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Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight


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Learn how to maintain compliance with a growing number of accessibility standards (including 508 in the U.S., WCAG 2.0, and others) by using Silverlight to produce fully accessible RIAs that are policy compliant. See how to use the new User Interface Automation (UIA) technology included in Silverlight by walking through the design and development decisions made when building Buttercup, a Silverlight based DAISY talking book reader.

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Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight

  1. 1. Learning Visual Dexterity Hearing Language Difficulties
  2. 2. United Nations EC – Mandate 376 G3ict (Global Initiative for i2010 Initiative UK: Disability Inclusive ICT) Discrimination Japan Member States Act (DDA) Accessibility JIS-X8341 Australia: Disability Section 508 Refresh Discrimination Section 255 Telecom Act U.S. State Accessibility OAS / L.A. / S.A New Zealand Government Country Web Standards Policies 6
  3. 3. Today, DAISY is an ANSI/NISO Need recognized in 1988 because In 1996 the DAISY Consortium is standard that’s use is mandated of shortcomings in Swedish formed to create and promote a by law in many areas (e.g. text Library Talking Books and Braille new digital talking book standard books K-12 in the U.S) • DAISY = Digital Accessible Information SYstem • Standard for producing accessible and navigable multimedia documents. In current practice, these documents are Digital Talking Books, digital text books, or a combination of synchronized audio and text books. • Using the DAISY Standard, content creators, such as a library serving people who are blind or visually impaired or a book publisher can produce accessible and navigable books to meet a variety of reading needs.
  4. 4. <Button x:Name=quot;openBookButtonquot; AutomationProperties.Name=quot;Open Bookquot; AutomationProperties.HelpText=quot;Open a Daisy book from your local computerquot; AutomationProperties.AcceleratorKey=quot;Oquot; ... <Button>
  5. 5. if(SystemParameters.HighContrast) ContrastScheme = ContrastLevel.BlackTextOnWhite;
  6. 6. Remaining Time: Stump the Chumps
  7. 7. Your feedback is important!
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