The reputation of hip hop videos


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The reputation of hip hop videos

  1. 1. The hip hop videos are one of the most important sourcesof entertainment and fun. In this, artists have to put their maximum strength because this dance style includes movement of all body parts. These videos can have different themes like some videos are only for entertainment, some are funny stories, some are serious videos, some videos show violence and some are sexyvideos. In hip hop videos emphasis is placed on beats and rhythm rather than lyrics of song. artist have tounderstand each and every little beat of song and work on it because hip hop dance style is primarily known for itscommand on music beats and sense of rhythm. Jeweler isvery important in this dance style. Special kind of jewelrywhich shows funky look and cool attitude of artist is used by performer. Huge amount of money is spent on various
  2. 2. Sorts of hip hop dance style
  3. 3. There are actually two forms of hip hop dance styles, one particular is break dance and a further is physique popping. In break dance performer utilizes his physique components to show their movement .methods are veryimportant in hip hop dance designs.hip hop videos are the supply of entertainment particularly in disco, and party like atmosphere. Right now numerous reality shows are dance shows in which hip hop dance style is most preferable by new dancers. Hip hop videos helps other persons to learn hip hop dance. In this, artist has to coverentire dance arena by his movements. Now a days youth interest is mainly diverted to hip hop dance style.
  4. 4. Everybody who has some interest in dance is ready to choose hip hop as their dance style. Even small childrenare also getting attracted towards this style after watchinghip hop videos. In this music is so loud and music beats aretoo good. Second type of hip hop is Body popping in which very fast and continuous sharp steps are involved which can be seen all through the body. It is much like robot style of dancing. Performer must have enough stamina to put his maximum efforts and remain in position of showing sharp actions
  5. 5. Problems of Hip hop videos
  6. 6. In modern day days some hip hop videos have some objective content material in it. Some producers usually do not take care of the society before launching their videos. In the majority of the hip hop videos girls characters are in bikinis. Some videos are so vulgar that they are not suitable for youth. These days absolutely everyone is in race to stick to media world and if this sort of vulgar hip hop videos are shown then it would not beexcellent for society especially for young men and women.
  7. 7. Producers should remove the vulgar scenes from videosbecause these videos are the part of our society and theyare scene by every level of people. Wrong impact will beplaced on children by vulgar hip hop videos. In past yearship hop videos are only favorite in western countries but now they are popular in whole world because in every country there are so many people who have a dream of being good dancer.
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