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Accelerating Australia


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Fostering biomedical entrepreneurship through training, collaboration and enterprise support.

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Accelerating Australia

  1. 1. AcceleratingAustralia Fostering biomedical entrepreneurship Through training, collaboration and enterprise support
  2. 2. Biomedical Science Study of the biological basis of human structure and function and the application of this knowledge to disease, wellbeing and society Spectacles (1249) Microscope (1590) Blood transfusions (1656) Anaesthetics (1800) Cholera vaccine (1879) X-rays (1895) Aspirin (1899) Penicilline (1928) Synthesized pharmaceuticals (1935) Cardiac pacemaker (1950) Heart transplant (1967) Cloning (1996) Cancer vaccine (2006)
  3. 3. Biggest problems to solve 36.9M HIV-AIDS patients globally By 2020, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease to cost US$4 trillion 46.8M people with dementia (2015) doubling every 20yrs 642M diabetic patients by 2040 globally By 2020 global healthcare expenditure US$8.7trillion
  4. 4. Biomedical tech business Image from Deloitte, 2017, global LifeSciences sector outlook  Industry of the future  Ability to change lives
  5. 5. Complex development path 1.8% success rate $2.6B cost1 >15yrs development 1 Tufts center for the study of drug development, DiMasi 2014; “Rediscovering the Sweet Spot in Drug Discovery”, David Brown and Giulio Superti-Furga, Drug Disc. Today, 8, (23) 106-1077 (Dec. 2003). ↩ Safety vs Efficacy Prof FionaWood “Always bring your A game”
  6. 6. Industry transformation • Blockbuster Pharma model changing to niche and personalised • Convergence of sectors (medtech, biologics, pharma, digital) • Serious disruptive technology Bring in the biomedical entrepreneur!
  7. 7. eHealth
  8. 8. WA biomedical innovators 2015 Nobel prize, Medicine Helicobacter pylori
  9. 9. WA biomedical innovators Prof Sue Fletcher and Prof SteveWilton, Perron Institute, Murdoch university
  10. 10. Biomedical career Traditional biomedical career Actual career path
  11. 11. Pathway into biomedical Core expertise: Biomedical science Pharmacology Bioengineering Medicine Veterinary Allied health Nursing Data analytics Software engineers Lawyers, patent attorneys Business & commercialisation Essential attributes Innovation + Attention to detail Analytical + Big picture Passionate + Objective Emotional intelligence Agile Critical thinking Judgement & decision making People management Multidisciplinary team diligent
  12. 12. Australia 2016 $8B in research $0.3B onTranslation 1st in the world for creativity index 4th in the world for medical research
  13. 13. Biomedical culture change Design thinking Team management Creativity & innovation Action-orientated Passion for impact
  14. 14. AcceleratingAustralia National cross-sector consortium to boost biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship Supported by MTPConnect Task: Building future biomedical leadership Culture change across biomedical innovation ecosystem How? Upskilling, linkage and enterprise support
  15. 15. 33 members within 12 months Affiliate members
  16. 16. Courses in WA: Training programs Key ingredients Entrepreneurial mindset Design thinking Impact orientated Multidisciplinary team work Enterprise skills to empower Deep tech for health
  17. 17. Entrepreneurial mindset & CERI Run at CERI to help academic professionals develop their own entrepreneurial skills Based on the Ice House program ……….Which was designed for high schools
  18. 18. Icehouse student entrepreneurial program Qualified facilitators at CERI CERI is open to working with high schools Contact: (CEO, CERI) US program- 200Teachers certified 7,404 Students enrolled 37 Campuses participated 269 Groups/Sections offered 97% of teachers rate the program as impactful. 91% of students agreed that through their vision they were now investing into their future. 82% of parents agreed their child had a stronger focus on school, a better attitude toward academics, and was more engaged in his or her studies. Report available at: content/uploads/2017/09/2017-Prepa- Tec-Ice-House-Student-Success- Report.pdf
  19. 19. Perkins BioDiscovery Centre • Students work with research-grade equipment and the latest technology • Aims to inspire, engage and educate the next generation in science and medical research • A purpose built PC2 education laboratory allows students to work with the latest research grade equipment while guided by research scientists. Year 8: Cells Behaving Badly (cancer cells), Cells Behaving Brilliantly (stem cells) Year 9: Diagnosing Diabetes Year 11: Genetics Toolkit Year 11: Stem Cells Year 12: Identifying mutations with PCR Year 12: Protein Power (using Mass Spectrometry)
  20. 20. Other Perkins Programs Perkins Profs Academy • High achieving high school students spend 2hrs/week at Perkins after school over 10 weeks • Offered to years 10-12 • Learning lab techniques, cancer research, DNA sequencing and much more Medical Research Experience @ Perkins • 3 day experience during school holidays • Working beside real scientists to gain experience in day-to-day research • Offered to years 10-12
  21. 21. Thank you for listening! Get in touch via OR talk to us now for more information LinkedIn Accelerating Australia