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Emiy 2010 Youth March


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Emiy 2010 Youth March

  1. 1. The EMIY 2010 Youth March Sponsorship June 26, 2010 – Belle Isle, Detroit Encourage Me I'm Young, Inc. (EMIY) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 youth enrichment organization that equips and enhances today's youth with guidance, encouragement and achievable goals. EMIY emphasizes character development, empowerment and literacy through mentorship. The intention of EMIY is to embrace and uplift one another by enlisting society to focus on youth potential versus aptitude. The assistance to resistance approach will endow and propel our youth, allowing them to become compassionate, intelligent, and logical decision makers. EMIY Youth March Success •Attended by 300 youth at Farwell Park, Detroit, MI •Main stage featured vocal performances and inspirational messages, all revolving around the message of supporting youth •Lunch provided for all in attendance •Spirited dance competition and other events celebrated youth and positive youth expression •Vendor booths shared important, healthful information to youth •Youth March event culminated in a parade of youth around the park EMIY 2010 Youth March Event Highlights •Youth March to take place on Belle Isle on June 26, 2010 •Designed to develop leadership skills in young people and to celebrate young men and women •In 2010, we anticipate Youth March attendance to grow to 5,000-8,000 •All youth will receive a limited-edition EMIY tee as a lasting reminder of the event’s message •Entertainment will feature local artists – national, top-10 recording artists also being recruited •Speakers will showcase positive role models and feature words of encouragement from community leaders •Gift cards from area restaurants and businesses presented to youth •This is an annual event from now on and we are happy to serve our youth. Booths will feature solution-driven services for youth, including help for domestic violence, health screening, area educational partners and more
  2. 2. EMIY 2010 Youth March Sponsorship Opportunities Advertising Opportunities: @ $1,000 per name listing All of the above listed benefits, plus… Corporate banner on stage Corporate logo on all event tees and water bottles Recognition in all print media as available Supporting Sponsor: @ $5,000 per name listing All of the above listed benefits, plus… Corporate banner on stage Corporate logo on all event tees and water bottles Recognition in all print and broadcast media, including TV and radio ads, as available Major Sponsor: @ $10,000 per name listing All of the above listed benefits, plus… Corporate banner and on stage Corporate logo on all event tees and water bottles VIP section for sponsor 5 polo shirts w/corporate logo Sponsor of EMIY Champion and Scholarship awards Recognition in all print and broadcast media, including TV and radio ads, as available Marquee Naming Sponsor: @ $25,000 per name listing All of the above listed benefits, plus… Corporate banner and on stage Corporate logo on all event tees and water bottles Branded ownership of the Event, Registration Desk and Stage for scheduled entertainment VIP section for sponsor 10 polo shirts w/corporate logo Speaking opportunity during event Photo opportunity with special guest Recognition in all print and broadcast media, including website, social networks, TV and radio ads, as available In-kind Sponsor: Donations and sponsorships to defray the cost of events and programs are also welcome. Examples include food, equipment, transportation arrangements or event co-promotion. In- kind donations receive benefits at the level value provided.
  3. 3. Current Sponsors and Community Supporters •Mayor Dave Bing • Coleman A. Young Municipal Center 2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 308 Detroit, MI 48226 •Detroit Public Schools 3011 West Grand Blvd. 14th Floor Detroit, Michigan 48202 •Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan Detroit, Michigan 48206 •Vanguard CBD Community Development Corporation 2785 E Grand River, Detroit. Michigan 48211 •Better Detroit Youth Movement 17178 Livernois, Detroit. Michigan 48211 •Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) 2795 E. Grand Boulevard, Suite #9 Detroit, Michigan 48211= •Detroit Impact Inc. 9930 Greenfield Detroit, Michigan 48227 •Mc All Stars Youth Impact Inc. P.O. Box 34051 Detroit, Michigan 48234 •Next Steps Inc. 7441 Poe Street Detroit, Michigan 48206 •U.N.I.T.Y P.O Box 19325 Detroit, MI 48219-0325
  4. 4. EMIY Mission & Milestones Creating a society that enlists today’s youth to embrace their abilities as they become leaders of tomorrow. 2006 •South Lake Community Schools: Presented to students on the importance of education and remaining in school. •Reading with Detroit Public School’s Dossin Elementary: Implemented program that brought adults – mostly fathers – to the school to read to students and to impart important messages of education and career goals to young people. •Dad’s Day Out: This celebration of the role fathers play in a family and child’s life was orchestrated with the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office. The outcome led to development of EMIY’s Good Fathers Only (GFO) Group. •EMIY TV: Taped interviews with fathers on the crucial role they play in a child’s life and began broadcasting these interviews on EMIY TV on the web. 2007 •The Detroit Art Party: EMIY co-hosted this all-day event, drawing 13 sponsors and upwards of 300 young people. The event featured informational programs on career selection along with entertainment. •EMIY Show, Highland Park High School, Detroit: EMIY reached 200 students with encouraging messages on self-improvement and the importance of staying in school. •Full Gospel, Atlanta: EMIY presented to church youth groups and pastors on community involvement and creative ways to spread the EMIY message among youth.
  5. 5. 2008 •The Detroit Art Party: Co-hosted this event with the Better Detroit Youth Movement and the Wayne State University Black Student Union. EMIY and other youth-oriented programs were showcased to over 300 people in attendance. •The First Annual Detroit Youth March: Partnered with the Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM), the Herman Kiefer Health Complex and other local groups to celebrate the educational achievements of young people. Students received EMIY T-shirts and everyone in attendance received lunch and was entertained by local groups, including DASH, the We Jitt Dance Team and G1NBC. The day concluded with a balloon march around the park. •Town Hall Meeting: Participated with BDYM and the Wayne State University Black Student Union Black Student Union in this free community event that offered solutions as to how we can improve our communities. •Stop the Violence: Participated with radio station 102.7 in this event to end youth violence in Detroit. The event drew a number of speakers, including members of the Detroit Lions. •Parent-Child Initiative at Cody High School, Detroit: Presentation to teachers and counselors on EMIY’s values and how best to bridge communication between parents and schools for the benefit of the students. •Detroit Public Schools’ Back-to-School Event: Co-hosted with Change Movement, radio station FM 98, BDYM and Job Corp and rap star T.I. 2009 •Boys to Men Youth Conference: Helped plan this event with Wayne County Community College. •Charity basketball games: Participated in two basketball with the Step A Head group and to form the EMIY all-stars mentoring program •Million Fathers March, Detroit: rally August 29, 2009 at Lafayette Park 2 days before the actual Million fathers March. 2010 •McAll Stars Basketball League: Partnered with the Mc All Stars to form this league targeting 200 boys who were cut from their school’s basketball teams All youth receive positive mentorship from male recruits to the league. •SAVE THE DATE!!! Annual Detroit Youth March: June 26, 2010