Ultra Records And The Progression Of Dance Music


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Ultra Records And The Progression Of Dance Music

  1. 1. Electronic dance in the mid 1990s was a strong musical presence, with a vibrant image and dedicated fan base.Many record companies recognized the significance of thismovement and tried to jump aboard the band wagon, butthe market leaders such as Ultra Records had an edge, and finger firmly pressed to the pulse of the current and relevant musical trends of that time.
  2. 2. Electronic dance music had started to pack nightclubs and be featured more and more at festivals as the 1990sprogressed. Some of dances biggest selling artists at that time were starting to make major waves on a global scale, and the importance of dance remained intrinsic to the social landscape of many cities around the world.
  3. 3. The rock genre at this time was suffering. Some major players in the rock world had tragically ended theircareers, and rock and roll tragedies were as present in this era as they had been previously. This unfortunate turn of events would give dance music more room to spread its musical tendrils, and facilitated a rise in the popularity of the style.
  4. 4. In Britain Brit-pop had started to make an impact on the audiences of the time. This did nothing to stem theflow and rise of dance music however, which still boasted a more universal appeal. The element of fun in dancemusic was a less daunting prospect for a night of dancing and socializing, whereas Brit-pop had a certain aggression that maybe pigeon holed its fans.
  5. 5. With the Millennium approaching it really did seem thatthe only way was truly up for electronic dance music. Thepopularity of Brit-pop had begun to decline but on the flip side dance music appeared to thunder on relentlessly, still rightfully earning the popularity it had acquired by staying strong in the public eye.
  6. 6. The headlining acts selected for major festivals had alsoappeared to shift in style. Traditionally the coveted spot of headline act would be filled by the biggest bands of the day, with rock or indie music leading the way. Now it seemed that festivals were giving leeway to rap and dance, electronic pop and also the major boy and girl groups of the times.
  7. 7. From the perspective of an industry professional, electronic music can be a good option if youve got the right artists to write the material. Ultra Records seemed to be among the labels that understoodthis. When the market is saturated with a particular genre the only way to stand out is by presenting the best talent in the world to be the spokespeople for a musical style and movement.
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