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  1. 1.  They mostly speak English Have their own language too, Bajan When they speak they don’t use past tense. If they wanted to say to say I told him so, they say I tell he so.
  2. 2.  They eat a lot of tropical food Macaroni Pie similar to Macaroni Bajan Coconut bread similar to banana bread but with coconut. Flying Fish- like fried fish just a different kind of fish.
  3. 3.  It is a mix of African and British elements, they show this by dancing, the different type of music, instrumentation, and aesthetic principles In modern Barbados some popular styles of music is  Calypso  Spouge  Contemporary folk  World music  Jazz   Rihanna is the most famous in superstar / singer In the 1930’s Calypso was the first popular music style
  4. 4. • They export sugar, molasses, manufactured goods, electrical components, and chemicals• They import foods, materials for construction, consumer goods, machinery, electrical components, fuel, and chemicals• Their resources are petroleum, fish, natural gas• They get a lot of tourists in Barbados because it is very tropical and many people go there on vacation.
  5. 5.  Current standard living: Literacy rate: for adults it is 100%, it doesn’t tell me children Life expectancy: › Male- 72 › Female- 77 Poverty: Many things can be very high priced but Barbados is the most successful country in the Caribbean. They are the not one of the poorest countries.
  6. 6.  Health care issues: › It can be expensive › If you have and get stomach problems it would be better not to drink the water from the pipes and bring bottled water. › When you have to go to a hospital they expect you to pay right there and then. › For emergencies you call 511 › For emergencies it is better to take a taxi then an ambulance because they would be much slower
  7. 7.  Unemployment: › Barbados is one of the highest standard living space in the Caribbean › Women have a very comparable share of the nations income › For 2010 the unemployment rate was 10.7, otherwise I couldn’t find any current rates. Health: the government has a National Health Service which includes the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and a network of polyclinics. That provides free medical and dental care. They have clean tap water which is safe to drink, and use in home which everyone has.
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