What To Know About The Ultra Music Festival


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What To Know About The Ultra Music Festival

  1. 1. If you are interested in electronic music there is an outdoor event which will suit your needs with the best display of current artists in the world. The Ultra MusicFestival started in 1999 as an annual 1-day event and has expanded to include some of the most prolific artists in this field, and it now lasts a full three days. This usually occurs in March each year and the current venue isdowntown Miami in Bicentennial Park, although this hasbeen changed many times and if ticket numbers increase will be altered again.
  2. 2. Usually held during the winter music conference, the concept was brought to life by Alex Omes and Russell Faibisch who noticed that the resources and eventssurrounding dance artists could be better. In 2009 it had a celebration for its 10th anniversary which saw aprestigious line-up of electronic artists. The event sold out and seventy thousand people were in attendance.
  3. 3. There is global interest in the event with many different countries presenting their best dance musicians to perform there. Tickets have sold out months before the festival ever since it first began and this trend shows nosign of stopping. In 2011 the international dance awardspresented it with the title of best event of the year which has only brought it more exposure.
  4. 4. There are several renowned artists that have been seen playing here, even those from the start of electronicmusic, like New Order who was famous during the 1980sfor their original sound. Dubstep has taken the charts by storm and Skrillex is considered an ambassador of the movement. From the UK, Chase N Status is a dance duo that has broken into mainstream across the globe.
  5. 5. Many non-profit charities and organizations come together at the eco-village on site. They promote theircause and get people involved in their work. There is alsoa recycling program on site as part of their commitment to the environment which has been welcomed by the state and its residents.
  6. 6. You can purchase tickets from many different outlets orvia the website. There are plans to have this festival two times a year. The second location would be based inPoland and the first of these is planned for later in 2012. Only a few acts have been announced at this present moment.
  7. 7. The festival this year in Miami has already sold out eventhough more tickets are released every year. So much so,they have had to change the venue to bigger areas three times already as there are a proposed one hundred thousand turning up for this years celebrations. TheUltra Music Festival shows no sign of stopping and is partof the reason that dance and electronica have become so popular on a global scale.
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