Broaden Your Market with Windows Live


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Build a social application based on the Windows Live contacts, presence, and messaging services. Hear how social applications are benefitting from the robust Windows Live ecosystem.

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Broaden Your Market with Windows Live

  1. 1. Paul Elliott - Program Manager : Live Contacts Keiji Kanazawa - Program Manager : Live Messenger David Nicholson - Business Architect :
  2. 2. Add contacts, video, photos, maps and search to your site!! Web Controls Service REST WebDAV REST SOAP SOAP HTTP/SOAP APIs Silverlight Spaces Live Virtual Live Authenti- Streaming Photo Contacts Earth Search cation Windows Live User
  3. 3. New User Registers
  4. 4. Invites Friends
  5. 5. Some Friends already Registered
  6. 6. Some Friends Accept Invitations and Invite More Friends
  7. 7. Windows Live Integration Idea
  8. 8. Messenger 500 Million address books Hotmail 263 Million Office Outlook Messenger Users Mobile 280 Million MSN Client Hotmail Live Spaces Users Xbox Live More… 30 Billion contact associations
  9. 9. Buying Friend Locator Calendar Alerts Trust Reputation Collaboration Borrowing Bots/Agents Favorites Friends of Friends Music VoIP Video Tagging Photos Messenger Party Invitations Mobile Dating Sharing Lending Selling Recycling Shopping Targeted Ads Notifications
  10. 10. HTTP REST API – Version 1.0 Alpha Simple Object URI Light on-the-wire XML Data Format HTTP Standard Methods POST, GET, PUT, DELETE Tools for an Integrated Experience
  11. 11. Method Call example – GET /livecontacts/Contacts/Contact(x)/Emails/Email(y)/Address Response <Address></Address>
  12. 12. Owner Contacts Profiles Personal Professional Emails Phones Locations Tags
  13. 13. ../livecontacts/owner/.. Owner Contacts Profiles First Name Personal Last Name Professional Windows Live ID Emails Phones Locations Groups/Tags
  14. 14. ../livecontacts/contacts Owner Contacts Profiles Contact ID Windows Live ID Personal Professional AutoUpdateEnabled AutoUpdateStatus Emails Phones Locations Tags
  15. 15. ../contacts/contact(x)/profiles/personal Owner Name to File As Title/Prefix Contacts First Name Last Name Profiles Suffix Personal Yomi First and Last Name Professional Birthdate Emails Anniversary Gender Phones Timezone Locations Spouse Name Tags
  16. 16. ../contacts/contact(x)/profiles/professional Owner Contacts Profiles Job Title Personal Profession Manager’s Name Professional Assistant’s Name Emails Phones Locations Tags
  17. 17. ../contacts/contact(x)/emails Owner Contacts ID Profiles Email Type Personal Email Address Is IM Enabled Professional Is Default Emails Phones Locations Tags
  18. 18. ../contacts/contact(x)/phones Owner Contacts Profiles ID Phone Type Personal Number Professional Is IM Enabled Is Default Emails Phones Locations Tags
  19. 19. ../contacts/contact(x)/locations ID Owner Location Type (Personal/Business) Office Number Contacts Department Profiles Company Name Yomi Company Name Personal Street 1 and 2 Professional Primary and Secondary City SubDivision (State/Province) Emails Postal or Zip Code Phones Country/Region Latitude, Longitude Locations Is Default Tags
  20. 20. ../contacts/contact(x)/tags Owner Contacts Profiles ID Personal Name Professional Contact IDs Emails Phones Locations Tags
  21. 21. Live Sign-In Your Site REST Call Security/Privacy: “Opening Up Windows Live Data”
  22. 22. What you see is what you GET.
  23. 23. Live Contacts Information (SDK, Code Samples, Forums) Windows Live User Opt-In Page (Grant) Windows Live User Opt-Out Page (Revoke) Live Contacts REST API Service<WLID>/livecontacts
  24. 24. David Nicholson Business Architect
  25. 25. Lenders: Borrowers: • Great returns • Low, low rates • It’s human • Flexible loans • It’s safe •No banks • You’re in control • It’s fair
  26. 26. Low Cost Easy to Implement Valuable to users Built our community
  27. 27. Integrated Live Contacts
  28. 28. User’s contacts Windows Live user People in wider Other user’s network Groups
  29. 29. Keiji Kanazawa Program Manager
  30. 30. Enable social applications to show presence of Windows Live users and facilitate IM
  31. 31. Live Messenger Web Presence API HTTP API to query Live Messenger user’s presence Live Messenger Web IM Control HTML IM Conversation Control for Web site visitors to initiate IM with Live Messenger user Target: browser application Supports IE, Firefox Availability: Fall 2007
  32. 32. You can enable your Windows Live users to invite their friends to your community using the Live Contacts API You will be able to add Live Messenger presence and IM into your application
  33. 33. Date Time Session Location 5/1 8:30am Using Windows Live Services In Your Own Web Palazzo M Applications 5/1 10:15am Broaden Your Market With Windows Live Lando 4301A 5/1 11:45am Opening up Windows Live Data Lando 4204 5/1 1:00pm Open Mic: Get more users and make money with Sandbox Windows Live Gallery 5/1 2:15pm Creating a Domain Communication Experience on Delfino 4105 Windows Live 5/1 2:15pm Developing with Windows Live Spaces Delfino 4005 5/1 2:30pm Open Mic: Deep dive on Windows Live ID Sandbox 5/1 6:00pm Evening Event: MIX Party at PURE PURE
  34. 34. Make it easy for your users to invite their friends into your site NOW using the Live Contacts API Build more loyal users by adding Live Messenger Presence and IM to your site Go to for SDK and other details Tell us your story at Mix Chat tomorrow See us at PDC in October
  35. 35. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
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  37. 37. Date Time Session Location 4/30 1:30pm Building a Real, Money-Making Business Application Using Delfino 4005 Virtual Earth 4/30 3:00pm Windows Live Messenger: Show Me the Money Delfino 4105 4/30 4:30pm The 30 Minute Social Application Lando 4204 5/1 8:30am Using Windows Live Services In Your Own Applications Palazzo M 5/1 10:15am Broaden Your Market With Windows Live Lando 4301A 5/1 10:15am Panel Discussion: Services on the Web: Build or Buy Delfino 4101A 5/1 11:45am Opening up Windows Live Data Lando 4204 5/1 2:15pm Creating a Domain Communication Experience on Windows Delfino 4105 Live 5/1 2:15pm Developing with Windows Live Spaces Defino 4005
  38. 38. Live Live Live Live Hotmail Spaces Mobile