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Teachers´ professional development abad and maturana


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Teachers´ professional development abad and maturana

  1. 1. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III A Proposal on Teachers’ Professional Development TEACHER : Liliana Maturana BY Gonzalo Lopera Restrepo Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  2. 2. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III CONTENT   1.Introduction 2.Justification 3.Presentation 4.Analysis 5.Conclusions 6.References Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  3. 3. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III 1. INTRODUCTION Development and improvement are two characteristics involved in education and they are the reason to present this proposal. The idea is to create a small group of teachers in a primary public school and take 40 hours per year on teaching/learning contents pertinent to review or find out essential concepts for education achievements and be better as teachers and learners. This proposal must be supported by universities or institutions authorized, year by year, to deliver knowledge that helps education community to get new levels of competences. Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  4. 4. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III 2. JUSTIFICATION This proposal has reachable objectives as to go over pragmatic teaching/learning knowledge, to share scientific contents, to practice a critical school, to evaluate and correct the path, to admit the social responsibility given to education and teachers´ commitment of guiding young people to become knowledge owners. To improve academically for a community means to ensure a better future. Equally, to improve spiritually for a community means to ensure justice and peace. Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  5. 5. 3. PRESENTATION Teachers´ professional development Population FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III Primary Education Teachers Time From February to November two hour sessions twice per month Total time: 40 hours Public schools in Colombia Budget Presupuesto Participativo Own resources University social practicum Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  6. 6. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III Subjects to go over Cognitive psychology Psycholinguistic Neurolinguistics Sociolinguistics Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  7. 7. Teachers´ professional development FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III English Language Teaching Native language effects Teachers´ attitudes towards English language Internal/external pedagogical factors Teaching professional development Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  8. 8. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III 4. ANALYSIS It can be a good putting in scene if the development of the proposal is done according reflected thoughts and based on community analysis of what is done in/out schools and what can be improved to generate new attitudes towards education through languages that affect messages and perhaps philosophies of live. The proposal can result huge taking into account the content of the proposed subjects included to be studied during this teachers´ professional development event but the message is education is a long term theory/practice teaching/learning process with an important sociopolitic impact into society. Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  9. 9. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III 5. CONCLUSIONS Women and men are immersed in education and culture. So, women and men work through strategies, intellectual events, look for autonomy and dispositions that set principles to build academic meetings to share information and structure education and social environment in benefit of a society that expects permanent evaluation as a way to reflect the scholar life and people´s mood, attitudes and aptitudes. Education, as a social phenomenon, is a current issue for teachers and learners and it has to be developed together in community into justice and peace. Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  10. 10. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III 6. REFERENCES Abad, J. V. (2003). Pedagogical factors that influence EFL teaching: some considerations for teachers´ professional development. PROFILE. 15 (1). 97-108. http:// Maturana, L. (2011). La enseñanza del inglés en tiempos del plan nacional de bilingüismo en algunas instituciones públicas: Factores lingüisticos y pedagógicos, Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal, 13 (22), 74-87. http:// Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó
  11. 11. FUNDAMENTOS DE INGLES III Thank you Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó