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Using cloud tools to make an impact


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Using cloud tools to make an impact

  1. 1. in the cloud:using online tools to run yourorganisationIan Goodman@
  2. 2. We will cover What do we mean by the cloud How to move to the cloud What are the benefits of cloud tools What cloud tools are out there Where to get further support/information
  3. 3. Cloud ComputingWhat is it?Cloud computing is the use ofcomputing resources (hardware andsoftware) that are delivered as aservice over the internet.Demystifying the Cloud:What is the Cloud?
  4. 4. • Old-School / Non-cloud: Anelectricity generator, with itsrequirements for space,hardware, petrol, etc., is old-school, or non-cloud.• Cloud: Plugging something intothe mains, and paying a monthlyelectricity bill only for what youuse, is the „cloud‟ way of gettingyour electricity.Simple analogy
  5. 5. Cloud ComputingWhat is it?Two broad categories1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)- Hostedservers/storage. Can be dedicated or sharedExample Providers• Rackspace, 1& 1• Rise, BT, Think Grid2. Software as a Service (SaaS)– hostedsoftware/applications. Usually shared platformExample Providers• Google Apps – Online Office Tools• SalesForce - Customer RelationshipManagement• Microsoft – Online Services (365)Hardware/Software hosted externally anddelivered via the internet
  6. 6. Reasons for moving to the cloud…Drivers Technological Advances. Hardware more powerful,software more capable, Cloud emerges Economic Climate - More for your money Flexibility - Organisations need to be agile Technically savvy staff/ „social networking‟generation A highly competitive industry e.g.HP/Dell/IBMMS/Google/CiscoApple/Blackberry/Microsoft/AndroidConsequences More new products and “ways of doing things”than at any other time New set of challenges – Decision making,implementation, support & maintenance
  7. 7. What are the key (claimed) advantages?Reduction of on premise hardwareCan prolong the life of the client machinesCentralised managementProvides better Disaster RecoveryMost providers offer a guaranteed up time ofmore than 99%Flexibility – can scale up & downLower cost of ownership??Environmentally Friendly??
  8. 8. • Cost• Scalable• Security• Accessibility• Deviceindependence• No requiredhardwareKey Features
  9. 9. #1How are you using cloudtechnology?
  10. 10. #2What challenges do youface in making the bestuse of cloud technology?
  11. 11. #3What is your technologywishlist?
  12. 12. #4Tools to make your wishlist areality
  13. 13. #5Finding the right tool:Lasa Cloud
  14. 14. Finding Cloud tools by function Back Office – including databases, accounting, file management etc Publishing – social media, audio/video, web tools Collaboration – document sharing, project management Events and Meetings – planning, booking, online meetings Big bang approach – move everything to the cloud Charity Cloud Microsoft 365
  15. 15. Further reading… Cloud – what every charity leader should know - Cloud computing choices for charities - Guardian Voluntary Sector Network- Charity Tech News - ICT Knowledgebase - Moving Your Database to the Cloud: Key Considerations to Prepare Your Move -