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The Good Education Group


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Good Education Group is Australia’s leading independent provider of high-quality education and career information.

We offer accessible data and analysis, which allows students and families to make informed decisions about education and career pathways. Our multi-platform resources help education providers and industry partners meet the needs of their audience.

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The Good Education Group

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE 2017 ACS SEMINARS Tuesday 27 June, Canberra
  2. 2. Empowering generations to achieve their goals Mission statement
  3. 3. Australian Careers Service Supporting best practice and innovation in the delivery of career programs ACS mission statement
  4. 4. About Australian Careers Service
  5. 5. ✓ Free professional development events ▪ ACS Career Adviser Seminars ▪ Industry events ▪ Webinars ▪ Focus groups ✓ Member-only specials ▪ Discounts on our products ▪ Third-party special offers ✓ Regular industry insight ▪ Quarterly ACS eNewsletter ▪ Industry and news updates ▪ Guest contribution ▪ Industry trends and analysis ✓ ACS website ▪ News articles ▪ Career tools and resources ▪ Comments and feedback ✓ Networking and collaboration ▪ Social media ▪ ACS LinkedIn group Supporting innovation in the delivery of career programs ACS mission statement
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Signing up for free today! Come and see us at the registration desk Use the membership link in the event app Visit Enjoy the benefits of becoming an ACS Member
  8. 8. New to the ACS Seminars ✓ ACS Seminars event app • Agenda and list of presenters • Connect with attendees ✓ Social media • #ACSseminars • @ACS_career ✓ ACS website • Presenter profile pages • Contact presenters ✓ Digital content • Workshop podcasts • Keynote presentations • Interviews with presenters ✓ Get involved in other events • Access content from presenters at other locations 1. Create an account using the email you registered with for this event More ways to learn, interact and make a difference What’s new for 2017? 2. Add an event by searching for ‘ACS Career Advisers Seminars’.
  9. 9. Round table workshops • Assigned a group number • 20 minutes per session • Proceed to next table based on your schedule Break times • Morning tea • Lunch time • Closing and prize draw Post-event • Seminar feedback survey • Certificate of Professional Development • Uploading presentations on ACS Website Getting the most out of your day
  10. 10. Thank you #ACSseminars / @ACS_career Australian Careers Service