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Jum Lamont, Founder, Jump Start — Keynote Presentation ACS Seminars Geelong


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Jum Lamont, Founder, Jump Start — Keynote Presentation ACS Seminars Geelong

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Jum Lamont, Founder, Jump Start — Keynote Presentation ACS Seminars Geelong

  1. 1. Helping young people bridge the gap from education to work
  2. 2. Jump Start is a joint initiative combining the skills and expertise of Jump Start Communications and Good Education Group. Jump Start helps young people achieve their full potential through the development of vital life skills required to ensure a successful transition into life after education. We do this by delivering energetic, interactive workshops that introduce students to the fundamentals of effective communication, personal brand, entrepreneurship and other integral employability skills, all underpinned by the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework. Jump Start works with schools to create tailored face-to-face and online skill-building programs aligned to your school’s core values, learning objectives and student needs, and supported by the expertise of our comprehensive team of program developers and facilitators. WHAT IS JUMP START? Bridging the gap from education to work
  3. 3. THE FACTS What skills are important to employers? Source: AAGE Employee survey Oral Communications 96.63% Problem Solving 89.88% Teamwork 89.89% Leadership 68.54% Motivational Fit 82.02% Achieves Results 89.89% Interpersonal Skills 93.26%
  4. 4. FUTURE-PROOFING THE WORKPLACE Desired capabilities of young people
  5. 5. Online Application Form & Screening Online Psychometric Testing Video Screening Assessment Centre Behavioural Assessment Interview Offer COMPETENCY APPLICATION FORM COGNITIVE TESTING VIDEO SCREEN ASSESSMENT CENTRE BEHAVIOURAL ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW Communication Skills Can share ideas openly and directly, in both one-on-one conversations and larger group settings.      Motivational Fit Is highly energised and motivated by the prospect of joining your organisation(and can articulate why).     Customer Focus Understands and enhances the customer & stakeholder experience.    Interpersonal Skills & Collaboration Relates to others in a warm, open and positive manner.    THE NEW RECRUITMENT PROCESS
  6. 6. WORKFORCE NEEDS THE FRAMEWORK LEARNING PLATFORMS Employers and industry leaders have identified the skills required for an individual to be successful in the workforce. The approach clearly defines the development areas and knowledge needed to meet these requirements. • Face-to-face delivered programs • School delivered programs. • Online learning and support tool. • Parent and teacher conversation starter packs. THE JUMP START FRAMEWORK Jump Start is mapped to: • The Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework • Australian Curriculum General Capabilities • Australian Blueprint for Career Development Our framework describes a set of knowledge, understandings and skills required in ensuring a successful transition and participation in work.
  7. 7. THE JUMP START FRAMEWORK CLUSTER 1 CLUSTER 2 CLUSTER 3 Navigating the world of work Interacting with others Getting the work done Career Research Goal Setting Job Seeking Skills First Impressions Networking Personal Appearance Personal Brand Positive Growth Mind-Set Values and Motivation Communication • Spoken Communication • Written Communication • Digital Communication Assertiveness Awareness of Others Building Relationships and Trust Emotional Intelligence Customer Interaction Interpersonal Skills Negotiation Presentation Resilience Self-Awareness Team work Critical Thinking Cultural Awareness Decision-Making Design Thinking Digital Literacy Entrepreneur Skills Leadership Problem-Solving Project Management Receiving and Giving Feedback Sustainability and Global Citizenship Time Management Unconscious Bias * While skill areas within a cluster have a particular affinity, there is also interaction across the three clusters.
  8. 8. Values & Vision Day 1 Getting Established Building Competencies Emerging Leaders Networking Self- Awareness First Impression Personal Brand Etiquette Mindfulness Effective Teams Trust Change & Resilience Influencing Skills Managing Conflict Giving & Receiving Feedback Building Relationships Communication Team Work Leadership Entrepreneur- ship Innovation Project Management Presentation Skills Awareness of others MODULE CUSTOMISATION
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