Marketing Automation


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A presentation about marketing automation, demand generation and how relevance is the key to the future of advertising, user experience and content development.

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Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Marketing Automation Why lead gen isnt lead gen anymore Gonzo Schexnayder
  2. 2. A Slide About Me
  3. 3. Another Slide About Me
  4. 4. Last Slide About Me
  5. 5. Marketing Automation “Software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks” - Wikipedia
  6. 6. Filters and Triggers and DataOh my.● Track behavior● Set interactions● Trigger emails● Watch Dorothy with crystal ball● Wait for foursome to enter forest● Send monkeys to capture Dorothy and Toto
  7. 7. Build a Journey
  8. 8. Its a Tool
  9. 9. Demand Generation “The focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a companys products and/or services.” - Wikipedia
  10. 10. Demand GenerationUsing Marketing Automation, you can serve yourcustomers relevant content to: 1. Help them find what they need, when they need it, which makes them happy and, subsequently, loyal to your brand. 2. Learn where they are in the buying cycle and when theyre ready to buy so your sales team only calls to close a sale.
  11. 11. Demand Gen = Quality Game4 out of 5 sales people agree: better to make 10calls and sell 9, then 1000 calls and sell 10. Lead A Lead B
  12. 12. Why Should You Care?The Customer is Happier.The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is Lower.The Profits are Higher. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING, UX, AND CONTENT
  13. 13. Its All About Relevance 2x √ =
  14. 14. Relevance is Personal
  15. 15. Relevance is Timely
  16. 16. The Hair Net of Relevance Reticular Activating System
  17. 17. Lead Gen = Quantity Game
  18. 18. Different (Content) Strokes
  19. 19. Digital Body Language
  20. 20. The Known Knowns Implicit / What can we infer? ● Past Purchase Behavior, Job Title, Purchase Influence, Industry, Company Income, etc. Explicit / What do we know? ● Visited Web Page, Opened Email, Clicked Link, Downloaded White Paper, Attended Event, etc.
  21. 21. Breadcrumbs and Scoring Score implicit and explicit data Example: 10 = Lead, 20 = MQL, 40 = SQL
  22. 22. Nurture ThemFeed your customers valuable information.● Benefit-driven ads● Webinars● White papers● Product comparisons● Independent research● Video tutorials● Peer reviews● Product demos
  23. 23. Ethnography, AP-Style: News
  24. 24. Ethnography, AP-Style: Ads
  25. 25. Banner Blindness?
  26. 26. Nurturing Healthcare ExecsHIT Consulting Firm● Segmented targeting● 45% Avg Open Rate● 17% Avg CTR*Clinical Performance Improvement Firm● In 3 months, directly attribute sales revenue 10x marketing investment *vs. industry avg of 23.3% AOR and 5.9% ACTR, (Epsilon)
  27. 27. Nurturing Our Readers
  28. 28. - Stephen P. Anderson
  29. 29. Thank You @digitalgonzo