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Take a look at how thousands of independent publishers use Skyscraper everyday to free themselves from the burden of ad management

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Say hello to Skyscraper

  1. 1. Say hello to
  3. 3. WHAT IS ANINDEPENDENT PUBLISHER?Passionate writer or small team ofwriters that consistently publishamazing content to the web based on aspecific topic. We love independent publishers.
  4. 4. FUN FACTS ABOUT BLOGGING64% earn revenue from bloggingWordpress - Powers 17% on the internetTumblr - 102 Million Blogs61% Hobbyist, 21% Corporate, 18% Professional Independent publishers can change the world
  5. 5. Meet Angela - she blogs about fashion and lifestyle
  6. 6. She wanted some extra cash - so she tried Adsense.
  7. 7. But Adsense.......well you get the picture.
  8. 8. As her blog grew, she knew there had to be a better way.
  9. 9. Brands started calling and emailing her.
  10. 10. Big brands!
  11. 11. DIRECT SALES IS A TIME SUCKInvoicingSchedulingAd ServingPayment ProcessingBillingSupportReportingWTF? She tried direct sales - more money but so much more work! Advertising, simplified.
  12. 12. She was completely overwhelmed by the work load.
  13. 13. Email, Paypal and spreadsheets simply weren’t working.
  14. 14. Then Angela discovered Skyscraper.
  15. 15. She could create ad spaces with the click of a button.
  16. 16. And backfill with high quality ads so she never left money on the table.
  17. 17. Her media kit was made for her in seconds - no more Photoshop or Illustrator.
  18. 18. Advertisers started buying on her site 24/7/365.
  19. 19. SKYSCRAPER DOES ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING Payment is processed Ad is uploaded to server Ad is scheduled Advertiser gets an invoice Angela gets paidIt didn’t matter where she was - all the hard work was done for her automatically.
  20. 20. She just told Skyscraper where to notify her so she could approve her ads
  21. 21. And where to send the money Advertising, simplified.
  22. 22. MONEY IN HER POCKET 5X increase TIME SPENT MANAGING ADS 10X decrease OVERALL HAPPINESS Through the roofSo she could get back to the important things in life.
  23. 23. Angela is happy.
  24. 24. And so are the thousands of publishers that use Skyscrapereveryday to free themselves from the burden of ad management
  25. 25. FREE YOURSELF. What are you waiting for?
  26. 26. Thanks for taking the time to read this :) Join Us Follow Us @getskyscraper