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Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls


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Learn how to encapsulate structure, animation, and logic inside custom controls that handle theming, layout, validation, and data binding. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Blend, explore advanced design, coding, debugging, and testing techniques for building components that work interchangeably in Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls

  1. 1. “One major difference between a site with a strong Brand Image ... and one with weak Brand Image ... is that brand positioning permeates every part of a strong site ...” - Forrester, June 9, 2005
  2. 2. I wonder I’ve got your I need a whatThumb, to I need Thumb, Presse put in my Pressed d state etc.. template… state, etc..
  3. 3. MouseOver Pressed
  4. 4. VisualTransition MouseOver Pressed
  5. 5. Normal MouseOver CommonStates ReadOnly Disabled Valid InvalidUnfocused ValidationStates ValidUnfocused Unfocused FocusStates Focused
  6. 6. Exception
  7. 7. Layout: How much space do you think you need? Panel: Let me ask my children… Brb Panel: OK, I asked each of them. OMG - I need 1000 x 800 Layout: Gotcha. 1000 x 800. ttys 
  8. 8. Layout: OK – Got the space for ya. Arrange yourself in here. Panel: Will do. Let me go arrange all my children. One sec. Panel: OK, I gave them each some space at a specific X,Y. BTW, here’s the space I actually ended up using. Layout: Sweet. See you at the tables later? LOL!
  9. 9.