Trace Handler UpdateCache ... Compre SendResponse ssion ... Log HTTP Response
  7. 7. Your feedback is important!
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